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The 14 Day Pre-Event SlimDown









Let’s call this your Emergency Diet –


You have an event – maybe Xmas lunch with the fam? New Years Eve party? Friends wedding?

And you need to lose some kg’s, look slimmer, more toned and get a flat unbloated stomach ASAP!


And there is the issue – this event is in 2 weeks!


Ok – so this isn’t magic. You cannot do in 2 weeks what you could have done in 6 months of slow and steady progress – but SHUT THE FUCK UP ANA – I don’t even have time for your lecture now!?



What I do have for you is a 14 Day Plan (delivered completely electronically to your email inbox) that is NOT for the faint-hearted – this is designed to be short, sharp, intense, and get you results FAST FAST FAST!



It is NOT  a crash diet – you will not be starving, or drinking green juices 5 times a day. You will eat real food, and maintain your strength and metabolism so that at the END of the 2 weeks not only are you looking and feeling amazing – but you are also not wanting to go on an all out Binge the week after to make up for it all!


Yup – this is THAT good! It will actually HELP your commitment to THEN  making long-term changes to further your results!








Ok ok… This sounds awesome right? And better yet – it is COMPLETELY reusable for any event that you have coming up in the future – BONUS!


So let me make a few things super clear – this is NOT for everyone.


For starters: you need access to a gym, or at least equipment at home that provides a good selection of Dumbells or Barbells for weights based exercises. This is CRUCIAL to get the most out of the program.


Also – the Food Plan involves eating meat – so if you are vegan or vegetarian, this plan is not for you. It will be largely gluten and dairy free, so if you have either of those intolerances or allergies you will be fine. 


You will also need to purchase about 2 or 3 items to help with the process – these are all between $5-10 each, and are not crucial however to truly get the best benefits and get yourself looking as lean and toned as possible, they will be VERY helpful.


How did I come up with this system? And why do I know it works?


I trialled it first before my wedding over 2 years ago. I hadn’t honed all the details yet at that stage, but come my wedding day I was the lightest and feeling and LOOKING the leanest I ever had.


Since then, over various times I have improved on it until I found the sweet spot – keeping it simple enough to maintain, getting quick results, and honing the little details that make a big difference to the final package.


There are so many things that will help you with this! 


A specifically structured training program, food plan, plus tons of extra’s to really get you leaning up QUICKLY!


I can’t wait for you to get into this – click below to receive the program immediately straight into your inbox!


So whether it is the New Year, beach time, pool party… you KNOW you have the golden ticket in hand to get your quick shape-up goals off to an amazing start!


Yes Ana – I’m ready!






Ana sign off