Why I Love The Freedom Era

Why I Love The Freedom Era

When I was first looking to get started online – I WISH that something like this had existed! #ilovethefreedomera

Coming from years in the Corporate Space, I longed for the #laptoplifestyle that I saw others living and just KNEW that if I had the right mentorship, strategy and support, that there is no reason they could do it and I couldn’t.

The problem was that this help was confusing, expensive, and really really hard to find… maybe I found one coach who could help with getting me started but had no idea what my real vision was. Or someone could really help me with my mindset and the limiting beliefs I needed to shift but it was all so fluffy that in the end I was no closer to leaving my job.

I wished – that there was something that would combine what I now know is the crucial mix to successfully launch an online biz AND actually get lift of.


I know that strategy without a focused and strong mindset – means you end up doing a whole lot of work and NOTHING working. And a powerful focus and mindset but no strategy? Just means you’re really passionate about… going nowhere.

And what the little entrepreneur within me didn’t know then – that making this happen can be a lonely road. Some friends fall away. Your drive and focus and determination can alienate people who are intimidated by success. And that can be a very isolating experience early on.

Which is exactly why I wish something like The Freedom Era had been around years ago…

Because it seamlessly combines an absolute abundance of strategy, training and implementation, with powerful inner work on mindset, beliefs and energetic alignment, AND puts you in close proximity with those who have succeeded on this path already for you to learn from PLUS connecting you with a community of new friends that become like family because they GET YOU, and your drive for more in your life!

The Freedom Era has shifted the trajectory of my life, and I am so excited every time I get to introduce a new soul friend to this platform because I know their life is about to be changed forever 🙂






I  want to see your soul bleed.


I want to rip you open, to pull you apart, to tear down your walls and see your RAW.


What lies at your core. I want to see you NAKED.


Your soul stripped bear. Nothing to cover the mistakes, to mask the injuries, nothing to hide behind.


Your gorgeous, naked SOUL.


I want to see what it holds. What is within that has ALWAYS been there and will ALWAYS be there and cannot NOT be there.



No matter how long it’s been since you listened to it. Since you even ACKNOWLEDGED it.


Since you allowed it to be vulnerable and still and perfect in its imperfection.


Do you remember what that was like?


When you were able to breathe into yourself and FEEL the very core of who you are, where the pain felt AMAZING, where you KNEW that no matter what, NOTHING CAN TOUCH YOU


Because you were so perfectly aligned with you, that letting your IMPERFECT show wasn’t anything to worry about.


It didn’t matter if you let it all out, let the world see every lump and bump, because you knew you were taken care of.


Loved. Accepted. And forever whole.


Do you remember that time gorgeous? Last month? Last year? Or was it longer?


Was it years ago, maybe decades?


Was it around the time that ADULTING became a thing?



When you had to GROW UP,






Was that the time that your soul died just a little? Squirmed at the injustice of it all? And sighed a deep sigh of resignation as it joined the lemmings in slow and silent death?

I want you to hear it NOW beautiful.


I want you to STOP ignoring it’s sighs. It’s pain. It’s attempts to break free.




Let it out – in all it’s glory.


No matter if you break down. If you cry. If you wail. If you throw things and scream and flail.


Because you are FIGHTING!


You are fighting quiet literally for YOUR LIFE.


For your limitless and timeless SOUL that has been and always will be and will CONTINUE to be long after your human expeirence here is DONE.


It doesn’t care about your paycheck. What your friends are doing. Who won the Bachelor.


That shit is INCONSEQUENTIAL to it’s life force. To it’s total and overwhelming power.


It wants to MOVE. To TRANSFORM. To be your source of POWER when you move in flow and in alignment and in absolute imperfect perfection towards what you KNOW is your path.


Cause you know right? I mean come on. Let’s put the bullshit away now shall we, I think we’re friends by now? 😉



You’ve ALWAYS known.


Even as you firmly state to yourself “but I just don’t KNOW!”




Because you feel it. You feel it in snippets right now.


You feel it when your soul lights up. When time slows or stops still, or speeds up.


You feel it when everything is effortless.


It may have been a while – but I know you know that feeling.


How long has it been since you let it be fun? Let your life be effortless? In flow?




Let it out from the back seat and let it take the wheel?


I want to see your soul bleed. BURN. Set fire to your bullshit limits and excuses and just REFUSE to see, to feel, to FOCUS on anything BUT what you TRULY feel is real.


No matter the situation. No matter the circumstance. No matter the reasons, and excuses and BLAH BLAH BULLSHIT.


It’s time to let your soul shine through. Speak for you and THROUGH you.


You’re not getting out of this alive you know?


So might make sense to let the immortal part of you drive, rather than the self inflicted constraints of your current human experience.


Might as well – you know… be you.


I want to see your pain. Your scars. Your beauty and your vulnerability.


Because THAT is what this world needs. No more fake. No more staging and posing.


That is what YOU need. And when you FINALLY give yourself what you TRULY need again?


You will in turn give the world what it needs.


And it needs YOU – to unleash your SOUL – bare, naked and EXPOSED.
















There’s this thing we do, kind of like a game we play.


Where we tell ourselves that we can’t do something, not yet, not in that way, not UNTIL the other ducks are all in a row.


It’s sort of like a procrastination hack – a way of tricking our minds into not going all in, to not committing and following through because –


Well because we are scared.


Scared that we might fail. Scared that we don’t know enough – or that we ARE NOT ENOUGH.


Scared that it may all come to nothing. Scared of what others will think. Scared of our own ability to follow through.


So we bide our time. We say things need to be JUST SO. That right now it’s just too busy, too much going on, and besides where would you ever start?


You don’t know this path, you need to take some time to work on it first, figure out where to go and the STEPS to get there.


OH GOD you NEED to have all the STEPS! (insert copious amounts of sarcasm!)


Because it would be stupid, irresponsible to just DO IT.


To just lock in your direction and take some action, ANY action towards it.


No, the steps need to be worked out. The path needs to be cleared. Supplies must be packed and preparations made.


You can’t just GO!


Well except that… you can.


In fact you have. Hundreds if not thousands of times in your life.


When you decided to roll over as a baby, you didn’t have any idea what the steps are. You didn’t understand what the adults were saying when they tried to teach you.


You just… well… rolled.


You didn’t know how to walk. I mean you saw the adults doing it, but again it didn’t make much sense what they were saying, so you just decided to walk.


And you stumbled. And you fell. And you grasped onto anything you could find to support you.


Your path wasn’t clear – you just knew that from where you are on the ground you wanted to get upright. You didn’t have the steps perfectly laid out so that everything was ready for your first spectacularly perfect steps.


They were crappy steps. You looked like an idiot.


But you did it ANYWAY!


And then again. And you looked less stupid. Until eventually you looked just like the adults. And not having known how, or knowing the steps or anything else, you DID THE THING!


You’ve done this over and over in your life. Largely before you reached adulthood and suddenly the best and most effective way of doing ANYTHING was pushed away as stupid, and unworthy and not good enough.


Nobody CARED about your big dream if you didn’t have the dots all perfectly joined.

And so you changed. You forgot how to just DECIDE and DO – and you started preparing.


Stalling really. Fucking yourself up repeatedly REALLY.


Drumming it into your brain that you ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH to do anything like that yet. You haven’t done it for long enough, worked all the steps out enough, your plan is NOT YET perfect.


So you didn’t dare move. Didn’t dare to rock the boat. Didn’t dare to JUST BELIEVE


What would happen if you just believed?


What would happen if you forgot how to adult and stepped back into that powerful childhood mentality and just DECIDED that it is DONE?


That that thing you want, that thing that keeps creeping through your mind and calling you, that thing that you keep pushing down and trying to make it feel less intense –


What if you just ALLOWED it to HAPPEN?


If you stopped questioning yourself, your worth, your ability, your EVERYTHING.


And instead just BELIEVED, that this is DONE


The plan is you.


That you already have ALL the tools you need to get it. That in fact really, you already have it, because time is relative and everything you want is already yours.


Except for the fact that you don’t BELIEVE it.


No amount of doing, of preparing, of waiting for the magical worthiness god to come down and appoint you READY – is going to make it happen.


Only you, only your belief, will make it real.


Will bring it into your reality,


What would happen if you just believed?


If you just decided RIGHT NOW that this game is done, and that you are ENOUGH to just make the move?


There is nothing left to plan. No steps left to figure out. No approval to seek.


Give yourself approval. The plan is YOU. The steps?


Are what you figure out along the way.


Lock it in baby – Live Life on Purpose!




I will bend, but I will not break





I may look tattered, may look worn, may look like all my threads are coming undone –


but you will not break me!


You see I – and YOU – we aren’t made like the others.


We aren’t made to fall apart, to take a step back, to run away in the face of adversity.


We are a whole different breed. Born of years of learning to be TOUGH, to be INDEPENDENT, to DO THE MOTHER FUCKING WORK!



Which is not to say that we don’t also take the time to RECEIVE, to surrender and to allow everything we desire to just TURN up for us.



But when all you are coming against are walls, blocks, little and BIG obstacles that are just SO DAMN SET on pushing you off path and into oblivion, into the mass’s, into *SHOCK HORROR* the LEMMINGS!

You rebel. You scream NO – in both your words and your actions.


You can’t ask me to stop, to wallow, to give up.


Any more than you could ask me to stop breathing and yet continue living. It is IDIOTIC, totally MORONIC and just NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.


No matter how desparate, how down, how beaten and down trodden you are – giving up is never an option.


Because you may bend, but you will not break.


With your vision, your purpose, your FUTURE set firmly in your sights, giving up on this and moving away because ALL THE SHIT HIT THE FAN is just NOT going to happen.


You are tough, not just mentally, but spiritually.


Because you understand that what sets you apart isn’t your strength of WILL, of RESOLVE, of GRIT and DETERMINATION.


I mean SURE – that stuff is cool right?


It’s the kind of thing you bragged about in school and everyone doted on you and the teachers loved your WORK ETHIC and just generally you were fucking AWESOME.


Ok. COOL. Great.



I mean really – AND???? What the fuck did that stuff even matter when the thing that was really deep down could be broken???


And that thing? That INCREDIBLY thing that kept you going through it all when even the TOUGHEST, most mentally prepared, GIFTED students crumpled???

Well – it wasn’t your mind, it wasn’t your mental ability –


No – it was your SPIRIT baby.


Your very soul and purpose from which ALL your drive originates.




It could never be broken. And so the rest didn’t matter. You were tough. You were strong. Resilient. You bounced back. NOTHING COULD TOUCH YOU.


Not despite having a weak soul purpose – but BECAUSE of it.


You see any BANDAID mental tricks can be TORN DOWN.


I’ve seen it, I’ve done it, I’ve ORCHESTRATED it.


If you think that all it takes to succeed on a massive scale, to keep pushing yourself, to challenge and pick yourself up over and over and be the WINNER and LEADER that you KNOW you are born for –


If you think that all it takes is the mindset, the mental work – then you are going to be broken.


It may not happen quickly, but it will happen.


Because the only thing impervious to EVERYTHING in this human experience, is your SPIRITUAL BEING.


So you can try to break me, and I may bend, I may shift, I may adjust – BUT –


I will never break. Because at the core of it all is not anything MENTAL, anything WORDS CAN DEFINE (and you know how much I love words!) – it is spirit.


It is soul. It is purpose. It is that thing that resides so deep and completely as a part of me that I am never without it – no matter what happens. Take away all my support, all my physical and mental attributes –


I will walk by faith – and not by sight.

As it always has been – and always will be.







You can take your judgement and SHOVE IT





One of the benefits of working in the fitness industry for so long is that there is never a shortage of reminder that we all start somewhere. No matter what genetic or otherwise advantages you may have – we all go through a learning curve that cannot be skipped, although there certainly are some shortcuts.


In my years I have seen the following scenario THOUSANDS of times –


-Girl joins gym because she wants to lose weight.


-Girl proceeds to spend hours on the cardio equipment working herself into a messy ball of sweat. Does some classes too.


-Girl does this for months – sometimes years.


-Girl eventually notices some of the slim and attractive girls over in the weights area – and she is also deathly bored of cardio, so decides to venture over.


-Girl proceeds to use some machine based and a few free weights at a very easy weight, going for 15 or more repetitions and never reaching anywhere near failure – because you know – scared to “bulk”


-Girl does this for a few more months. Maybe years.


-Again – realises she is not getting anywhere.


-Finally – spends a few hours googling about weight training and decided to start lifting heavier in which case often some sort of injury/postural issue starts coming up because there are problems with technique that aren’t being fixed.


-Girl stops. Takes time to recover from injury/issue.


-Comes back and starts back at point 1.


Now this can go round and round for years – I’ve seen it myself.


Decades even. And yes I’ve used the scenario of a girl – but really it works for both genders. Though males tend to get to the second half of the problem a lot faster as they realise they can’t grow muscle doing cardio – but then without guidance end up doing way too complicated stuff in a short space of time and injuring themselves.


Now this is the story that I would venture about 98% of the female “fat loss” wanting new members at a gym fall into. Does that seem high to you? It shouldn’t. Not when you hear the rest of the story.


You see up until now this may sound a little judgemental, but I beg to differ. See the judgement that I say needs to take a long walk off a short plank is the self righteous “why can’t you just do this faster” judgement that I see and hear around the place from those who have well and truly gotten too big for their boots.


They forget what it means NOT to know what they know now. They forget what it was like to not have ANY true information about fat loss except what the media tells you on TV and be frightened of dumb stuff like “bulking” in females.


They forget – basically, that everyone starts somewhere. Including the greatest physiques of our time – at some stage also had absolutely no idea what they were doing.


They did strange versions of what to “us” seem like basic exercises, they “wasted” months and years doing classes and cardio trying to lose weight rather than getting straight into the weights…


And they forget – that this learning curve is something we all go through.


Now I was “lucky” in a sense. When I ventured into a gym I did the above scenario – but because I was battling binge eating disorder coupled with exercise anorexia and after I had done daily cardio for HOURS and my brain could not fathom ANY MORE – I dared to think maybe there was something more interesting in this hell hole!


And so for weeks I watched from the comfort of the treadmill – and watched what the big guys in the weights area were doing. There were no females there at the time.


And then I got the courage to ask one of the trainers to write me a weights program. I took to it diligently, and soon wanted more. So on my own accord I started venturing more into the weights and with the support of the “big scary no brain muscle guys” (aka some of the kindest people you will ever meet!) I began my learning curve.


Mine was a little faster yes – but that comes down to my personality. I have always been curious and wanting to do what others aren’t – so being the only female daring to enter the “big boy” area was like a glowing neon sign for me.


Looking back – I wish I had gotten a trainer earlier, I would have saved myself some frustrating postural issues had I had someone looking over and keeping me informed on why some things are done the way they are. But hey, my learning curve, I’ll take it.


The point is no one, not me or otherwise, has a perfect linear line from the first time they join a gym to their dream body. There are detours. Time lapses. And total failures. But that IS the journey.


And while 98% go this route – it is truly when I come across someone from the 2% these days that the uselessness of judgement REALLY proves its point.


I’ve had a new client start with me recently, that for all purposes is DEFINITELY the 2%.


She had never joined a gym before. Her physique and experience come from her own aerobics done at home. She is genetically blessed with an amazing physique to work with, and one that she has obviously taken good care of.


She is DEFINITELY predispositioned to weight training – you can just SEE that her body willingly and easily takes to growing muscle.


Even so – she has a learning curve.


This predisposition is ONLY an ADVANTAGE BECAUSE:

She has me! HA!


Truly though. Without an experienced trainer, she would very likely have gone the traditional route and possibly done lots of metabolic and physique damage for a few years before she ventured away.

But she was lucky enough to come across me right at the beginning, get her the info that she needed straight away – and BAM – she is taking to weight training like a fat kid on cake.


Even so – she isn’t immune to silly newbie mistakes. She still forgets some techniques and does the kind of strange movements that some will snark across the gym at. She is still learning.


Very quickly mind you – but still learning.


Not only is her mind having to learn all these new techniques and strengths – but her body is physically and neurologically setting up new pathways to handle this workload.

Will she get faster results than others because of her genetics? YES.


Sorry. Deal with it.


Will they be SO much better that someone with less spectacular genetics who also committed, got proper support and skipped the usual yo-yo start would just not even be able to compete?


Well actually, no.


Cause you know what? Regardless where you start – what your genetics are, and what your therefore POTENTIAL is: is kind of bullshit anyway.


Had she been anyone else with her amazing genetics and NOT followed the path she has – she could have easily fallen into step with every other long winded and frustrating journey.


Her genetics wouldn’t have saved her from that.


And just cause you haven’t looked after your body until now does NOT mean that you are doomed. Your choices starting NOW is what determines your future.


Your past is done. Let it go. Make the choice MOVING FORWARD.


And so you over there with your smug look and your condescending head shake wondering “how can people be so dumb?”


I get it – I really do.

In my less than angelic (HA!) moments I have the same thoughts cross my mind, more from frustration at how HARD they are making it for themselves then anything else really – but truly –


I get it. Because I remember. That we all start somewhere.


And years and thousands of people later I KNOW without a shred of a doubt that the sooner someone can come into your life and create that shift in your mindset to knock you out of that yo-yo cardio cycle the sooner it all starts to change –


You can’t force anyone. Some are naturally more stubborn then others.


I’ve always been curious so when someone told me that cardio wasn’t doing me any favours for getting the body I want I immediately wanted to know more.


But others are stubborn. You can tell them, but they won’t be receptive. They aren’t ready to hear it.


And that’s ok. Yes it’s annoying as hell knowing what you know and seeing it come true month after month and year after year –


But you know what?


You can take that judgement and shove it. Be grateful that you got there, and have the ability to enlighten others now. They may not always follow all that you say, but I promise you they remember.


And when they are truly ready – they really WILL remember.






You Are NOT Lost just because You Are STILL Searching



You Are NOT Lost just because You Are STILL Searching




I want to step into you. To feel you. To feel the deepest parts of your soul that scare you and that you run away from.


For those voices live inside of me too, and I want to help you listen to them.


Beautiful soul – you are not broken. You are not needing to be fixed. And you are not DONE.


I know this feeling – this desperation, this fear, this all consuming worry that you are not and never will be – ENOUGH.


You feel like your whole life you have been climbing, scrambling mostly, trying to make it look as elegant as possible, but only you really see the scratches, bruises and scars that you have gotten along the way.


And you wonder, sometimes in the darkest moments when you are totally alone and the world has faded away and nothing and no one requires OF YOU in that moment –


Am I lost? I feel that I am on the right path, it feels MINE, it feels RIGHT.


But then why am I still searching? Why am I not THERE – if this path truly is MINE?


Have I somehow veered off without realising and now am miles and years from where I truly want to go?


You are not lost, just because you are still searching.


I know those voices well – that second guess you, that try to point you to the “proof” that this isn’t working, that you’re not really getting anywhere, and why don’t you just stop, give up and give in –


And fall into line with the lemmings.


And in those painful moments when you are tested once more, when the walls come caving in and you have to once again BREATHE and RELEASE and TRUST in yourself –


You remember once again – why you can’t do that. You can dress yourself up all you like, walk and talk and pretend to be like them – but you never will be.


You aren’t a lemming, never have been, and never will be.


And though you feel lost, feel like you are forever chasing an elusive dream that feels so close and yet so far at the same time –


You know there is no other way.


Beautiful soul, don’t turn away now. Your path is so much more complex because your destiny is so much greater than just you.


I know you have tried – to push this down, file it away, pretend it isn’t there.


Like someone who has allowed themselves to gain ever more weight will try to smooth their clothing, wear more layers, hide from the reality of the lumps and bumps they don’t want to admit to.


But just like those bumps will find a way out, your truth will ALWAYS push it’s way to the surface.


Over and over it will scream LISTEN.



I don’t care that you’re scared, I don’t care that you don’t know HOW, I don’t care that you want to THROW IN THE TOWEL AND WALK THE FUCK AWAY!


I don’t care, I don’t care, I DON’T CARE!


Because I want what I want, what I need, what I am BORN for.


Regardless what your mere mortal being constraints think of that, let alone what any other mortal being LEMMINGS think of it.


This is beyond that, beyond them. Beyond even YOU in this time and space.


And it won’t shut up, won’t be silenced, won’t be pushed down and REFUSES to be forgotten.


You are searching because you are growing, ever expanding.


You are not dead, therefore you have life yet to search for. Goals, dreams, YOUR SOUL PURPOSE to follow and to be LED BY IT.


A lemming afterall perhaps – if only that you cannot help but continue to follow YOUR TRUE PATH.


No matter how long, how complex or how lost you feel along the way.


Keep going beautiful soul, for your own sake and for everyone else’s.


Let those voices say their bit, and bless them and keep going.


Feel the fear – and do what you need to do anyway.


You will ALWAYS feel this resistance, this frustration, this FUCK FUCK FUCK meltdowns…


You can choose to continue on despite of it.


You can choose to not let fear guide you, but rather your faith.


And in the end… really?!


You know you can’t not.






Learning to LOVE the PAIN



Learning to LOVE the PAIN






It’s not just me is it?


Addicted to the burn, to the pain, to the internal turmoil –


Of what you ask?



Of it all. Of your life. Of this total need to surrender, to dive in, whether you have breath in your lungs or not –

You just jump anyway, take the leap, with no real idea where you will fall, or if anything could ever catch you.


This isn’t real anyway – this life you see around you – the people sitting in cafes discussing their office jobs and office politics, the reality TV show they are watching, the sport they are following…


In other words – other peoples lives they are following.



None of this is real, none of this even fucking matters.



It never has to you has it?


Since the first time you were able to form thoughts, emotions, you just KNEW that you didn’t fit in.


You were different. You didn’t give a flying fuck about the current hot tv series, or what so and so’s boyfriend is up to, or what baby crib is the cutest right now…


You felt so alone – where were your people?


The ones who get deep – who don’t ask you how your day is and “what’s up?” but who ask you –


What do you dream of? What is your deepest fear? If you were to die today what would you regret, what would you wish you had done?


No, I couldn’t care less who stayed together on the latest reality show…



But tell me – who are you? What makes your soul alive? WHY THE FUCK are you even alive????



When was the last time you felt pain so deep and so intense that you cried with joy?



That it made you burn and cry and scream and FEEL LIKE YOU ARE FUCKING FLYING?



Are you addicted? The the grind? To the push? Do you chase the fall?


And then slowly, surely – you found yourself.


And then others like you.




Who can’t sit still. Who die everyday and then push themselves through the trenches to feel alive again.



Who walk through fire not because they are scared to – but because they fucking have to – they have to feel the burn, to know they are heading in the right direction.


Cause growth comes from hardship right? From pushing yourself further? From moving out of your comfort zone?


So then why the fuck would you sit in this moment, and not even enjoy it?


Worse than not pushing to new levels of all that this infinite human form can be – is that you aren’t even in this moment.


You drown – in the tv show, in food, in drugs, in your drug of choice… in the thing you use to hide your fears.



That maybe this is all too much – that maybe you are too fucking powerful for even yourself.



You are here. Right now. In the right place. With those who get you. Who never say die. Who are addicted to IT ALL – the pain, the burn, the intensity.






Are you creating a Life or a Lie?


Are you creating a Life or a Lie?



I remember back when I was a wee teenager – somewhere around the final few years of high school, they sent you to a career counsellor.


Someone so clearly trained in the art of figuring out what you want to do that they figured out that what they want to do is help you figure out what you want to do.


Yeah.  I didn’t really buy it.


But they gave you some lame aptitude test, and another one about what type of job you are “suited to” (omg WTF???!!!) and then plugged out some ideas, like a smorgasboard of pre-prepared, over cooked and totally dry and bland “rest of your life” ideas.


And then I watched as sure enough – 99% of the sheep (myself included!) went and picked one of these well trodden paths and off they went.


And somewhere along the way it hit me –was I creating a Life? Or a Lie?


Was I actually doing anything that mattered? To me? To anyone?


Was I going to follow in the footsteps of all those before me and design this cookie cutter life?


I could see it was where most were still headed, largely blind to the possibility that they are actually getting further and further from their TRUTH.


I didn’t really get how it wasn’t obvious to them though?


I mean they whinged about their jobs mostly non-stop. Rarely got crazy excited about anything except maybe their next holiday that they saved up all year at the job they hate so they can go on it….


I felt like I was in the twilight zone – was I the only one seeing this?


In the midst of their claims that they are creating a Life – I could very clearly see all they had created was a Lie.


A facade of what LOOKS good to the masses – the going out, social events, nice cars, nice houses… but on the inside?


They were still as lost as the day that career counsellor had first nudged them in a particular direction.


And the further it got? The further the lie was hidden. Until some, well MOST – no longer realise there was ever anything more to it.


Their house is now SO nice, their car SO fancy and their paychecks SO handsome that they have started to believe that this IS what they wanted all along anyway.


Never mind the mind numbing dullness. The stagnation. The lack of any kind of spark or burning from within.


The problem with this lie is that it is such a good one.


It makes you feel secure. Comfortable. Confident.


So if ever the inner voice dares to rise and ask the dreaded questionHOLD ON – IS THIS ALL THERE IS???


Well – it gets jammed back down quicksmart.


Cause I’ve got the house, the car, the spouse and the 2.5 kids with netflix and takeaway 2 nights per week so FUCK YOU




How dare this voice try to pop up now? And whisper? So softly – WHAT IS THIS?


What is this LIE that you are masquerading as a LIFE?


What happened to me? To what you KNOW inside is true? To what you were going to do before the world told you it wasn’t real?


And then the choice comes – do you jam that whispered voice back down again? To maybe resurface again in a few years? Or to be stifled and resurface as illness, disease?


Or do you FINALLY, TRULY – let it out?


Let it be heard.


Let yourself be REAL


And change course – in the direction of your truth, not in the direction of the path set for you so many years ago.


How about you finally step back onto YOUR path?

The one no one has walked- because it is your own?


Because it was ALWAYS meant to be brought to life by YOU alone.



I don’t wanna brag but…


I don’t wanna brag but…


I’ve already put my underwear AND leggings on backwards  today – and it’s only 8am!


I know, I know…

I really shouldn’t be so hoity toity and bragging about it – but I mean come on –

I’ve basically just won at life so surely it deserves a moment of bragging?


🙂 🙂 🙂

Seriously though – want to know what the best part of this achievement was?


I didn’t even let it phase me. I laughed. I sighed. I laughed again and moved on with my life.


And as stupid and miniscule as it seems – something really hit me at that moment –


There was a time in my life where I would let stuff get to me.

Things people said. Silly little inconveniences, that kind of stuff mostly.

And it kept happening – the more I got upset by a hater online or in real life – the more haters came out of the wood work!


And the more I let little things like the wrong coffee order, inside out undies, or rude service people get to me – the more it just kept happening!


And so whilst I sighed and giggled at myself about my backward situation I stopped and thought – and I mean I REALLY HAD TO THINK HARD –


When was the last time I got a hater comment? A rude service person? A horrible service experience at ANY store?


Um…. off the top of my head? I was blank.


When I dug a little deeper, I managed to remember the annoying car park situation in the city where technology did not work as needed and we ended up having to over pay for parking due to their stupid systems. I remembered that it had really annoyed me – for like 15 seconds! Then I paid it, and moved on with my life.


I had to really STRUGGLE to remember that too! Regardless of the fact that at the time, for those few seconds, I was seriously pissed!


But I have become so good at brushing those things off and totally out of my mind, that it took a real concentrated effort to remember something that happened only a few days ago and that had really annoyed me!


I am just THAT good at choosing to let it go and not let it continue to fester.


And then just for fun? I asked myself – when was the last time I had someone say something good about me? Or service be great somewhere?


Without a moments hesitation a flood of memories came to me – at least 4 or 5 instances of clients openly expressing how much of a difference my training/coaching has meant for their lives, every single purchase experience being an amazingly kind one, and feeling so much appreciation for all those whom I had come into contact with.


It was EASY


And the trick? Is so simple! You get MORE of what you FOCUS on.


When something happens that elicits NEGATIVE emotions in you – you need to feel it and LET IT GO asap! The longer you dwell on it, the longer you allow those negative vibrations to take hold in your body and therefore what you attract.


And? When something good happens?


FEEL IT and STOP IN THE MOMENT and enjoy it! Acknowledge it. Let that warm happy feeling seep through you. Take it within you and hold it.



It is a practise like ANY other – what you repeatedly DO AND FEEL – you BECOME!




Why are you taking such small bites?



Let’s just make sure we ARE in fact on the same page here ok?


Let’s just make sure you DO in fact know that you are born for an incredible life, one that is completely by your design, fuck the rules and society’s norms – let’s just be really clear that you ARE in fact committed to living your life on purpose and to your full potential?




Glad we got that sorted.


Cause if not? Then I can’t help you anyway. If limits, and constraints, and what you CAN’T do is your default choice for life, then I have absolutely NOTHING for you.


You don’t need to have achieved everything you have ever wanted yet. You don’t even need to know how it could be possible to achieve everything that your incredible soul KNOWS is meant for you.


All that matters is that you know – that you KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are NOT limited by anything but yourself, and that you just cannot, not even for a moment, buy into this idea that what everyone else has is what you should want.


That that is ALL you can have.


So if we are on the same page? And you are the alpha fucking superstar who can and will and simply MUST live life on purpose and create a lifestyle by design and NOT by default then let’s get into this –


Why oh why are you taking such small bites?


Why – when given the option of seeing all your dreams realised, and this big juicy shiny apple presents itself and you just KNOW that this is YOUR apple – why do you THEN take a step back and rethink how to approach this?


Carefully analyse, take some small bites, check over them before going back for more, and gradually attack this big juicy apple so fucking slowly that by the time you start really getting into it?


It’s rotten.


Your dreams, your big shiny goals, have literally rotted in front of your eyes.


Because really – if you ARE in fact the badass crazy have it all and only in total alignment superstar that we just determined you are –

Then why the fuck are you not biting off way more than you can chew?


I mean COME ON – when in your life has taking the slow and steady, controlled and careful approach ever resulted in you unleashing the real you?


When has that approach ever made you feel on fire, like your soul is breathing, like you are truly LIVING?


You are built a certain way – a way that desperately NEEDS you to surrender to what you KNOW is right. Not what others say is right – but YOUR right.

And when you think back to your greatest moments? Achievements? Elation and joy and just total fucking IMMERSION into the depths of your soul –


When you think back on all of that – was any of that because you took some small bites? Analysed and then  went back for a little more?

Slow and steady and not “overdoing” it? Being sure not to “burn out” and to aim for “balance” and whatever other buzz words those that are NOT born for it use?


No, of course not.


The times that you felt most alive, most vibrant, most successful and most completely 100% undeniably YOU –


Was when you jumped in head first. Took a huge bite. Didn’t even think, just FELT and TRUSTED and kept on fucking chewing and then WENT BACK FOR MORE.


It was when you allowed yourself to be swept up in the moment, in the alignment, in the faith that THIS is exactly where you are meant to be.

It was when you were taking on WAY more than is “reasonable” and yet when no one who truly knew you could have said for a moment that you were burning out.


Because really?


You were on fire. You were relentless in your pursuit. Unlimited in your achievements.


You were driven. Scattered sure. Leaving things undone all over the place.


A total mess on the outside perhaps – but holy SHIT was stuff happening.


The amount of stuff you got happening in that time was more than others have done their whole lives.


The mess? It’s just part of the process. The design. The creativity. It is just part of YOU – unleashed,




Unobstructed by limits and warnings and everyone else’s stress.

It is you – on fire and completely on purpose.

In those times – did you ever consider taking a smaller bite? I mean really?

Did it not feel like you were invincible when you were flying so fast your feet couldn’t touch the ground and you KNEW in the deepest part of your soul that you are living exactly as you always dreamed?

Of course!


And you knew – YOU KNEW

That taking a step back, a smaller bite, analysing –

That wouldn’t help.


That would ruin everything. It would ruin your flow. Your passion.




So stop it gorgeous – stop letting THEM into your head.


Take the biggest bite you can and then chew like crazy – and then go back for more!

Cause you?

You are BORN for this!