Change of Direction


Change of Direction



The rush we get from life, the moments that change us forever, they all have one thing in common – they are always during a state of CHANGE.


Think of it like a rollercoaster, that rush of adrenalin and excitement (or fear for some!) comes not from how fast or downward the ride goes – it comes from the sudden CHANGE from slowly trudging up to the top and then being left hovering almost still before suddenly dropping at a rapid pace!


THAT is what gets you.


Your journey in life is the same. Nothing momentous ever happens when things just continue exactly the way they were all along. The changes are what create life, passion, and momentum.


Back to the rollercoaster. The only reason it gives you such a rush when it drops is because it is sudden and inconsistent. If you suddenly started dropping at a rapid pace and just KEPT GOING for an hour it wouldn’t be AMAZING anymore, it would be constant, predictable and well…boring.


It would be the new status quo.


When was the last time you fell? Let yourself go, and just chose a different way and went with it with all you have?


This is yet another trait of successful people who achieve more from life than most people deem imaginable. The ability to work through your options, make a decision, and just ACT ON IT. Don’t hesitate, don’t second guess. Once you have made the decision just jump in and make it work.


Within you there is a deep and completely indestructive drive to push yourself to find out what you are truly capable of – and not just what society or your boss think you are capable of.


And it is because of that feeling babe, that you dare to jump, take the leap of faith, step of the edge knowing full well you might fall, but the other option of staying put and going nowhere further is even more painful an idea than taking the leap in a new direction.


The great news? You can’t lose. You absolutely positively cannot make a mistake! Because anytime that you take a leap of faith to follow your gut, your instincts, your passion and your dream the universe will reward you infinitely.


You know this isn’t about money. You can’t truly align your soul and purpose in life to a lottery ticket, I mean COME ON… 🙂


But when you find something so true to you, so ingrained in who YOU ARE that you just know this is what must happen, then there is no way the universe can ignore you.


A few years ago, I took a leap of faith. A huge one. If I had known then what I know now I would have realised I was making that leap for all the wrong reasons – for a million reasons of who I thought I should be and nothing to do with who I truly am.


Needless to say, the universe didn’t reward me for that move. But – it did give me an amazingly profound opportunity to learn a lesson and a test to see if I had truly learned it. Without realising it then – I had.


My lesson? That I needed to give myself permission to want and demand exactly what I wanted from my core relationship. That I could just admit that I wanted my soul mate, the one who makes me a better person, whom I never want to be apart from, and who makes my heart stop still EVERYTIME I look at him.


Yep – I got REALLY clear. And then I told the universe – it’s him or nothing. Don’t even think about bringing me anyone who isn’t him, cause I won’t even consider it 😛


And I didn’t. I made that leap and changed directions, uprooted my life, and walked away from my stable relationship to find my ultimate relationship.


And? Not even 5 months later, the universe brought him to me.


And I knew, the way you just know when something truly powerful has happened and your life is about to change. All because I dared to question the path I was on and let myself get a little carried away by this idea of how different it could all be – how I could completely change the direction of my life.


I know you have done it before babe.


Gotten to a point where you just KNEW something had to change. That this wasn’t really completely true to yourself.


Trust in yourself enough to know you will always make the right choice.


Have enough faith to take the leap and change FIRST, and the universe will align to make it so.


Let go. Jump. Believe.




Master your mind – Transform your life.

Passion and Power –


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