Why I Love The Freedom Era

Why I Love The Freedom Era

When I was first looking to get started online – I WISH that something like this had existed! #ilovethefreedomera

Coming from years in the Corporate Space, I longed for the #laptoplifestyle that I saw others living and just KNEW that if I had the right mentorship, strategy and support, that there is no reason they could do it and I couldn’t.

The problem was that this help was confusing, expensive, and really really hard to find… maybe I found one coach who could help with getting me started but had no idea what my real vision was. Or someone could really help me with my mindset and the limiting beliefs I needed to shift but it was all so fluffy that in the end I was no closer to leaving my job.

I wished – that there was something that would combine what I now know is the crucial mix to successfully launch an online biz AND actually get lift of.


I know that strategy without a focused and strong mindset – means you end up doing a whole lot of work and NOTHING working. And a powerful focus and mindset but no strategy? Just means you’re really passionate about… going nowhere.

And what the little entrepreneur within me didn’t know then – that making this happen can be a lonely road. Some friends fall away. Your drive and focus and determination can alienate people who are intimidated by success. And that can be a very isolating experience early on.

Which is exactly why I wish something like The Freedom Era had been around years ago…

Because it seamlessly combines an absolute abundance of strategy, training and implementation, with powerful inner work on mindset, beliefs and energetic alignment, AND puts you in close proximity with those who have succeeded on this path already for you to learn from PLUS connecting you with a community of new friends that become like family because they GET YOU, and your drive for more in your life!

The Freedom Era has shifted the trajectory of my life, and I am so excited every time I get to introduce a new soul friend to this platform because I know their life is about to be changed forever 🙂

Be Original or Die in Mediocrity

Be Original or Die in Mediocrity



For the longest time I thought there was always a right way to do things.

A right way to build success, to build a business, to well….be me.


And most importantly – I thought that someone else had that answer.


Someone that had gone before me that knew so much more than me, had the experience, had been there done that, and could teach me step by step the way to get to where they are.


I guess it was a lot to do with the schooling system – you are always learning to do things like everyone else. Study like everyone else. Learn like everyone else. Arrive at the same conclusions as everyone else.


Originality, innovative thinking, stepping outside the norm is not encouraged. Veering from the status quo is annoying. The child who refuses to sit still and learn like the others is quickly ridiculed and shunned for being disruptive. The child who thinks of different ways of getting the same task done is told that that is “not right” and essentially shut down for being skilled enough to come up with a better and more efficient way of doing something.


I was always a nerd. I loved to study, I loved to work hard, and I loved to join the dots and make everyone around me happy. Very quickly though, as learning got tougher I began to be shunned and put back in my place.


My report cards always read: Ana has no trouble keeping up with the work load, however she disrupts other students who are not a quick as she will finish her work and begin talking.


Correct – I was being blamed for the work load not being challenging enough. There was no concern that I could possibly be pushed even further, that I could be special, that I should be encouraged to expand and grow and see where my natural talents could take me.


No. Unfortunately anything outside the norm in the school system is shunned, regardless if you are falling behind or leaping ahead.


So I was discouraged from leaping, encouraged to slow myself down to bring myself down to others levels, to not over achieve as it made OTHERS feel uncomfortable.


Do you know what that’s like? I think you might.


And you know what? In the end, I don’t mind one bit that they held me back to make themselves more comfortable.


Because perhaps, had I been more challenged, had I had more than a small handful of teachers  over the years who took the time to give me extra work and challenges so that I could grow rather than wilt, well perhaps then…. perhaps I would have continued along improving their candles for a while longer –


Rather than inventing the light bulb.


Perhaps if they had supported me more, encouraged me to leap within the safe confines of their rules and regulations, I would have created some damn awesome candles – as long as they didn’t push the envelope too far.


But instead, I got sick of it. I got sick of being held back. First by school, then by Uni, then by real life adult work.


I got sick of everyone’s rules, Everyone’s demands on what you can and can’t do, on how you should and should not be, how success does or does not look.


I got  so FUCKING OVER IT that I smashed the damn candles to the ground and STARTED ALL OVER AGAIN.


I walked away from it all. Let the ashes fall where they may. And left the lemmings to their constant improvement of candles. I think Soy is what’s hot right now….


Instead – I stepped into being me. 100%. No holding back. No restrictions on how I show up, what I say, how I act and what impact I make on the world.


I invented the fucking light bulb.


MY light bulb.


That thing that I had always been told I shouldn’t do – that I shouldn’t tread on anyone’s toes, not upset others, not cause others to feel inferior by me doing more.


That my whole frickin life should basically be about trying to please others. Screw myself. Screw what I ever wanted or what difference I could make if I just stopped trying to please everyone else.


And so I said FUCK THAT.


I was never cut out to be a lemming with a candle.


And neither are you babe.

You are an Alpha fucking Superstar. 


You have always stood out, couldn’t blend in even when you tried. Even when you managed to put on the clothes, dress the way they told you, as soon as you opened your mouth it was all over.


You couldn’t hold your originality back. It was clear that you are POWERFUL.


You refuse to take anyone else’s shit.


And you refuse to conform.


And you rebel against conformity like your life depends on it.


Only because it fucking does!


Because you will die – and you sure as hell will not die in mediocrity.


Die hoping that everyone liked you.


That you didn’t rattle too many feathers, that you just leave a pretty candle behind rather than piss people off with your light bulb.


You will NOT die in Mediocrity.


So stop playing so small. Stop letting their well trained words into your ears.


“You’re not doing this right. You shouldn’t do that. This isn’t the way it’s done.”


“That won’t work. You can’t do that.”


“Please oh please oh PLEASE don’t do that or you will make XYZ look bad.”


You know – cause they don’t actually have the balls to do it?


And god forbid you should upset a lemming right?


Cause then they might just what…. go have a bitch about you with the other lemmings to make themselves feel better and then carry on with their mediocrity?


You know what babe? THAT IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM.


You never have been, and you NEVER WILL BE responsible for anyone else’s feelings that arise from you stepping up and shining like the superstar you are.



Haters gonna hate.


And lemmings gonna lemming.


And you my dear, my dear dear superstar – well you are gonna light the world on fire!



Ana sign off




The Definition of Insanity

crazy catThe Definition of Insanity


I know you’ve heard this before – The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!



Well my view on this is going to have a slightly different spin on this.


Every day, you will see people, maybe even yourself from time to time babe, succumbing to this habit of doing or saying the same things over and over as if to say “I want this to change” – and yet – They never actually DO ANYTHING DIFFERENT to bring about that change!


Their coffee is always bland, or there isn’t enough money, or things that they need others to do never gets done on time.



But despite this apparent annoyance, the only thing they have thus far done in relation to this situation, is complain.



And amazingly – nothing changes.


It seems like such a shock that the same brand/barrista of coffee doesn’t change over night, no random cheques turn up in their bank account, and despite all that frustration things still aren’t getting done on time.


I mean – what more could they possibly do??? 🙂


And this is the insanity that I refer to – and to be more specific, the habit of being a whinger without any intent to ever improve the situation because that would actually require effort and then you wouldn’t have anything to whinge about.



For one – if not having something to whinge about is a problem for you, you might really want to look into that and why you feel the need to have problems in order to feel validated.



And two – it’s time to face the music and realise that the effort required to make this situation better and into something that requires no complaining, will actually amount to a LOT less effort than just continuing with the sighing and the shaking your head for years on end.


And here is the real clincher – while you are busy always complaining about the same old shit, your life is passing you by.


As you stand for 5 minutes and discuss with your co-worker how “so-and-so” doesn’t ever get their work done on time, you are actually wasting 15minutes – 5 of your own, 5 of the the person you’re talking to, and 5 actual minutes that could be spent doing something much more contructive.



Nothing will ever improve from just talking about the problem and whinging about it.


You can DIE and still that problem will exist.



So to just keep complaining and doing nothing about it is completely insane.


Notice how some people just never seem to complain? They are always “doing great”, having a “fantastic morning” and powering through an “incredible day”? They rarely get sick, their coffee is always perfect and it just seems like they are made of teflon – anything negative thrown at them just can’t STICK.



Then you compare it to those who ALWAYS have something wrong. Usually multiple thing.



That they CAN’T WAIT to tell you about.



Their car is having problems. The traffic was just TERRIBLE. They didn’t get a good sleep last night. They’re feeling a bit unwell (after walking into work with a Maccas breakfast wrapper and a donut in the other hand).



And they are just so clueless and UNWILLING to change their ways.



Their habits.



Their choices.



But not you gorgeous.



Because you are not stupid, weak, or a victim.



You do not play the “sympathy” card to get your way.



You are intelligent enough to find solutions for these small issues.


And THAT’S why you’re always having a great day, a vibrant morning and generally a spectacular life.



Not because you were handed some special gift that no one else has.



Not because you know a secret others don’t.


But because you are the hero in each situation – not the victim.


You know that if you go somewhere and the coffee is bad, you just don’t go back. Find another coffee shop. Easy.



Remember: there is nothing wrong with the occasional pity party and just wallowing in something crap for a little while, just like crying can be an amazing release.


But don’t make it a habit – in fact, don’t even make it a solution.



Find your release, then find your solution.



Don’t be the insane person, just moving in a constant whinge circle – you do not want to learn that having something to complain about is how you know you are worth something.


That that is your way of getting attention.



Trust me – you want to get attention for all the right reasons.



Because you’re the person who is always strong, confident and vibrant.



Not because you always have the most issues to bring to the table.


Ana sign off


P.S. Done playing victim? Want to take the reigns of your life and start living on YOUR terms?

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