You’ve always been a bit different right?

You’ve always been a bit different right?




Seen things others didn’t, imagined the world in ways most can’t, and dared to assume certain things are a given that everyone else just seem to deem unlikely.


Like that you were born for a reason, for a purpose, for something bigger than to live, exist and die.


But just like that music that you hear everywhere you go that no one else hears – you have a drive and reason within you that screams so loudly yet no one else can hear it.


I know you, because I am you.


Born for the push, for the blind faith and the jump.


You feel like all you do is jump, headfirst, into who knows what, guided only by your very soul that knows exactly what it craves and needs.


You don’t really know how, or why, or what makes you different. You just know you are.


Because when others hesitantly dance around the point, dip a toe in here and there, take one step forward then shuffle two steps back – you are already sprinting, running and leaping head first into the unknown, diving into that which terrifies you, with little or no idea how you will make this work, but just the deep faith that you will.


You have to.


There is no other way.


Those without that voice, that drive, that inner soul that pulses for more, they will see your crazy. Irresponsible. Unrealistic and immature.


They cannot hear the music.


But you and I, with the melody deep in our souls, driving and steering us to where we need to go, we leap and we dance and we let our crazy out because it feels so real to us.


The music.

It is so loud.

So beautiful.

That we can’t understand how everyone isn’t dancing?


Reality is what you make of it, and yours was never like anyone else’s. From a young age you knew this – you saw things in different ways. The world wasn’t crystal clear – it was always shades, shades of options, of unlimited growth.


And it didn’t scare you – it excited you.


And then you realised there are more of you out there.


More people like you. Like me. Us who dance to the music in our own heads.


Who chase dreams that others can’t see.


THIS is how history is made. THIS is how life is improved. THIS IS GROWTH.


And we are hungry for it. Day in and day out. We do not feed on food and water – we feed on pursuit. On push.



Whatever your music, whatever your dance. 

When you are there – the rest of the world slips away.


And maybe that’s ok. Maybe those of us who don’t truly live in the real world aren’t meant for it anyway.


Maybe what we see transcends – and maybe we aren’t so crazy for hearing the music, maybe it’s not hearing it that makes you crazy.



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