Are You Ready to Live Life on Purpose?!



Hi! I’m Ana Brooks


Let me show you a trick! I am going to tell you WHY you are HERE – and if by some crazy chance I get it wrong? Then you are FREE to leave – no hard feelings ūüėČ


You see I know you – not in a weird I’ve been spying into your house kinda way… but in an EVEN WEIRDER my SOUL knows your SOUL kinda way!¬†


I get you – you’re a perfectionist. You were BORN DIFFERENT. With a drive inside you cause you know you deserve to create a lifestyle that most others dare not dream of right? In every area of your life you excel and demand such a high standard of yourself that most people wonder how you keep it up.


But the truth is that deep down you are drowning – wondering, sometimes even hoping, that there is something more for you than this.


Because somewhere inside yourself, you feel the burn. Sometimes slow and other times fiery and persistent – an ache and itch that just refuses to be silenced for too long.


It screams IS THIS IT? This standard house with the standard family and the standard well paying job… is this really ALL that I am capable of?


And inside your soul cries – FUCK NO. I am here to LIVE my life on PURPOSE. Like it fucking MATTERS. You refuse to drink the coolade and accept a lifestyle by default – you demand a Lifestyle by Design!


You want it all – the soul mate partner of your dreams who lights you up inside every damn day and NOT the ball and chain status quo, a job/career/business that inspires you every day and allows you the lifestyle you always KNEW would be yours, the shit hot vibrant and energetic physique to enjoy and thrive in, and well basically?


A life fully lived – with purpose, passion and total “FUCK YES I can’t believe this is real” FACTOR! You were born different – not like the others. You see the world and possibilities where others only see limits.¬†



But you‚Äôre exhausted – and slightly lost. You feel like you have done all the “right” things, followed all the “rules” for success, and yet… it still escapes you.



Well I’ve been there.



For over a decade I battled with binge eating and over exercising, and falling on and off said band wagon more times than I could ever remember. I completed Uni degrees that I promptly put away to never use again, and I just pushed, and hustled, and worked my arse off to attain the kind of success I just KNEW was meant for me.


¬†¬†I felt like a fraud! On the outside I was a fit looking Personal Trainer who was ALWAYS at the gym, working hard and getting incredible results for my clients, talking all about “clean eating” and living in integrity and not following anyone else’s rules…


But inside I was so terrified that I was not actually WORTHY or GOOD ENOUGH to achieve my biggest FUCK OFF HUGE dreams that I felt like I had to put on an ACT just to be ME!


But just like you, I couldn’t give up, it just ISN’T in my DNA. We are fighters, we push, and we DEMAND more from ourselves.



So I took to figuring this out like a student approaches a thesis. I researched, I read, I listened, I took my years of experience changing peoples lives, and I tried and tried and tried AGAIN until I could see that this was working. Slowly but surely I was changing it all – my mind, my body, and my very essence.



With the wisdom of hindsight I know now that it is SO much quicker than what I went through – to find out and understand that the answers were all within me to begin with!


That with the right coaching, experience and techniques you actually CAN create YOUR lifestyle by design and NOT by default – and to Live life on Purpose!



You know – the life where you are truly confident, feel ON and POWERFUL every day, and know that you are living truly free and aligned to who YOU ARE.


Let me be completely honest here – it doesn’t matter what YOUR version of the perfect life looks like. Whether you want to live on a farm and be self sustainable, build a charity, or live in a mansion in LA with millions in your account. Like one person’s goal is more WORTHY or CORRECT than someone else’s?



Fuck. That.



This is YOUR life ¬†– YOU get to choose what you MOST want out of it, and to hell with anyone too SMALL MINDED and SCARED to admit that deep down, maybe they TOO want a little of the ‚Äúshallow‚ÄĚ pot of gold.



You can have the entire pot – and then another.


Because when you master your mind, the rest is effortless! Getting and MAINTAINING your dream life – it all just becomes a by-product of the quality of life you have created for yourself, from the inside out.


So if you’re ready to start living the life you KNOW you deserve, with ALL that comes with it Рlet’s talk. Click my Contact page or send me an email directly to ana@anabrooks.com.au and let’s get on with it!


I found Ana’s wholehearted approach to personal training extremely beneficial to me. Ana picked up on my exercise preferences throughout our time together and built a training program around these, which made our PT sessions something to look forward to. Ana’s knowledge and enthusiasm, not only physical fitness but also for making better lifestyle choices, encouraged and challenged me to realise my lifestyle goals” – Shelley K


Nobody likes working out…………but when you see the results you get with Ana‚Äôs persistent encouragement, you can’t help but be motivated! Working out with Ana is the very first time that I actually WANTED to work out. She is a wealth of knowledge about healthy matters – the mark of a woman who loves her work and studies her craft. She is the perfect combination of tough (pushing me) and warm, encouragement. She works with the whole person ‚Äď mentally, emotionally and physically. She is a truly excellent trainer. Because of her efforts I am stronger and more flexible, I have better balance and most importantly, working out has become fun ‚Äď I think that is priceless” – Natalie Swann


I met Ana at my local gym and signed up to do some personal training with her, I initially thought I’d do a few sessions and that would be that.. Not so much! I found myself build a relationship with Ana as her client and friend. I looked forward to sessions with her and some days when I wasn’t feeling my happiest, she would pick up on it. She cared for more than my workout! I was new to town and as time went on, I started gaining more confidence and ownership of my beliefs and values as a person. The sessions spent with Ana were ever valuable to my personal growth and I am lucky to have met her. She has a way of connecting with her clients and building a rapport where trust and respect were paramount” – Renee Rosenlund


Having being diagnosed at a young age(17) with a chronic muscle pain condition, otherwise known as Fibromyalgia, I found myself struggling through VCE (2007) and everyday life. For 2 years I got treated for a back and neck injury, but when I felt my legs and arms, or somebody gave me a tight hug, it hurt. I felt bruised all over. It was then that I knew that this was more serious than I thought.

In 2011¬†I battled¬†through an eating¬†disorder.¬†I lost 25kg in 8 months simply by not eating. I knew and felt I looked unwell.¬†I had to¬†help myself, but¬†I didn’t think¬†I could do it on my own.

My specialist became my Personal Trainer Ana at Fitness First in Nunawading. Ana has been the best thing to ever happen to me mentally, physically and emotionally! Ana helped me regain all the muscle tissue back that I had lost through not eating, she showed me how to build up my core strength, correct my posture and I am now comfortable lifting heavy weights with no pain! Ana made me feel completely comfortable from the first training session I had with her. Not only did she help me with the physical side of things but she helped me on a very emotional level. I felt like I could tell Ana anything.  When I was training with her, I completely let my guard down. 

Ana made working out in the gym so much fun! She mixed everything up so I never got use to doing the same thing. She challenged me. Everytime I met a new challenge, I wanted to push myself harder! After each training session, I felt amazing. I felt like I was really on the mend to a healthier me! I noticed that my mental state of mind was improving and all the negative thoughts I once had slowly seemed to disappear. I actually for the first time in a long time, felt alive.

Since training with¬†Ana on a weekly basis, 2-3¬†times a week,¬†for the past 8 months I have gained¬†several kg’s¬†of muscle and are currently sitting on a healthy weight!¬†The nutritional advice Ana has given me has helped me to eat healthy while still maintaining a body that¬†I am happy with and simply¬†wouldn’t change the world for! I went from being skin and bone to a more attractive¬†athletic build! It felt great to have friends and family tell me how great I looked!

It has been two years and i’m still training in the same gym! Training simply has become part of my everyday life! I am extremely comfortable with my body and to think of where I am now and how far I’ve come, I really am proud of myself.¬†

Ana has inspired me to stay positive and motivated both at home and in the gym! The way in which Ana works as a Personal Trainer shows that she has such a caring nature and is commited to helping each and every client achieve their goals! After building such a great relationship with Ana through an extremely difficult time in my life, I truly cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me!

Sheridan Elizabeth ūüôā¬†


Before meeting Ana, I had not exercised at all for some years. Then in a course of training under her for about a year, she made me realize how actually easy to commit myself to a new routine.

Her coaching was very effective and inspired me to also try various methods (other than exercise) to have a healthier lifestyle. I am happy to have achieved the result I wanted. I also like the fact Ana leads by example: always challenging herself and sharing the progress.  I would highly recommend Ana to anyone I know



Ana’s empathy coupled with immense experience ensured I achieved the results I had always wanted, but was unable to previously. It is not easy to find someone of Ana’s¬†calibre in terms of skill and experience. She combines passion with a thorough study of psychology, physiology and nutrition.¬†She harmoniously combines these¬†three¬†specialities¬†to ensure a holistic and satisfying result. Within a very short time frame I not only acheived¬†my fitness goals, but became stronger physically and mentally

Nina Willow

I met Ana in 2012 through my first experience with personal training.

I’d just joined my gym after a long time away from any form of exercise and I didn’t really know what to expect.

From our introduction session, to showing me the ins and out of the gym and equipment to our first session, I knew Ana was the right person to get me back on track.

It didn’t take long before she’d honed in on both my strengths and weaknesses, which included taking up boxing and discovering I had an alright hook on me!

Before long I was doing things that only a few weeks before I didn’t think were possible. For me, personal training became more than just a way to lose weight and get fit, it became something I looked forward to every week as a means of doing something good for myself and achieving new things.

Without the connection and bond I formed with Ana I don’t think I would have been able to develop the same attitude I had towards my training

I felt inspired to keep going and work towards my goals but I also wasn’t afraid to try new things to get there.

Beyond the boxing gloves and weights, Ana also provided some great nutrition advice and was able to share some self-defence exercises thanks to her martial arts background.

Without Ana’s openness and willingness to adapt to what worked best for me, I don’t think I could have ever found the same level of motivation to return to and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Kayla Maskell



Live life on Purpose!


Ana sign off



Ana Brooks is the leading Speaker, Writer and Reality Shifting Mindset Coach for motivated, driven and “Never Say Die” superstars who demand a lifestyle by design – not by default and who strive to Live life on Purpose!


Her own transformation began from the outside in. After training in TaeKwonDo since an early teen and attaining her Black Belt as well as competing Nationally in sparring competitions, she eventually moved into training at a gym and fell in love with weight training and the spectacular transformation it gave her body. A keen interest in Psychology and passion for helping anyone she can, Ana completed her Bachelor degree majoring in Psychology and went on to run her own Personal Training business across two states.


While her body transformed and she helped hundreds of clients attain their goals and dreams, Ana privately battled Binge Eating Disorder for over a decade. When she finally decided not to accept this as the limit for her life she took several big leaps including uprooting her life and moving cross-country to chase her dreams. It paid off ūüôā



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