5 Lessons from Angelina Jolie


5 Success Lessons you can learn from Angelina Jolie






She’s spectacular. Love her or hate her, chances are you feel one way strongly. Personally for me it has always been LOVE – from a young age I was mesmerised by Angelina Jolie. Her huge eyes and lips that on most other people would look ridiculous. Her presence and acting diversity. Her ability to control the media to her whim. And most importantly her insistence on living according to HER design, no one else’s.


With this there are 5 huge lessons in success I’ve learned from Angelina Jolie – and here they are:



  1. Do not apologise for being yourself, especially in the public eye.


From her young years as a dark and moody rebel, scandals with kissing her brother etc, Angelina was always in the spotlight and not necessarily for the best reasons. But she was unapologetic.


She was raw, un-censored, and determined to do it HER WAY.


She lived with passion, didn’t hide her obsession with knives from anyone – in fact she revelled in it. And the best part? It hasn’t ruined her in any way. She grew up. She caused more scandals. And despite all of this she is now still part of arguably one of the most influential power couples in the world – juggling her acting career with her partner and children and constant work with the UN.


If we could all take a leaf from her book it would be this – don’t ever apologise for being yourself.


We all have our journey to travel, and we definitely have our own mistakes to make and learn from. If you are going to try to slip in unnoticed and just be as vanilla as you can so you don’t upset anyone –well you will only end up upsetting EVERYONE when you finally crack and explode.

I have to say – this one takes a little while for some of us. For me personally when I started out online I was a little hesitant about sharing TOO much – what if it was seen as self-obsessed or oversharing? But with time came strength and also wisdom – if I am not putting myself out there honestly and fully then how will my readers know that I am the real thing?

People can’t connect with an “image” as well as they can with the person – and especially when it comes to self-development and achieving your best life, you can’t put on a show and expect people to follow along for long.


No one needs another fiction story – they need the real thing.


So be you – warts and all. The more you are public the more this applies. By all means if you’re a celebrity then keep some parts private as your life is already so public. But for the rest of us it is just this – be you and don’t apologise for it.



  1. Follow your inner guidance even if everyone else is going to judge you for it.



Angelina Jolie has always OWNED her decisions. From a young age she knew what felt right for her and what didn’t, and she didn’t let others sway her. When she was very young she chose to become estranged from her father John Voight, even though many believed he was her ticket to fame. She chose to use her mothers name instead, and refused to work in any films he was involved in.


This is a situation I know many of us are familiar with – having a strong feeling about a particular family member and either wanting or not wanting them in your life. EVERYONE has an opinion on this – and unfortunately when it is so personal everyone will want to tell you what a horrible person you are being if that happens to be their opinion.


Angelina chose to step out on her own – despite what everyone around her thought. She knew she wanted to make a name for herself on her own, and to also separate herself from her father whom she believed had let her down too many times.


Yes – she eventually decided it was the right time to attempt to reconcile and hence she agreed to take on a role starring alongside him (one guess what that movie is – HINT it’s every teenage boys fantasy! Haha) And that was HER CHOICE to have him back in her life. And then she chose later to change her mind again because of further actions on his part that she didn’t approve of. (more on that in the next point)


But the thing is – she wasn’t afraid to be TRUE TO HERSELF. Regardless what anyone thought of her, she knew what was right.


I barely need to mention the other event in her life that she was judged most harshly for – and probably by some still is to this day.

Did she steal Brad? Did she not? Can anyone ever really be stolen?

Hmmm so many questions, but the point is it happened. Her and Brad fell in love and started a life together – coincidently close to the time he and Jennifer Aniston ended their marriage.


The world was divided – Team Ange or Team Jen. EVERYONE had an opinion and everyone had a team. All about someone that 99% of those people had never even exchanged a hello with let alone someone they could claim to “know”.


Through all of this she maintained her stance – that she was focused on her future with Brad, she refused to fuel the fire that was set in motion.


We could learn a thing or two from that – most of us never have to deal with such intense scrutiny, hate and pressure. But even if you did – it can be done. If you know you are doing the right thing by you, you can hold your head high and with confidence.


I mean a decade on and she is hardly still known as a homewrecker is she?




  1. Don’t be afraid to change yourself as much as you desire



There are a few people in history who have truly pulled off incredible transformations. And I’m not talking Kylie or Madonna trying to “re-invent” themselves only to continue making the same type of music to the same niche with the same style.

No – I’m talking people who truly conquered what it means to become a completely different person.

Angelina Jolie is one such person. From her years as a dark vixen strutting around getting all the tabloid attention, to a truly talented and respected actor, to a homewrecker – and now to a mother of a small tribe of children (half adopted) and partner to another talented actor, active UN ambassador and someone who essentially owns and can manipulate the media to her will – she has come a long way. It can be hard sometimes to think back to the rough, knife loving partner of Billy Bob when you compare her to her present persona of a collected, eloquent and charismatic woman who stands for all measures of integrity and family.


Why was it so effortless for her to make this transition? Why has it not been denied from her like so many others attempts at a transformation?


Simple – she was never afraid to be exactly who she is, and know that she can change whenever she feels like it. And we can do the same.

We can choose that today I am no longer the person I was yesterday. Wether it is that you no longer accept laziness from yourself when it comes to your goals, or you refuse to accept your partner treating you like less than you deserve.

The point is YOU decide that you are changing – and everyone else had better buckle up, cause hell or high water you are doing it anyway.

You don’t need anyone’s permission, and if they don’t really respect it yet then who gives a shit? They will have to eventually, cause you are making it happen anyway.

How long do you think Angelina Jolie had to deal with the backlash of her and Brad? For us not involved it felt like years- how long do you think it felt for her? But she continued in her new role – as a mother, UN ambassador and loving partner to Brad – until eventually everyone had run out of ammunition and accepted that she actually WAS different.

So change when you want to change, and don’t wait for the ok from anyone else.



  1. Give back as much as you receive


Simple but important. Angelina would not have gotten half as much success as she has had she not made the effort she has to give back. To travel the world helping the less fortunate, proving her capacity for love is more than big enough to raise a family of not only biological but also adopted children.


We come into this world with nothing and we will leave with nothing, so despite all that you accumulate the only thing you can take with you is your emotions.

Will they be happy ones filled with pride for all that you’ve done and changed the world in your own way? Or will they be regret and wishing you had done things differently?

I guarantee you that if you leave this world feeling like you made a difference by doing what you are passionate about – then you will feel pride. It means something different to everyone – but always give all you can, especially your passion. If it is your true life purpose you can never have enough of it, and you will never run out of desire to change the world with your craft.


Give so that you may receive the greatest thing in return – pride in yourself.



  1. Don’t fall for the trap of trying to be “normal” – be yourself and be damn proud.



Angelina Jolie has never been normal. She never fit a typical celebrity profile, not when she was weird and kooky and not now. If somebody had told her that she couldn’t have a loving relationship with the other greatest known actor of her time and a huge family with him, and continue both their careers, and help change the future for millions of third world children – well she wouldn’t have listened would she?


Cause yes-it isn’t normal. It isn’t what most celebrities do. But why should that mean it isn’t possible?


Just because all your friends are settled in their careers and have their progress all mapped out for the next 20 years –doesn’t mean you have to.

Just because everyone in your family was married and having kids by 30- doesn’t mean you have to.

There is no such thing as normal – only the average.

And does that sound like much fun? We talk up this idea of normal like it exists, like it makes us sane, good, worthy.


But all that normal is is the average of something. And who wants to be average?


So let it go now. Screw normal. Screw what others say you SHOULD be doing, what is realistic.

YOU get to decide your reality, and if you’re not crazy excited about it then why bother anyway?

You’re the one who is going to have to wake up every morning and life your life. So it’s your call.

Will it be the “normal” life everyone else wants for you?

Or will it be your dream life exactly the same way you want it?


Cause it’s totally your call. But don’t fall for that trap of trying to be normal and not push the boundaries. Screw the average – why not be the anomaly at the top of the bell curve?


That’s the one that always gets talked about anyway isn’t it?

The one that is so intimidating it is often taken out of the results section so as not to mess up the other “averages” right?


So let’s be that one – special, not normal.




And the biggest point I’ve learned from Angelina Jolie so far?

Just to live your life to the fullest – chase your dreams with abandon and don’t hold back.


Just IMAGINE what you could achieve if you did that – Can you EVEN imagine?




Ana sign off


My Year Without Junk Food

My Year Without Junk Food!



choc brownies


You may have read my brutally honest story of my binge eating years (CLICK HERE to read it now), and I often get asked what was the first thing that started my recovery.


The truth is there is never ONE thing, just like a recovering addict of any type you can have a hundred “wake up” moments where you are sure that you are done for good only to fall back into old patterns once more.


But there was definitely a very decisive choice that I made that started my road to recovery. This was a decision that came to be known to everyone around me as my “year without junk”.


I started it on the 1st July 2011 to coincide with the start of the new financial year, and the idea was to cut out all the foods that were my worst triggers. This was very specific – “the big 4” (otherwise known as McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks and Red Rooster), ANYTHING deep fried or cold packet potato chips, donuts and cookies of any sort. Now this may not sound like much – but it was the biggest portion of my daily food.


Rarely a day passed without Maccas or KFC, hot chips were constant, and each trip to any food source resulted in more cookies or donuts. Yup – I had issues. And for more info on why I was still a size 12 and not obese click the above link for my diary blog.


So I knew, I had to tackle the biggest problems, all at once. I always knew how much smarter the disorder can be then me sometimes – so I had to trick it.


This was the trick. I told myself- it is purely an exercise for one full year. Out of all the years I have left, what’s one. At the end of the year – I could go back to eating everything and anything I want (more on THAT day later!)


The other trick was that I could still have other food – you know, chocolate, pizza blah blah blah. Yes I still ate those things – but they weren’t my kryptonite (though they certainly featured a lot more once I said goodbye to the others!)


So began my year without the above foods. I felt ready, I kept repeating to myself it is just one year. I told all my friends and family so that they didn’t even bother offering it to me, and I carried on.


Now I wish I could tell you that this changed my life, that I lost the last 5-10kg and never looked back.


But this is an honest story – the truth.


And the truth is it was hard. I developed a love for ice cream that I had never had – purely because I couldn’t have the cookies anymore.

I craved hard. There was a night towards the 9 month mark where I panicked, drove through Maccas and ordered my old nemesis The Big Mac only to park, burst into tears and throw it out because I knew I’d come too far.


It wasn’t even until after that I realised what this meant.


I could have eaten it – no one would have seen, no one else would know.


But instead I went home and told my partner about nearly caving and he told me how proud he was – and it hit me – that was the first time I hadn’t wanted to hide this disorder!


It was always so private, no one could know about it – but this time I wanted to tell him, this disorder no longer had that “special private” place in my heart.


I hated it and I wanted it gone.

So did I do it?


Well, yes – yes I did!


I went a full year without those foods, and true to my word, on the start of a new financial year I bought a Big Mac and took it home. And in front of my sister and partner I bit into my first mouthful of the devil in over a year.




Well… something unexpected happened. I threw up.




I didn’t even get through more than a couple of bites, and up it came.

My entire body was now rejecting this.


And in that disgusting moment the last year flashed before my eyes and suddenly I remembered all the little moments that were signs I was changing and I hadn’t even realised.


Like those times around month 4 that I drove past KFC or Maccas and felt sick to my stomach at the stench coming from them.


Or how at about month 6 I had completely forgotten where these places were – having once been so AWARE of every single time I would pass one – now I suddenly had no clue where the closest one was.


And it all hit me like a ton of bricks.

I had been a woman of my word.

And I could now eat all the junk I want.

All the junk I WANT

And there it was – none of this junk was what I wanted anymore.


Not only the thought but the reality of eating this stuff made me throw up!


That’s not to say the occasional donut or cookie doesn’t cross my path, and I love a small handful of hot chips on occasion, but I can truly say I have not had the “fast 4” since the day the 1 year challenge started, and I don’t miss them in the slightest.


I’ve had friends sometimes ask me “but what do you do when there isn’t anything at home and it’s the only place that’s open?”


And you know – in almost 3 years that has never occurred to me. That those places even exist anymore. They are so far out of what I would ever want to eat that it’s like knowing the brothel is open at 2am when you’re hungry- yes it’s open but you would never go there to get food and it just wouldn’t occur to you. Simple as that.


And you all know how I feel about what we have in life – it is what we settle for and believe we deserve.


I believe I deserve to nourish my body with vital nutritious food and that I am worthy of the extra half hour it takes me each week to prepare some of it so I am NEVER in a situation where one of those places “is the only option”.


Simple. Now time for some more truth.


Did I still binge sometimes after that? Yes

Was it anywhere near as much? Not even close.

Do I honestly not ever miss that food? Yes – god YES!


My journey to recover from this took a little longer – and I slowly had to realise that there will never be such a thing as perfection.

Expecting to never over eat again because I shouldn’t because it’s a disorder was stupid.

We all over eat sometimes – at a family party, out celebrating at a restaurant,and you know what? It doesn’t mean you have a disorder.

So coping with the idea that I might occasionally have a bit more and NOT think I am diving back into my disorder was a big challenge for me.


But I got there.

That year changed my life, and made me aware of all that I am capable of. And all that my body naturally wants – to be loved, appreciated and nurtured.



Ana sign off



PS. Want some more info about how I could help coach you if you’ve been battling this kind of food addiction yourself? CLICK HERE 




Cut the crap – and other lessons from 2013


Cut the Crap – and other lessons from 2013


Another year has drawn to a close, and as 2013 moves into the past and the bright dawn of the blank slate that is 2014 comes into view – some of the most powerful goals for 2014 can be made from the lessons of 2013.

2013 for many people, myself included, was a year of changes, new paths and the realisation that NOW is the time to start choosing to live life on YOUR terms. Here are my greatest lessons learned from 2013:


1. It IS ok to let go of people


This is SUCH a biggie gorgeous. Everyone comes into your life for a reason, but that reason doesn’t have to be that they stay in it forever! Our lives are long, and yet so short, and in your time here you certainly don’t want to waste time on those who drain you, bore you or don’t bring you some kind of love, joy or peace.


Just because someone has been in your life for so long DOES NOT mean you need to keep them in it purely out of loyalty – that is neither fair nor kind to either of you. It takes a lot of love and courage to be able to let someone go, and to make that room available in YOUR life for someone better suited to you, and to be kind enough to make that room available in their life for them to find someone who truly wants to be in their life too.


Fill your life BY CHOICE with those you love most and want to spend the most time with – not those you “should”.



 2. NEVER lower yourself to others standards just to “show them what it’s like”



Another big one – when someone treats you in a way that is crappy, do not take it as permission to treat them the same way. They are on their own karmic journey, and the actions they are putting out into the world is creating their whole reality and existence – which is likely to be one big shit-spiral of they treat people like shit and they get treated like shit in return (otherwise why would any happy, fulfilled person want to make others feel like crap?).


So don’t get sucked into the “they deserved it” mentality, because – and really hear me when I say this – YOU are NOT KARMA! You do not get to decide who deserves what, the universe is amazingly efficient at sorting that out for itself, and as soon as you take it upon yourself to give someone their “just deserves”, all you really do is screw up your own karma and energy, thus bringing more of that same shit back to you. And for what? For that loser who pushed in front of you at the checkout?



3. Appreciate your loved ones EVERYDAY.



That which you appreciate you get more of. That which you are not thankful for gets taken from you, it is that simple. Why would the universe want to give you something that you are not appreciating? It assumes that if you want something then you are going to act accordingly – not ignore it, take it for granted, or forget about it.


So your loved ones? Those that you see everyday and are almost like the furniture? The truth is they are the backbone of your entire life, and they are the ones that need your love most. It doesn’t take much – just some of your words, some of your time and your love.



4. Stop assuming you know everything.



You don’t. Neither do I. No one does. And that IS OK! Knowing everything and having it all figured out has never been a prerequisite to success – in fact most successful people have had to figure it all out as they went along. So it is time to stop stressing about it.


It is ok to ask for help, lots of it. It is ok to not know what you are doing, and just go ahead and do it anyway.


It is ok to stumble, and *gasp* to FAIL! Skyscrapers do NOT get built in a day – and success stories do not begin with “one day I just became a success”.


Everyone has a back story, a struggle, a climb and a journey. Just because you don’t know what it is doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. So stop trying to pretend you know it all. You don’t, and you never will, and that will NEVER stop you from achieving everything you want!



 5. Happiness is not a destination – it IS the journey.



Want a guarantee? If you are not happy right now, as you are, with what you have and who you’ve got – you will never be happy no matter who you are, with what you have and who you’ve got.


Happiness is not a destination – it isn’t what you will be “when XYZ is done, I’m making BNM, and looking XYZ”. It is a CHOICE, one that you make everyday.


And it is not dependent on anything other than how you see things. Not how much money you have, the rank you hold or the body you flaunt. If you cannot find happiness within yourself NOW, then it will continue to elude you even once you have the money, rank and body of your dreams. Make a conscious choice EACH DAY to find 5 things you are grateful for, and to strive to feel the joy that comes from making peace with yourself – faults and all.



 6. Finally – NO ONE knows what is best for you better than you.



Truly – no one. You may think someone is the expert, they have more knowledge or skill or experience than you and therefore they KNOW BETTER. They do not gorgeous.


They only know THEIR experience and therefore their journey. This journey will be so enormously different to yours, that to say they are the best judge on what choices will be best for you is completely biased and pointless. Your intuition is more powerful than you think – it isn’t some random voodoo experience – it is an exact process whereby you are more in tune with the energy of the universe than ever, thus putting you in a marvellously opportunistic position to make the best choices – because it is almost like you can see the future already.


This isn’t a skill to be scoffed at –this is the skill people envy without really knowing what it is. When you call someone lucky, fortunate, that everything just seems effortless and fluid for them. It’s not because of anything other than that they are better at tuning into this intuition better than most and using more of the universe’s limitless energy to their benefit.


You DO know best – you just have to be willing to bet on yourself. (for more about how to make your best decision every time, see my blog HOW TO MAKE YOUR BEST DECISION).



So as you can see I learned a LOT of very deep and incredibly valuable lessons in 2013. Please share your own lessons below or on my facebook page( https://www.facebook.com/makeyourlifeanachrominska ). And while you’re here be sure to get your FREE gift for signing up to my VIP newsletter – the incredible 7 Day Game Changer E-Course is all yours, just pop your email in the top right hand corner and I’ll send it straight to you!


AnaPhoto2Ana sign off



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It’s NEVER going to be the “right” time

It’s NEVER going to be the right time



Excuses and reasons can be so easily confused, and I’m going to say something that may annoy some.


They are the same thing – in terms of the result they yield anyway.


And explanations and differences are all well and good but not when you work in the business of delivering RESULTS as I do.


That’s where excuses and reasons start to merge into one and you begin to see the consistent pattern of certain people that are chained to their self-developed life script.


And it doesn’t get them anywhere, but it placates the feeling of helplessness that they would have to face if they just accepted the truth.


So an excuse is given instead, and the monster subsides another day. Or minute. Whatever.


The most common excuse when it comes to falling short of your goals?


Of not pushing through and following the path you truly crave?


“It isn’t the right time”


This one is great – because it covers so many bases! Haha


You could say that things in your life are just soooo busy now, or you arn’t as financially ready as you would like to be, or you have a future event planned that would mean it’s a waste of time to focus on this goal now.


So many options, so many ways to delay your dreams.


I’ve been this blunt with clients before, and some were not so grateful to hear this.


I get that. I’ve had some pretty blunt individuals tell me some of the most blatant and stinging truths I could imagine, but sometimes the only way to get your shit together is to have someone tell you like it is.


At the end of the day, the only way to move forward is to face your past and present, not find loopholes to help you stay put.


You know what? It will NEVER be the right time.


Once those excuses become a part of your belief system, it doesn’t matter how much your circumstances change, you will always find more excuses.


This is why people can stay in a relationship for years after the value of the relationship has ended, because it is incredibly hard to find the RIGHT time to end it (HINT: there really is no right time to break up with someone, seriously, you just need to do it)


This is why people put off working for their dream body and health, because it just always seems like it will be easier to start next week, or next month, or next year, or my favourite “I’ll go on a health kick on Monday and eat crap until then” reasoning.


And the reason this excuse works so well is that like I said – the right time will never come!


You have just created a way to subdue your dreams for as long as you want – probably forever.


This isn’t even the bit that stings – so prepare yourself.


The things you keep finding excuses for, reasons for putting off, whatever it is – the ONLY real reason you arn’t doing it now and keep putting it off is





Yup. That simple.


Because we are creatures of pain and pleasure, we seek pleasure and do all we can to avoid pain.


You may think you really want the best body of your life, but the truth is you actually perceive a lot more pain for the exercise and lack of junk food involved than you do for the pleasure of achieving this goal.


It doesn’t mean you don’t want it at all – just not as much as you want the other option.


But guess what? Each goal, no matter whether it is for your body, your relationship, your career, your personal development – you will ALWAYS find a way and TIME to make it happen if it’s what you truly want.


Do you think if you someone was holding your head under water and drowning you that there would be anything stopping you from thinking that NOW is the right time to fight like hell to breathe again?


Are you likely to find yourself thinking “oh geez, I would, but I’ve got this massive wedgie, and I really should get that fixed before I start trying to live….”


Yeah I didn’t think so.


And that statement is exactly as deep as it was meant to be.


When will it be the right time for you to finally live?


The way you want? With the lifestyle you want? When?


The only answer is NOW.


If it matters to you, make it the right time now.


Even if it’s hard, even if you don’t know where to start, even if it means sleeping an hour less.


Even though you have used the excuse in the past – today is a new day, and there has NEVER been a better day to do what you’ve always wanted to do.



Master your Mind – Transform your Life


Passion and Power – Ana


My Motto

My Motto



I should probably begin by clarifying that I in fact have another life motto that is very dear and personal to me, and as with most motto’s to do with personal development they tend to be a little intertwined.


And as I’m sure you have realised I have many in depth beliefs that facilitate my ability to achieve all the things I want in life, some that I’ve worked out over time and some that I’ve grown to learn through countless hours listening/reading/watching others.


But there is one that resonates so DEEPLY with me, because it isn’t one that I have heard before, and it is one that came to me completely out of the blue.


The back story first – a lesson that my mentor gave to me was to get really clear on what you want in life, and to assess whether it is truly what you want by asking yourself “Will you ever stop trying to achieve this?


In other words, if you didn’t know how to do it, if you failed over and over, would you pack up and move onto something else, or would you just keep plugging away at it until you made it happen?


As soon as I realised that my dream life wasn’t negotiable – that there was no amount of failure that could make me want to stop pushing my way through, that is when this quote came to me, and it is now one of my most resounding phrases that I tell myself everyday.


“I would rather be a failure a thousand times over, than a quitter just once”


Now this doesn’t need to and it doesn’t apply to everything – but it certainly does to achieving my business and life goals. There is NOTHING in the world that could make me want to stop trying this, stop pushing, stop helping women to untangle all of society’s shit and free themselves.


To just be me.


No matter what that involves or who that pisses off in the process. As long as my intent is purely to inspire and help, then the people who get annoyed at others who want to improve are probably not worth a single thought anyway.


But if you have truly found your passion, your drive, that thing that makes you wake up every morning so excited – then why in the world would you ever quit?


Because the truth is that it may take 100 tries, it may take 1000, but it may be that 1002nd try that finally breaks through, and it is all worth it.


This way you get a hundred or a thousand chances to get it right, but if you quit?


Well that’s just once.


You don’t get another go.


You could have been one try away from your goal and you would never know… because once you quit that’s it.


You’re done.


No going back.


And then what? You settle for your mediocre goal?


Your Plan B life with your Plan B passion and your Plan B lifestyle?


When there is a chance you could have had your Plan A in just one more try?


This is completely aside from the insanity principal which I will cover in a future blog (repeating the same action and expecting a different result) – this is about realising that if this is truly your dream, your CORE reason for being put on this earth, quitting that is just not an option.


Because the pursuit of this dream – that will be the happiest time of your life.


And the idea of quitting on it, of just giving up and letting go – it will destroy your soul.


THAT is how you know you have found “your thing”.


Because once you have found it – you CAN’T let go.


So it comes down to this – quitter or failure?


I will happily take failure ANYDAY, because all failures are just lessons and opportunities in disguise, all CLUES to what the true path is.


But a quitter – well there is no lesson learnt there. You just agree to settle for less than what you truly want.


And you gorgeous – you are better than that.


You are not broken, you are not a shadow.


You are bright and sparkly and shining in the glow of your passion!


NO amount of failure can diminish that glow from your true purpose.


“I would rather be a failure a thousand times over, than a quitter just once”




Master your Mind – Transform your Life


Passion and Power – Ana


Dream Boards

daytimeviewDream Boards 



If you are not sure what a DreamBoard actually is – this is going to make it very simple for you gorgeous.


A Dream Board can be physical or digital (or both), and is essentially a way of manifesting what you want (all your dreams and goals) into your life. The way it works is the way the universe works – that which you focus on, put your thoughts into and concentrate on most is what you will attract into your life.


So you can make a “hands on” DreamBoard yourself by cutting out pictures/words/phrases from magazines or other material and physically pasting it onto a board. This is an easy way to make a giant board if you want, which you can almost use as a wall mural! You can of course just buy smaller paper and create it on that.


The digital Dream Board (which can sometimes also be printed out to put on your fridge or back of your toilet etc) can be done on some free online websites (which I haven’t mastered yet) or simply by cutting and pasting images/words into a Word file and going from there.


Whatever you choose, it is likely you will quickly come up with a few things you definitely want on the DreamBoard and then get stuck for how to fill up the rest!


So without further ado, here is my guide for what to include on your DreamBoard.


Physical wants: This can be so easy to start with, and then you may need to dig a little deeper. Think about all the things you are surrounded by daily and imagine what things you would really love to have in your life. Ideas can be furniture, gadgets and technology items, particular brand clothes/bags/shoes, beauty products, cars. The point is this is all about PHYSICAL items that you can touch or hold – experiences come next. This is all about HAVE – what do you want to have?


Experiences: This is where your dream wedding, honeymoon, holiday, skuba diving etc come into it. This is about what you want to experience in your future. Really want a romantic weekend away just you and your partner? Maybe a full day spa treatment? Maybe to fly business class? This is the DO category- what do you want to do?


People/Pets: This gets its own category. Think about any people that you would like in your life or pets. If you already know you would love a little kitten then put it in there, or maybe you have grown apart from your close friends since school and would love to find a true best friend to continue this life journey with? Whoever it is that you are looking for, even a MENTOR, put this in your DreamBoard. This is all about WHO – who do you want in your life?


Financial/Career: How much money do you want? What is your ultimate career position? What values do you want fulfilled most from your job?


Life Motto’s: This is where words really come into it (or even some images). Pick words that resonate with your goals – for example mine at the moment are “passion” “abundance” and “love”, as they are what I want to attract most in my life.


Personal goals: Want a bikini body? A healthy pregnancy? Or to be one of the finalists in the next run you do? This is a very personal category.


And finally – who do you want to be? A loving mother? A successful businesswoman? A supportive partner?


Once you have answered all these questions somewhere (use a journal if you have one to just get all your ideas down), then it’s time to start finding these images.


My personal recommendation is making a digital one first because it is so easy to find any images you want on google and just cut and paste, and then slowly building up your hands on one when you have time as it can take a long time to find the right shape/size/picture of what it is you want.


And here is the MOST IMPORTANT note:


Be VERY careful what you ask for. Do not underestimate the power of this, because if you put a picture of a litter of cute little puppies thinking that you would love a dog, you may somehow end up with an entire litter… this isn’t a joke!


I have had people manifest their dream lives into existence using this technique and then wonder why it wasn’t how they imagined it – basically because they found a “close enough” picture and then spent so much time focusing and giving it strength that it came to be – exactly as in the picture instead of how they saw it originally in their minds 🙂


Now go get those dreams gorgeous!


Master your Mind – Transform your Life


Passion and Power – Ana

Charisma – What is it and how do I get it???

Charisma – What is it and how do I get it???



Johnny Depp has it. President Obama. Even that lady who works at the cafe down the street and knows everyone’s name.


Yup – she has it.


But how the hell did they get it?


And why weren’t you born with it right?


So unfair.


These people, there is just “something” about them.


You imagine that even from a young age people were drawn to them, they wanted to be around them.


When they walk into a room, the air seems to just take a short pause to accommodate them, and they drift through the room in elegance, poise, grace.


Even when busy, their movements seem to glide, and the very atmosphere surrounding them vibrates and pulses with their excitement.


Yup – it’s pretty awesome to be them.


But you just weren’t born with it. You never turned any heads, held anyone’s attention longer than necessary  you always felt stunned when you caught someone looking at you and there was no obvious reason that you could see for the attention.


You would stumble under pressure. When the lights were on you you would duck down, stutter, do everything in your power to make yourself as invisible as possible.


And still you longed to have what that person has.


Just for a moment, for a day.


You couldn’t help but imagine what you could achieve with that kind of power.


That magnetism that would draw people to you.


That poise and strength that would command attention.


All the amazing things you could achieve – if only you were charismatic.




Well buckle up gorgeous – your dream is about to come true.


I’ve waved my magic wand and you now have charisma.


Just like that, you’ve got it.


You are now strong, powerful, confident. You draw people to you and all attention that you want is yours.


You have the power to make it all happen.



What’s changed hun? In that moment where you read those traits, were told that you now have the power, what changed?


Did something actually happen? Did a courier deliver you a shiny envelope with a “Charisma Certificate” dated today?


No…didn’t think so.


But what did change is this – you just learnt the secret of how those people have charisma – and therefore how you too can have it!


Yes some were born with it, their personality’s were just accepted and encouraged quicker than others.


But it wasn’t their genetics – it was their programming.


Their attitude to the world was encouraged, liked – so they quickly mastered the confidence to be themselves – and that is ALL that charisma is!


It is the confidence that you are so powerfully driven by your true core and soul – that everyone can’t help but want in.


Everyone is drawn to you – because you are so deeply seeded in your confidence that it is unshakable.


You don’t know everything – but you know yourself.


And THAT gorgeous – that is what makes you charismatic.


So those who have always been charismatic? They just had their personality’s validated by society earlier than others.


The great thing is – you now know that you don’t need society’s validation anymore.


The most charismatic individuals in the world are almost exclusively those that stand out from the crowd, march to the beat of their own drum and to hell with how they “should” do things.


So if you don’t need that – then what’s stopping you from being charismatic?


Absolutely nothing but yourself my love.


If you decide in this MOMENT that you are charismatic – then you are.


If you program your mind to remind you that you are living your life exactly how you want to, making your mark on the world the way you want to – well there is no stopping you.


People will be drawn to your cause – because it is so strong and confident. Everywhere you go you will meet people who advance your goals even further – as if by magic.


But it isn’t magic – it’s belief.


Like you always here me say – you want it?


Then just step up and take it.


Quit with the excuses as to why it’s just “so different for you”.


And just take it.


Or not – you can always go back to wishing and not doing.


But wow that life full of charisma just sounds so much better doesn’t it?


Your move 🙂


Master your Mind – Transform your Life

Passion and Power – Ana

You always knew didn’t you? (that you are different)

You always knew didn’t you? (that you are different)



Even from a young age, you just knew that you weren’t like all the other kids.


You didn’t want to play the same as them, you didn’t just accept that adults knew better, and you weren’t really sure why doing things differently than others was so important to you.


Everyone else seemed to be ok just as is… doing the bare minimum to get through, making friends and having fun. And though you didn’t struggle to fit in, to bring yourself to their level just often enough so that you were accepted, you never really “got it”.


You wanted to grow. To try everything. To learn about the entire world and all the most successful and inspirational people in the world.


You didn’t care about the coolest band or the sexiest actor – you didn’t dream about going to the concert and screaming their names fanatically. Your dreams involved world leaders, self-made millionaires, and others who stood out so far from mainstream that they carved their own path.


So I guess you kind of just knew.


That you saw things differently.


But at that time you were kind of sure there was something wrong with you. After all – weren’t you meant to just do what everyone else did?


What made you so special that you could do things differently?


Even as you grew up, moved out of home, and began to take your first solitary steps into the real world alone, you toed the edge.


You asked the weird questions, talked to the strange people, and still, you were different.


Maybe you tried to fit in for a while, you tried to pick a “job” like everyone else, party like everyone else and look for satisfaction like everyone else.


But always – something inside you was calling you – to reach out for more.


To challenge yourself, to push yourself.


Just a little further, just a little more.




So you gave in. You let yourself flow in the direction of your heart, and suddenly things started to change.


Right before your eyes, your world transformed. Those who doubted you fell away like petals on a dying flower, and you barely felt their disappearance.


And those who you were searching for your whole life, those who supported you and grew with you were drawn to you like magnets.


Suddenly – and yet from such a long time in the making – you didn’t have to be anyone but you.


You began to see your true path for the first time. That in fact you never did need to worry about what others thought, because they rarely thought of you. They were too busy figuring out their own lives!


And you were finally free. To be your weird self. To say what you wanted, feel what you wanted and go in the direction that you had always wanted, which may or may not have fitted with the plans the powers that be had for you.


But who cares?


Because you can breathe now, whole and deep.



Because you are where you were meant to be all along.


All those years of confusion, of resistance, of wondering why you just can’t seem to follow in anyone else’s footsteps – have all fallen away.


Your true self was always there gorgeous, even in your darkest times when you wished and prayed and cried to be able to forget what you know, to be able to just give in and be like everyone else.


In your weakest moments, when you hated yourself for not being like them.


And when you wished for nothing more than the power to just forget all that you know, to unlearn how you see the world.


In all those moments, your soul was still blazing deep inside you, fueling you to push through just that little bit longer, that soon things would come together.


That your faith would not go unrewarded.


And here you are.


Having seen what others will never see, felt what most will never feel, and learned the true spectrum of human power – you have arrived to this exact moment.


It was all worth it. Every odd look, sarcastic remark, and those countless head shakes dismissing your strange ideas, they are all a thing of the past.


You always knew it hun, that no matter how hard you tried to just slot into the world, you just wouldn’t.


Because you weren’t meant to just float on through – you were meant to shine.


To leave your mark, to help the world in your own way.


You always knew.


You are different.


And there will never be another like you ever again.


Master your Mind – Transform your Life


Passion and Power – Ana

Life is too short

Life is too short



A wise man once said that true friends will support you through every decision you make and never belittle your choices.


Sure – they will challenge you. Some friends will even speak up when they think something you are doing is hurting you. But in the end – all opinions voiced and heard – they will step back into their own lives and let you be, supporting you from a distance.


Because it’s not their life is it babe?


And since when do you need to get permission from anyone else for how you choose to conduct yourself?


So if a friend is dismissing your healthy lifestyle and your priority of eating only to nourish and protect your body then how much do they really care for you?


Sometimes being blunt is all there is to it.


They don’t care. Or worse – they don’t know you at all – and they arn’t even trying!


Because who is it hurting really? That you have decided to treat your body with the highest level of importance (the reason is your own) ?


The reason doesn’t matter gorgeous. It can be because you want to compete in your first triathlon, it could be because you want to protect and prepare your body for the gift of creating a baby, or you know what?




And why shouldn’t you?


Are you hurting someone by treating your body well? Are you ruining someone else’s chances at a happy life because you want a hot bod?


Obviously not. So stop making excuses.


This is YOUR life.


Your choices become your RESULTS.


And at the end of the day, you are the one who has to answer to yourself, and I highly doubt “well my friend feels better now that I went over for pizza and wine with her” is going to cut it when you face yourself at the end of the day.


And for pete’s sake babe – OWN your decision.


There is no such thing as a shallow reason, and I venture to say that what an outside source may perceive as the shallowest of reasons is in actual fact a reason that has SO MUCH depth and meaning to you.


Cause you don’t want to have a smokin bod so you can look at yourself in the mirror and tell people you are hot (THOUGH THAT IS TOTALLY FINE IF YOU DO!)


But chances are you want it so you can feel confident, enjoy clothes shopping, say yes to last minute beach or pool party days in summer without a second thought, or simply to feel strong, lean and powerful.


Not so shallow is it?


You want it?


Then it’s yours – all you have to do is take it.


Cut out the crap, let go of the naysayers – cause I promise gorgeous – the moment you refuse to put up with that kind of negativity, you will immediately start attracting the kind of friends who will support you in your choices.


And who wants to live a life without true friends?


It is worth letting go, “quitting” (yup – there is a whole article on quitting – make sure you check it out!) a few friendships that no longer serve to support you and bring you peace and happiness, and to MAKE ROOM for new friendships that DO nurture you.


Life really is too short hun, and you will never regret focusing on positivity and following your passion, but you will easily regret time wasted with people who make you feel like crap.


Maybe they will come around and see things your way, but it isn’t likely, and it isn’t the point really.


The point is you having a different lifestyle to them needn’t be a reason for them not to support you.


They don’t need to personally agree with every one of your choices in order to support you – it’s not their life!


And if they can’t wrap their head around that, then it’s time to let go.


Always – love and let go.


Master your Mind – Transform your Life


Passion and Power – Ana

The Art of Quitting

The Art of Quitting




Yep. Quitting. It’s a naughty word isn’t it? 


From a young age we are taught that being a “quitter” is a bad thing, you should be consistent, stick things out.


Hmmm. Have you ever just been SO sick of someone/something in your life and the obvious negative impact it brought into your existence that you just “quit”? No?


Maybe it’s your central relationship, maybe a close friend or a colleague or even your career.

The reality is there is NO SUCH THING AS CONSTANT.


In every stage of our lives we are either growing or shrinking, getting closer to our dreams or further from, there is no “maintenance”. So if someone in your life is not making your life better – then YES they are making it worse. And you are choosing to keep them in your life.


Let me lay it out honestly. There were times in my life, and I daresay in your life – where I had so many dream-draining individuals in my life. Right around the same time I subscribed to the popular victim mentality and believed I was SO hard done by because of my circumstance.


Pft. I chose my circumstance, and therefore my entire reality. Every day that I decided it was always someone else’s fault I was continuing to give that someone else control of my life.


But blaming someone else was so much easier, and hell everyone else is doing it right?


Until I realised that it was all a spiral, and I was choosing to go down. And one day it all got a bit too much and I wondered just for a second – what would it be like to quit? To truly just walk away?


Oh yes – I got PLENTY of resistance. How can you just walk away? Is this how you think an adult behaves? You’re just TOO YOUNG to realise consequences. HA


I’m not saying you have to quit, maybe you don’t.


But you should be able to give yourself permission to make that choice based on what is right for YOU and not what everyone else is going to think.


I practice quitting several times a month. I re-group, re-assess, and find areas that are no longer serving to grow me anymore – and I quit. I let it go.


Because how much room, how much TIME do you really have in your life?


And do you really want to be filling it with things that are negatively impacting you? Wouldn’t that time be better spent doing what you love, spending time with those you love and feeling energised?


It’s a skill, quitting. One that unless you teach yourself – sadly the world will not. The world will test you, to make sure you get it.


It will give you plenty of opportunities to settle for less, to put up with it, to maintain the status quo. And it will be YOUR move.


Make room for more of what you love, and give yourself permission to LET GO of all that limits you.


Master your mind – Transform your life.

Passion and Power –