I  want to see your soul bleed.


I want to rip you open, to pull you apart, to tear down your walls and see your RAW.


What lies at your core. I want to see you NAKED.


Your soul stripped bear. Nothing to cover the mistakes, to mask the injuries, nothing to hide behind.


Your gorgeous, naked SOUL.


I want to see what it holds. What is within that has ALWAYS been there and will ALWAYS be there and cannot NOT be there.



No matter how long it’s been since you listened to it. Since you even ACKNOWLEDGED it.


Since you allowed it to be vulnerable and still and perfect in its imperfection.


Do you remember what that was like?


When you were able to breathe into yourself and FEEL the very core of who you are, where the pain felt AMAZING, where you KNEW that no matter what, NOTHING CAN TOUCH YOU


Because you were so perfectly aligned with you, that letting your IMPERFECT show wasn’t anything to worry about.


It didn’t matter if you let it all out, let the world see every lump and bump, because you knew you were taken care of.


Loved. Accepted. And forever whole.


Do you remember that time gorgeous? Last month? Last year? Or was it longer?


Was it years ago, maybe decades?


Was it around the time that ADULTING became a thing?



When you had to GROW UP,






Was that the time that your soul died just a little? Squirmed at the injustice of it all? And sighed a deep sigh of resignation as it joined the lemmings in slow and silent death?

I want you to hear it NOW beautiful.


I want you to STOP ignoring it’s sighs. It’s pain. It’s attempts to break free.




Let it out – in all it’s glory.


No matter if you break down. If you cry. If you wail. If you throw things and scream and flail.


Because you are FIGHTING!


You are fighting quiet literally for YOUR LIFE.


For your limitless and timeless SOUL that has been and always will be and will CONTINUE to be long after your human expeirence here is DONE.


It doesn’t care about your paycheck. What your friends are doing. Who won the Bachelor.


That shit is INCONSEQUENTIAL to it’s life force. To it’s total and overwhelming power.


It wants to MOVE. To TRANSFORM. To be your source of POWER when you move in flow and in alignment and in absolute imperfect perfection towards what you KNOW is your path.


Cause you know right? I mean come on. Let’s put the bullshit away now shall we, I think we’re friends by now? 😉



You’ve ALWAYS known.


Even as you firmly state to yourself “but I just don’t KNOW!”




Because you feel it. You feel it in snippets right now.


You feel it when your soul lights up. When time slows or stops still, or speeds up.


You feel it when everything is effortless.


It may have been a while – but I know you know that feeling.


How long has it been since you let it be fun? Let your life be effortless? In flow?




Let it out from the back seat and let it take the wheel?


I want to see your soul bleed. BURN. Set fire to your bullshit limits and excuses and just REFUSE to see, to feel, to FOCUS on anything BUT what you TRULY feel is real.


No matter the situation. No matter the circumstance. No matter the reasons, and excuses and BLAH BLAH BULLSHIT.


It’s time to let your soul shine through. Speak for you and THROUGH you.


You’re not getting out of this alive you know?


So might make sense to let the immortal part of you drive, rather than the self inflicted constraints of your current human experience.


Might as well – you know… be you.


I want to see your pain. Your scars. Your beauty and your vulnerability.


Because THAT is what this world needs. No more fake. No more staging and posing.


That is what YOU need. And when you FINALLY give yourself what you TRULY need again?


You will in turn give the world what it needs.


And it needs YOU – to unleash your SOUL – bare, naked and EXPOSED.









You Are NOT Lost just because You Are STILL Searching



You Are NOT Lost just because You Are STILL Searching




I want to step into you. To feel you. To feel the deepest parts of your soul that scare you and that you run away from.


For those voices live inside of me too, and I want to help you listen to them.


Beautiful soul – you are not broken. You are not needing to be fixed. And you are not DONE.


I know this feeling – this desperation, this fear, this all consuming worry that you are not and never will be – ENOUGH.


You feel like your whole life you have been climbing, scrambling mostly, trying to make it look as elegant as possible, but only you really see the scratches, bruises and scars that you have gotten along the way.


And you wonder, sometimes in the darkest moments when you are totally alone and the world has faded away and nothing and no one requires OF YOU in that moment –


Am I lost? I feel that I am on the right path, it feels MINE, it feels RIGHT.


But then why am I still searching? Why am I not THERE – if this path truly is MINE?


Have I somehow veered off without realising and now am miles and years from where I truly want to go?


You are not lost, just because you are still searching.


I know those voices well – that second guess you, that try to point you to the “proof” that this isn’t working, that you’re not really getting anywhere, and why don’t you just stop, give up and give in –


And fall into line with the lemmings.


And in those painful moments when you are tested once more, when the walls come caving in and you have to once again BREATHE and RELEASE and TRUST in yourself –


You remember once again – why you can’t do that. You can dress yourself up all you like, walk and talk and pretend to be like them – but you never will be.


You aren’t a lemming, never have been, and never will be.


And though you feel lost, feel like you are forever chasing an elusive dream that feels so close and yet so far at the same time –


You know there is no other way.


Beautiful soul, don’t turn away now. Your path is so much more complex because your destiny is so much greater than just you.


I know you have tried – to push this down, file it away, pretend it isn’t there.


Like someone who has allowed themselves to gain ever more weight will try to smooth their clothing, wear more layers, hide from the reality of the lumps and bumps they don’t want to admit to.


But just like those bumps will find a way out, your truth will ALWAYS push it’s way to the surface.


Over and over it will scream LISTEN.



I don’t care that you’re scared, I don’t care that you don’t know HOW, I don’t care that you want to THROW IN THE TOWEL AND WALK THE FUCK AWAY!


I don’t care, I don’t care, I DON’T CARE!


Because I want what I want, what I need, what I am BORN for.


Regardless what your mere mortal being constraints think of that, let alone what any other mortal being LEMMINGS think of it.


This is beyond that, beyond them. Beyond even YOU in this time and space.


And it won’t shut up, won’t be silenced, won’t be pushed down and REFUSES to be forgotten.


You are searching because you are growing, ever expanding.


You are not dead, therefore you have life yet to search for. Goals, dreams, YOUR SOUL PURPOSE to follow and to be LED BY IT.


A lemming afterall perhaps – if only that you cannot help but continue to follow YOUR TRUE PATH.


No matter how long, how complex or how lost you feel along the way.


Keep going beautiful soul, for your own sake and for everyone else’s.


Let those voices say their bit, and bless them and keep going.


Feel the fear – and do what you need to do anyway.


You will ALWAYS feel this resistance, this frustration, this FUCK FUCK FUCK meltdowns…


You can choose to continue on despite of it.


You can choose to not let fear guide you, but rather your faith.


And in the end… really?!


You know you can’t not.






Are you creating a Life or a Lie?


Are you creating a Life or a Lie?



I remember back when I was a wee teenager – somewhere around the final few years of high school, they sent you to a career counsellor.


Someone so clearly trained in the art of figuring out what you want to do that they figured out that what they want to do is help you figure out what you want to do.


Yeah.  I didn’t really buy it.


But they gave you some lame aptitude test, and another one about what type of job you are “suited to” (omg WTF???!!!) and then plugged out some ideas, like a smorgasboard of pre-prepared, over cooked and totally dry and bland “rest of your life” ideas.


And then I watched as sure enough – 99% of the sheep (myself included!) went and picked one of these well trodden paths and off they went.


And somewhere along the way it hit me –was I creating a Life? Or a Lie?


Was I actually doing anything that mattered? To me? To anyone?


Was I going to follow in the footsteps of all those before me and design this cookie cutter life?


I could see it was where most were still headed, largely blind to the possibility that they are actually getting further and further from their TRUTH.


I didn’t really get how it wasn’t obvious to them though?


I mean they whinged about their jobs mostly non-stop. Rarely got crazy excited about anything except maybe their next holiday that they saved up all year at the job they hate so they can go on it….


I felt like I was in the twilight zone – was I the only one seeing this?


In the midst of their claims that they are creating a Life – I could very clearly see all they had created was a Lie.


A facade of what LOOKS good to the masses – the going out, social events, nice cars, nice houses… but on the inside?


They were still as lost as the day that career counsellor had first nudged them in a particular direction.


And the further it got? The further the lie was hidden. Until some, well MOST – no longer realise there was ever anything more to it.


Their house is now SO nice, their car SO fancy and their paychecks SO handsome that they have started to believe that this IS what they wanted all along anyway.


Never mind the mind numbing dullness. The stagnation. The lack of any kind of spark or burning from within.


The problem with this lie is that it is such a good one.


It makes you feel secure. Comfortable. Confident.


So if ever the inner voice dares to rise and ask the dreaded questionHOLD ON – IS THIS ALL THERE IS???


Well – it gets jammed back down quicksmart.


Cause I’ve got the house, the car, the spouse and the 2.5 kids with netflix and takeaway 2 nights per week so FUCK YOU




How dare this voice try to pop up now? And whisper? So softly – WHAT IS THIS?


What is this LIE that you are masquerading as a LIFE?


What happened to me? To what you KNOW inside is true? To what you were going to do before the world told you it wasn’t real?


And then the choice comes – do you jam that whispered voice back down again? To maybe resurface again in a few years? Or to be stifled and resurface as illness, disease?


Or do you FINALLY, TRULY – let it out?


Let it be heard.


Let yourself be REAL


And change course – in the direction of your truth, not in the direction of the path set for you so many years ago.


How about you finally step back onto YOUR path?

The one no one has walked- because it is your own?


Because it was ALWAYS meant to be brought to life by YOU alone.



Why are you taking such small bites?



Let’s just make sure we ARE in fact on the same page here ok?


Let’s just make sure you DO in fact know that you are born for an incredible life, one that is completely by your design, fuck the rules and society’s norms – let’s just be really clear that you ARE in fact committed to living your life on purpose and to your full potential?




Glad we got that sorted.


Cause if not? Then I can’t help you anyway. If limits, and constraints, and what you CAN’T do is your default choice for life, then I have absolutely NOTHING for you.


You don’t need to have achieved everything you have ever wanted yet. You don’t even need to know how it could be possible to achieve everything that your incredible soul KNOWS is meant for you.


All that matters is that you know – that you KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are NOT limited by anything but yourself, and that you just cannot, not even for a moment, buy into this idea that what everyone else has is what you should want.


That that is ALL you can have.


So if we are on the same page? And you are the alpha fucking superstar who can and will and simply MUST live life on purpose and create a lifestyle by design and NOT by default then let’s get into this –


Why oh why are you taking such small bites?


Why – when given the option of seeing all your dreams realised, and this big juicy shiny apple presents itself and you just KNOW that this is YOUR apple – why do you THEN take a step back and rethink how to approach this?


Carefully analyse, take some small bites, check over them before going back for more, and gradually attack this big juicy apple so fucking slowly that by the time you start really getting into it?


It’s rotten.


Your dreams, your big shiny goals, have literally rotted in front of your eyes.


Because really – if you ARE in fact the badass crazy have it all and only in total alignment superstar that we just determined you are –

Then why the fuck are you not biting off way more than you can chew?


I mean COME ON – when in your life has taking the slow and steady, controlled and careful approach ever resulted in you unleashing the real you?


When has that approach ever made you feel on fire, like your soul is breathing, like you are truly LIVING?


You are built a certain way – a way that desperately NEEDS you to surrender to what you KNOW is right. Not what others say is right – but YOUR right.

And when you think back to your greatest moments? Achievements? Elation and joy and just total fucking IMMERSION into the depths of your soul –


When you think back on all of that – was any of that because you took some small bites? Analysed and then  went back for a little more?

Slow and steady and not “overdoing” it? Being sure not to “burn out” and to aim for “balance” and whatever other buzz words those that are NOT born for it use?


No, of course not.


The times that you felt most alive, most vibrant, most successful and most completely 100% undeniably YOU –


Was when you jumped in head first. Took a huge bite. Didn’t even think, just FELT and TRUSTED and kept on fucking chewing and then WENT BACK FOR MORE.


It was when you allowed yourself to be swept up in the moment, in the alignment, in the faith that THIS is exactly where you are meant to be.

It was when you were taking on WAY more than is “reasonable” and yet when no one who truly knew you could have said for a moment that you were burning out.


Because really?


You were on fire. You were relentless in your pursuit. Unlimited in your achievements.


You were driven. Scattered sure. Leaving things undone all over the place.


A total mess on the outside perhaps – but holy SHIT was stuff happening.


The amount of stuff you got happening in that time was more than others have done their whole lives.


The mess? It’s just part of the process. The design. The creativity. It is just part of YOU – unleashed,




Unobstructed by limits and warnings and everyone else’s stress.

It is you – on fire and completely on purpose.

In those times – did you ever consider taking a smaller bite? I mean really?

Did it not feel like you were invincible when you were flying so fast your feet couldn’t touch the ground and you KNEW in the deepest part of your soul that you are living exactly as you always dreamed?

Of course!


And you knew – YOU KNEW

That taking a step back, a smaller bite, analysing –

That wouldn’t help.


That would ruin everything. It would ruin your flow. Your passion.




So stop it gorgeous – stop letting THEM into your head.


Take the biggest bite you can and then chew like crazy – and then go back for more!

Cause you?

You are BORN for this!




Is your Life on Track or on a Detour?

Is your Life on Track or on a Detour?





There was a long time in my life, actually probably a couple of decades or so, that I believed that I was born for big things. I don’t know how, I just knew. In what way? Well that changed often, different ideas about career paths, but somehow always in the way that I saw myself speaking in front of thousands, inspiring, helping people to live life on purpose and stop their excuses and STEP THE FUCK UP.


The problem was it just never quiet seemed to happen you know?


I would move from one job to another, trying new things, and somehow I just KNEW I was meant for more so it would happen.


It wasn’t until very recently, this year in fact, that it really hit me that this destiny was NOT guaranteed. I was not ENTITLED to it. It was not a given because it was “meant to be”.


I looked at the path of those that had gone before me, and it finally hit me clear as day – I wasn’t that special.


I wasn’t that special that success was going to happen to me just cause I wanted it to!


I guess it took me a while to understand because so many things had come easily to me in my life. At school I picked things up quickly, when I took up TaeKwonDo I was technically perfect, I had natural abilities that I easily coupled with HARD WORK and shock horror – I excelled.


So I guess over time I started to take it for granted that the HARD WORK was a part of it, not just my natural ability.


And so as the years passed by, and I kind of moved from idea to idea, always taking to it quickly and easily but then getting bored just as quickly and therefore getting LAZY – I realised I was quickly getting nowhere.


Have you ever done that?


Just kind of kept looking for the something shinier rather than repolishing the thing you already have?


I did that until I took a huge detour into several different industries, and yet somehow always found myself veering back in the same direction.


My destiny.


Which had not eventuated.


Crazy right? It didn’t just happen without me realising?


And then it kind of hit me.


This is UP TO ME.


No one is walking around with my destiny just trying to find me so they can give it to me. And you know what? Neither is yours.


You can be as naturally talented as you want, as skilled and as beyond amazing and are just clearly BORN FOR IT, but if YOU don’t do the work and STEP THE FUCK UP then it’s as good as gone. You may as well have never had the talent in the first place.


And this is where I see people die daily. Give their lives away – miles and years away from a place where they KNEW what they were meant to do.


And so you kind of dragged off in different directions, as life tends to do when you aren’t focused on what is ahead, and suddenly you look back on yourself and you can barely recognise yourself.

You aren’t sure where it went, how it all changed, and how you ended up here.


Cause somewhere deep down you always knew you were meant for something more, but you just didn’t well… get there.


How did that happen? Or more to the point how didn’t it happen?


It was in the moments you walked away. You tossed your hands up. You “took a break”. And before you know it your break was a decade ago and you can barely remember what it was you were taking a break from.


Your destiny won’t change. Your purpose, your calling, that THING that you are here on this earth to do and to make a difference and the DREAM of how you are meant to live, it doesn’t have an expiry – and every day that you continue to ignore it is another day wasted.


Destiny always wins out – in the end.


On their death beds, it seems crystal clear to people what they missed in their life, what they SHOULD have done, how they SHOULD have stepped up, what risks they should have taken and what they most regret NOT having done.


It’s never what you have done – it’s always what you HAVEN’T.


It’s the way that you kept letting life situations dictate your life – rather than choosing your life.


The way you let things happen TO YOU rather than making things happen.


The way that now that it’s all over it seems SO OBVIOUS how easy it would have been for you to just stop the excuses and be BRAVE and do the work.


But in the moment- you are tired. You are bored. You are unmotivated. And you are uncertain.


So in that moment of weakness, of emotional state, you walk away. And then the next day.


And then before you know it you have kept walking so far that it’s the end of your life and you can’t even be sure where you ended up.


Your destiny will not just happen to you, it won’t come up to you at just the right time to say “ok well now you are here”.


FUCK that beautiful.

It is you all the way. Each and every day. You want it?


Then just show up and TAKE IT.


Each and every day. Over and over. Until. And if it doesn’t work?


What – straight away?


Well then you keep showing up. This is your destiny babe, not a detour.


Get the FUCK OFF the detour, and onto your real path.


And then just don’t get off. It really is as simple as that. You get on it and you stay on it.


And then when you are sitting there at the end of your life and looking back you will have no regrets, nothing you gave up on, nothing you held back.



Ana sign off




Step up or Move Along






What makes you different?

What burns within you that separates you from the other 99%?

It’s something you’ve always known, always felt, even before you knew what it was, how to think it, how to say it, how to express it –

Even before ALL OF THAT


You FELT it


You KNOW. Deeper and surer of this than anything you have ever been sure of.

That you are here to GO BIG. Make an impact – on hundreds, thousands, millions.

To make your difference. Leave your mark. Leave a legacy that stretches further than your family, your friends, your wealth.


No, you seek and DEMAND a legacy that is unlike any other.


So when it feels impossible, when you feel lost, like you are alone, still fighting this fight.

Night after night, morning after morning, day after day, you grind, you push, you sit on the edge of falling at any moment.

A moment away from falling, always fighting tooth and nail to get through.


As everyone around you “grows up”, “settles down” and “gets responsible” you worry about being left behind.

And yet – you can’t worry that much.

Because you know the path of the 99% – it is all around you.


And you know that is NOT your path. Not your destiny. NOT how your story ends.


You can’t tune into the reality TV, can’t make yourself care about who married who in the latest show, can’t even make yourself turn on the TV because you know the shit you will see.

Whilst they laugh at you, pity you, always pushing, always demanding more, and ask why you can’t relax. Why you can’t stop. Why you can’t just settle the fuck down and be a real grown up.


And do what you think?


Come home and turn on the brainless box? Get some takeaway? Sit and give your brain and your life power and your creativity over to a hunk of technology designed to STOP you creating?

Stop you expanding. Stop you helping. Stop you from your destiny.

They won’t get it. They can’t.

Just like you can’t get them, every fibre of your being fights it, refuses it,


And even in the worst.

In the lowest.

In the moments you catch yourself thinking IS THIS ALL WORTH IT the little voice in your head can’t be ignored:



Because the alternative? May as well be death for you.


May as well be a swift death rather than the dragged out slow death of the 99%, watching days, weeks, months and years go by like they mean nothing….

The most confusing thing you have ever come across – an entire GENERATION of people that are HAPPY when a day flyes by so fast that you don’t realise it – NOT because they were passionate and living their dream, but because its ONE LESS DAY before the weekend!

It astounds you that someone could be happy their life is passing them by?

EXCITED for only 2 days out of 7?????!!!!!


The numbing of the senses through technology, and the slow death of your life purpose diminishing.

So it’s come to this.




For how long? How low can you go? How much can you handle?

Well that is the true question of the 1%.

99% can’t go for long without running back to Plan B.

That’s why there is 99% of them.


You KNOW you are made for this. Going to succeed – on a HUGE scale that you can’t even fathom yet from your broke bank account and second hand furniture.

But you know it’s there. You just haven’t got it yet.

So keep going.


There is no other way for you anyway is there?



Ana sign off

The newest miracle weight loss pill – and why I’m promoting this one!


The newest miracle weight loss pill – and why I’m promoting this one!


spoon pills


I know there’s been a lot of controversy lately. Companies and individuals having to eat their words after putting their names and support to a bunch of interesting new products and claiming them to be true miracle cures when there was no solid research to back this up.

Sadly as someone in the health and fitness industry, this came as no surprise to me. Right from the first time I hear of these “miracles” I can smell the product endorsement grants from a mile away. Yes, it irritated me that these “health professionals” are on TV where millions of gullible people are eating up every word that comes out of their mouth if it says anything along the lines of “continue to be lazy as fuck and still get skinny”, but it was a case of – their choice, their problem.


If you pay attention there is practically a new miracle coming out each week. Magic shakes, magic pills, cram yourself for 5 days then starve for 2 days (I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw an article labelling this as “intermittent fasting”). Yeah, it’s all works (kind of). And yeah, it’s all absolute crap. Please bring me the majority of people who will be able to live on these magic pills, shakes and crazy restrictive eating plans for their whole lives and I will eat my words.


But the reality is that 99% of people who try any “lose weight fast” scheme may or may not lose the weight, but they almost ALWAYS put it back on and then some.


Because they stop it don’t they? This plan that looks so exciting when you read about how someone dropped 5kg in the first week just by drinking only juice. You get inspired, excited, but somewhere….deep down, you know its only temporary.


You know that in a week, two, max three, you will have lost heaps of weight, will look how you want to look, and you will be back to what you do now, and put it all back on.

Yeah, you know it isn’t permanent.


Why the hell would you drink only juice for the rest of your life????


It’s crazy. But somewhere our logical mind has been overridden with all the advertising that we actually believe now that doing these drastic and mostly expensive programs through out our entire lives is the best way to go.


I guess I have a pretty heavy opinion when it comes to miracle cures – so what is it that I could possibly be promoting?

Deep breath gorgeous – here it is.


The one secret miracle cure that will get you your dream body and KEEP IT FOREVER is this – believing you are a slim person.




“But I’m not slim – I’m fat!” *grabs chunk of stomach for emphasis*


Yeah, I here ya.

And THERE is your problem.


For as long as you can remember, you’ve seen yourself as fat. Yeah there has been more and less –but you are ALWAYS looking to be slimmer, to find the perfect diet, perfect training – perfect you.

You can’t even remember when it all started sometimes, but you just know that you have to be slimmer, because well… you’re fat.

And you may be slimmer now, some would even call you healthy and totally normal, but in your mind – you are still fat.




I get it, it’s a cycle. You feel like you can’t see yourself any differently.


So let me see if I can get this AHA moment happening for you – WHY would you stick with anything FOREVER, why would you search for a long term way of life that gives you the slim vibrant body you want if you would STILL believe you are fat????


It makes sense to look for the miracle, for the quick fix. Because that way you can get slim or close to just long enough to enjoy it, but then go back to your previous lifestyle and put it back on just in time to make sure your mind doesn’t feel uncomfortable that maybe you aren’t fat anymore.


I mean, its all that your mind understands – how could it process I am slim now? It has no experience in that state, of the emotions, of the actions and demands on it.

So it will continue to seek out plans that will take it straight back to fat as quick as possible to ensure that belief is not shattered.


And THIS is the miracle weight loss pill that no on tells you about – how when you FINALLY get your mind to catch up with your goals, then it will actually start working!

When you get yourself out of your “forever fat” mindset and start believing there is more for yourself than just the next popular craze – that you are worth more, and that you respect yourself more – THEN and ONLY then will you succeed.


Then you will be drawn to a lifestyle that makes it simple and effective to lose the excess fat and keep it off.

Because you will FINALLY understand that you ARE NOT a fat person, you are in fact a SLIM PERSON with EXCESS FAT!


And when you believe that you are actually that slim person, you will finally do all that you can to make it happen. You will stick to your eating, your exercise, everything – because you will believe and therefore KNOW that NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO – you will always end up slim anyway.


Tell me that wouldn’t be cool? To be so sure of your success, to know that everything will work out exactly as you had planned.

Pretty cool.


But first – you need to start with that one magic tool that can make it all happen, and will cost you nothing.

Get inside your mind, and start the process. Begin to imagine, visualise yourself slim. Repeat to yourself daily affirmations like “I am slim and it is effortless for me to maintain”. Don’t put them in future tense – it NEEDS to be present tense.

Because it is so easy to get in the habit of seeing your dream body in the future, some distant “one day”. But that one day never gets any closer- you need to bring it up to right NOW!

Because when you can believe that this is truly happening for you right now – you will commit and do everything in your power to make it happen.

So what’s the miracle?


The miracle is if you actually follow through with it or not – or if you just go back to the same old merry-go-round.


The miracle? Is something you have the power to create for yourself.

Your move.



Ana sign off

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You’re not doing enough – and why you need to hear it!

You’re not doing enough – and why you need to hear it!





Big girl pants on baby – there’s something you need to hear.

It’s just not good enough gorgeous – what you’re doing now.


Yep. Sorry. Tough love time.


All the hours you put in, the well-intentioned plans you make, that to-do list that you write and re-write 10 times a day – its just not good enough.

Those goals you write, do dreamboards for, and work towards everyday.

The way you push and push and PUSH until exhaustion and only sometimes give yourself a break.

The way you demand more from yourself in one week than most do in a year.

The times you give up the social events so you can stay on track with your food, the times you go home early so you can get up earlier than everyone else in the morning to make shit happen.


Well – it’s not enough.

It’s not even close to enough.



Because you are MEANT for more than the “others”. Your idea of success is so far beyond the limits most people have for themselves that to even begin to compare would be a joke.


Settling for the typical cookie-cutter marriage with your 2.3 kids and just being happy that you don’t hate the person you’re with?


Settling for a “well-paying” job with some room for growth and stability while you secretly count down the days to the weekend every week – because you ONLY enjoy 2 days out of 7 EVERY WEEK????


This isn’t you babe. You wouldn’t be here if it was. You and I would NEVER have crossed paths or you would have run away a long time ago.

Because we don’t dream small.


We dream huge, impossible, uncontrollable and scary dreams.


Dreams that keep you up at night, wake you in the morning and stay with you all day.


WE are the ones who dream while we’re awake, whilst others only dream while they’re asleep.


So you know what? This is not even close to good enough for you.

You were not born to settle in, settled down and settle. You push and push and push some more because it is your nature, your right, your passion.

I get it – oh boy do I get it.


The allure of the mediocre sometimes. Like you haven’t sometimes looked around at the majority and wondered – how do they do it?

How do they feign enthusiasm for their life-sucking jobs because they can go on maybe one holiday a year?

How do they rationalise their crappy relationship even though all they ever do is whinge about the other person?


Most importantly – how do they not want more?

Expect more?

DEMAND more?


How do they seem so satisfied with things as they are? As they always will be?

I get it. I feel that way sometimes too – usually when I’m swamped with tasks, trying to juggle it all and for just a second I wonder – how come I can’t be like that?

To just not care. To just go with the flow. Call things in my life “luck” and just wait for the world to do what it will.




But I can’t.

And neither can you.

Because even when we push harder than ever before- it just shows us how much more we have left.

And THAT’S why it isn’t good enough.




Your limits are unlimited.

Your dreams boundless.

Your opportunity unparalleled.


You have within you all the drive and passion that you could ever need to succeed, but you have to be prepared to go further.

Yes you can rest when you’re exhausted – or you can press on, discover for yourself just how limitless you are.

You can “take a break” – or you can take a deep breath and dive straight back in.


So don’t for a second give in to the small minded talk – the voice that says “you’ve been doing so well, working so hard, you deserve a break”. Maybe you don’t need to push so hard. Maybe you can just go chill out for a bit…..

Or maybe – don’t. When the going gets tough – work harder.


Be the person who doesn’t have excuses, because you don’t need them.

Because you are that prepared to stand up for your dreams and never back down.


Be YOUR version of good enough, your standards, even if they are a mile higher than anyone else.


All that means – is you need to surround yourself with some new people! Other people who dream bigger than anyone else. And let them keep you up and forward, don’t let the majority bring you down.

You will be doing a disservice to yourself and to all the lives that you can impact by living your potential if you don’t keep pushing – until.




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Why are you STILL saying you have a food problem?

Why are you still saying you have a food problem?





When the calling comes, when you can feel the tension building, the overwhelm growing and your resistance and self-discipline slipping into the realm of the binge – what do you really eat?


I mean it’s not the pizza, not the baked goods, not the cookies or chocolate or any of the food that flies into your mouth at such immense speeds it may as well have been catapulted there!


No, it isn’t the food you’re eating. Sure – you’re consuming it. Inhaling it. Devouring it.


But you could never say you are actually eating it could you?


Not when eating would mean tasting it, savouring it, feeling the texture and variation of subtle differences.

No – what you are eating is definitely not the food.


What you are tasting, feeling, and savouring in that moment is the release.


The escape from that tension in your body that drove you to this point.


It’s your ability for numbness, freedom from the uncomfortable impending feeling that something is NOT RIGHT.


And not just not right, but wrong on an epic scale. That knowledge that something is so deeply wrong that you cannot possibly face up to it.


It’s too big, too scary and too damn impossible to define.

No, it’s much easier to bury that fear in food.

After all, it’s predictable, it will always be there, it can’t let you down.

And so it becomes clear, you are not eating the food.

But it’s such an easy scapegoat – I mean it’s the most obvious cause for your problems isn’t it?


If only you could finally stop the self-sabotage you could have that perfect body that you dream of, you could be as confident as you can only imagine, you could love going clothes shopping because everything would fit – you could basically have the life you have always wanted.


But that damn food – it is stopping you.

But if you know during those binges, if you can FEEL that you are not really even tasting the food, not enjoying it – that what you are really focusing on is that intensity subsiding and the calmness returning – then how can you truly believe that food is the problem?


When it isn’t even the focus while you’re eating it?



The truth is it really isn’t the food, its your mind beautiful.

And what you’re eating is your insecurities and fears.

That feeling of panic and impending doom has nothing to do with the food, and everything to do with YOURSELF.


The way you see yourself, the way you think others see you, and the lack of control you feel like you have when it comes to any of it.

Think about this – if you were truly fulfilled and completely at ease with who you are and what you stand for then would the thought of bingeing on food even cross your mind?

Or would you be too busy, too excited and too happy to want to sit in numbness for a half hour or more and make yourself feel sick?


Of course you wouldn’t.


So why in the world are you STILL saying you have a food problem???


Why are you still searching and forking out money on a new and exciting eating and training plan that will “finally fix your food problems” when you KNOW food isn’t the problem anyway!

It’s the way you see it and the way your mind has orchestrated your life around it that is the problem – nothing to do with food itself.


Otherwise the last time you went on any decent eating and training plan that actually had you eating enough and the right kind of food to support you nutritionally – that would have been it right?


If it was a food problem – then being on a simple, sustainable and healthy program would have fixed it right?

But it didn’t. The binges returned. And you found yourself back on google looking up yet another amazing plan to throw your money at, still wondering why this problem won’t go away no matter WHAT YOU TRY.

So I think you get it now gorgeous – this is NOT a food problem. It’s a headshit problem – and until you take the focus AWAY from the food and back into yourself, you will ALWAYS continue back down this road.

You will spend hundreds more dollars on binges, making yourself feel better, and the endless purchase of magical supplements and eating plans – only to end up back at square one, feeling just that little bit more sure that you really are a failure each time.


It comes down to YOU and YOU only beautiful. What is going on in that head of yours and your own self worth.


Food is just the symptom – it is NOT the cause.


Don’t you think it’s time to stop with the bandaid approach to the symptom and actually deal with the cause so that it doesn’t keep recurring?

What are you really eating? Such a simple question, but we rarely stop to ask ourselves.

WHAT are you really eating?


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My Cheat Sheet to an Amazing Life

My Cheat Sheet to an Amazing Life


 large (10)


Ever wondered exactly what goes on in my life that makes me so damn happy? Why my relationship is the most fulfilling romantic engagement imaginable, how I effortlessly maintain a healthy lean figure and how I manage to pull off looking polished and elegant (almost) everywhere I go?


The truth is I’m not perfect.


I hang out in my tracky daks at home, I do not look like Miranda Kerr walking the Victoria Secret catwalk when I wake up, nor does my breath smell like mints until I brush my teeth in the morning!


I sometimes elect not to clean the house this week in favour of something more exciting, I do a mean “I can’t be bothered” sook when the time strikes, and sometimes I really do NOT want to get up and do anything that day.


But I do.


And somehow all my shit still gets done. Because for all my faults, I have two over riding traits that pull them all into line – my need to have things organised and being a perfectionist.


This ensures the house never gets below a certain messy level before I go into a cleaning frenzy, why I don’t leave the house without having my hair and makeup (all-be-it casually) done so that I feel confident and glowing and most importantly – this is why even when I have those “I can’t be F%#&’d” moments – I STILL get SHIT DONE!


And apart from these traits there is also a few little cheats I’ve discovered along the way that make putting all this together SO much easier – and I’m about to share them all with you!


Cheat 1: Argan Oil!


Oh boy, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff! A quick google search will tell you that Argan Oil is the latest miracle oil and that it has incredible anti-aging, protective and anti-cancer properties! But the real proof is in the pudding – this stuff makes your skin GLOW.


After just a couple of weeks my skin’s daily oiliness problem was gone – going from needing to touch up powder every couple of hours to maybe once a day – or never 🙂


Aside from this it has improved the clarity and resistance of my skin to breakouts or redness. I mix it with a small amount of another moisturiser as it is an oil and therefore a little goes a long way- and wala!



Cheat 2: Protein and Fat for Breakfast


This is such an ingrained part of my diet that sometimes I forget that most people actually don’t eat this way. Growing up on a typical diet fed to my parents and myself of bread and cereals, the idea of not having carbs for breakfast didn’t even occur to me.


But the change was INCREDIBLE. My cravings disappeared, I was effortlessly full until lunchtime at which time I was ready to eat but not ravenous. I didn’t feel like I needed any extra “kick” mid afternoon anymore, and the greatest bit? My stomach NEVER bloats anymore, none of that post toast or cereal heaviness.


So what do I have? It varies so much, but one of my absolute favourites is a handful of smoked salmon cooked with 2 free range eggs and chives (a herb). SO delicious and filling!


But it can be anything you like- leftover meat from dinner the night before. A steak. A chicken breast. If it is just a lean meat then mix it with a small handful of nuts for the fat intake also.



Cheat 3: Claiming ME time


This was such a hard one for me – I LOVE spending time with my fiancé, but I needed to realise that I do need time for myself and that taking that time is OK. I now have my own room to go to when I am locking away to do my business work, but more recently I’ve developed the ability to be in the same room and work. I tell Matt that I am unavailable for (insert time frame) and I put in my earphones to drown out any noise/tv and until I take those earphones out, I am not there – but of course we are often only cm’s apart.


This is so critical – in any situation where you are living with someone or many people, staking a claim to time for yourself is necessary. It keeps you sane, motivated – and makes you truly appreciate the time you spend with them. It is so easy to fall into a lazy heap, watching draining tv whilst not actually spending any quality time together. This way you have done what you need to set your dreams in motion, work on them and feel energised and happy –and this mood is much more conducive with maintaining excitement and appreciation in your relationships.



Cheat 4: Discovering how to use make-up brushes!


I’m not saying you have to wear makeup – some of my besties barely do so, and I absolutely love their confidence and choice. But it isn’t mine – simple as that. I have always loved makeup – the variety, the fun you can have with it, the art you can make with it, and YES the way it can shape and frame my face so that I feel like my true beauty is shining through.


If like me you also enjoy makeup – taking the time to learn how to apply your makeup properly using the appropriate tools is so much fun! Total transparency – I AM NOT AN EXPERT! I have barely started to master one or two brushes, let alone the dozen or so my makeup artists use on my special days. But I am learning – and something as simple as stopping using my fingers for concealer and actually using a proper brush for it has been AMAZING. No more creases, so much better coverage – and you know what YES – It DOES just feel so much cooler!



Cheat 5: A list of short 20-30min rejuvenate activities


Everyone needs a list of activities that do not require a great deal of effort or time but can give you that quick rejuvenate session when needed. Some of my favourites are watching one episode of Sex & the City, making a cup of tea and reading some of my latest book, having a nap, reading an inspiring blog – even doing a quick half hour house clean.


Yeah I know – I’m weird, but cleaning calms me and helps restore that sense of control and “having my shit together”. Judge me if you want. Whatever.


Your list can be anything that works for you, but it needs to be fun and easy. If it feels like an effort then you won’t ever do it, and it’s not really the point of it is it?



Cheat 6: Burning oil burners


SUCH an amazing mood lifter! I used to have about 20 different scents to choose from, but now I happily only vary between one or two. And every time I burn them they fill the house with an amazing aroma and help get me in a great mood.


Go to the shop and have a sniff – and pay attention to how it makes you feel.

If you are new to this I would suggest buying maybe just three to start with – one that immediately invokes calmness and serenity in you, one that invigorates and energises you, and one that quiet simply just smells DELICIOUS to you. This is a good combo to start with, and then burn them at the appropriate time. For example when you have just done some house cleaning or your cleaner has been, burn the energising fragrance so you start associating it with feeling fresh, clean and invigorate (it then becomes helpful to burn this when you know it’s time to do some cleaning and you need the mood to accompany it!)


Do the same thing for the calm one- perhaps on a slow Sunday afternoon when you are getting ready to relax. And the DELICIOUS one is simple for indulgent times – perhaps you are cooking a special meal, or you’re going to have a bath.




Cheat 7: I prepare everything the night before


My mornings begin between 5 and 5.30am, and as much as I love them that is NOT the best time for me to be rushing around getting anything done. So I have it all set the night before!


My clothes are laid out, my gym bag is packed and ready, my vitamins and nuts for the following day ready to go in their containers. This makes my morning so effortless, and in the evening it takes me maybe 5min to get it all together. This would easily take me half an hour the following morning!


The point is work to your strengths. The truth is I’ve yet to meet a person who is faster and more efficient at getting their stuff organised first thing in the early morning then they are at doing the evening before, but if you’re the first please comment below! I personally would LOVE to know how it works for you 🙂



So there it is –a little cheat sheet into the things I love and the things that make my life so damn awesome.

Feel free to steal any that feel right to you, and I’d love to hear how you go with them, as well as any requests you have for future cheat sheet reveals I write? What about my lifestyle would you love to know more about?




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