My Cheat Sheet to an Amazing Life

My Cheat Sheet to an Amazing Life


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Ever wondered exactly what goes on in my life that makes me so damn happy? Why my relationship is the most fulfilling romantic engagement imaginable, how I effortlessly maintain a healthy lean figure and how I manage to pull off looking polished and elegant (almost) everywhere I go?


The truth is I’m not perfect.


I hang out in my tracky daks at home, I do not look like Miranda Kerr walking the Victoria Secret catwalk when I wake up, nor does my breath smell like mints until I brush my teeth in the morning!


I sometimes elect not to clean the house this week in favour of something more exciting, I do a mean “I can’t be bothered” sook when the time strikes, and sometimes I really do NOT want to get up and do anything that day.


But I do.


And somehow all my shit still gets done. Because for all my faults, I have two over riding traits that pull them all into line – my need to have things organised and being a perfectionist.


This ensures the house never gets below a certain messy level before I go into a cleaning frenzy, why I don’t leave the house without having my hair and makeup (all-be-it casually) done so that I feel confident and glowing and most importantly – this is why even when I have those “I can’t be F%#&’d” moments – I STILL get SHIT DONE!


And apart from these traits there is also a few little cheats I’ve discovered along the way that make putting all this together SO much easier – and I’m about to share them all with you!


Cheat 1: Argan Oil!


Oh boy, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff! A quick google search will tell you that Argan Oil is the latest miracle oil and that it has incredible anti-aging, protective and anti-cancer properties! But the real proof is in the pudding – this stuff makes your skin GLOW.


After just a couple of weeks my skin’s daily oiliness problem was gone – going from needing to touch up powder every couple of hours to maybe once a day – or never 🙂


Aside from this it has improved the clarity and resistance of my skin to breakouts or redness. I mix it with a small amount of another moisturiser as it is an oil and therefore a little goes a long way- and wala!



Cheat 2: Protein and Fat for Breakfast


This is such an ingrained part of my diet that sometimes I forget that most people actually don’t eat this way. Growing up on a typical diet fed to my parents and myself of bread and cereals, the idea of not having carbs for breakfast didn’t even occur to me.


But the change was INCREDIBLE. My cravings disappeared, I was effortlessly full until lunchtime at which time I was ready to eat but not ravenous. I didn’t feel like I needed any extra “kick” mid afternoon anymore, and the greatest bit? My stomach NEVER bloats anymore, none of that post toast or cereal heaviness.


So what do I have? It varies so much, but one of my absolute favourites is a handful of smoked salmon cooked with 2 free range eggs and chives (a herb). SO delicious and filling!


But it can be anything you like- leftover meat from dinner the night before. A steak. A chicken breast. If it is just a lean meat then mix it with a small handful of nuts for the fat intake also.



Cheat 3: Claiming ME time


This was such a hard one for me – I LOVE spending time with my fiancé, but I needed to realise that I do need time for myself and that taking that time is OK. I now have my own room to go to when I am locking away to do my business work, but more recently I’ve developed the ability to be in the same room and work. I tell Matt that I am unavailable for (insert time frame) and I put in my earphones to drown out any noise/tv and until I take those earphones out, I am not there – but of course we are often only cm’s apart.


This is so critical – in any situation where you are living with someone or many people, staking a claim to time for yourself is necessary. It keeps you sane, motivated – and makes you truly appreciate the time you spend with them. It is so easy to fall into a lazy heap, watching draining tv whilst not actually spending any quality time together. This way you have done what you need to set your dreams in motion, work on them and feel energised and happy –and this mood is much more conducive with maintaining excitement and appreciation in your relationships.



Cheat 4: Discovering how to use make-up brushes!


I’m not saying you have to wear makeup – some of my besties barely do so, and I absolutely love their confidence and choice. But it isn’t mine – simple as that. I have always loved makeup – the variety, the fun you can have with it, the art you can make with it, and YES the way it can shape and frame my face so that I feel like my true beauty is shining through.


If like me you also enjoy makeup – taking the time to learn how to apply your makeup properly using the appropriate tools is so much fun! Total transparency – I AM NOT AN EXPERT! I have barely started to master one or two brushes, let alone the dozen or so my makeup artists use on my special days. But I am learning – and something as simple as stopping using my fingers for concealer and actually using a proper brush for it has been AMAZING. No more creases, so much better coverage – and you know what YES – It DOES just feel so much cooler!



Cheat 5: A list of short 20-30min rejuvenate activities


Everyone needs a list of activities that do not require a great deal of effort or time but can give you that quick rejuvenate session when needed. Some of my favourites are watching one episode of Sex & the City, making a cup of tea and reading some of my latest book, having a nap, reading an inspiring blog – even doing a quick half hour house clean.


Yeah I know – I’m weird, but cleaning calms me and helps restore that sense of control and “having my shit together”. Judge me if you want. Whatever.


Your list can be anything that works for you, but it needs to be fun and easy. If it feels like an effort then you won’t ever do it, and it’s not really the point of it is it?



Cheat 6: Burning oil burners


SUCH an amazing mood lifter! I used to have about 20 different scents to choose from, but now I happily only vary between one or two. And every time I burn them they fill the house with an amazing aroma and help get me in a great mood.


Go to the shop and have a sniff – and pay attention to how it makes you feel.

If you are new to this I would suggest buying maybe just three to start with – one that immediately invokes calmness and serenity in you, one that invigorates and energises you, and one that quiet simply just smells DELICIOUS to you. This is a good combo to start with, and then burn them at the appropriate time. For example when you have just done some house cleaning or your cleaner has been, burn the energising fragrance so you start associating it with feeling fresh, clean and invigorate (it then becomes helpful to burn this when you know it’s time to do some cleaning and you need the mood to accompany it!)


Do the same thing for the calm one- perhaps on a slow Sunday afternoon when you are getting ready to relax. And the DELICIOUS one is simple for indulgent times – perhaps you are cooking a special meal, or you’re going to have a bath.




Cheat 7: I prepare everything the night before


My mornings begin between 5 and 5.30am, and as much as I love them that is NOT the best time for me to be rushing around getting anything done. So I have it all set the night before!


My clothes are laid out, my gym bag is packed and ready, my vitamins and nuts for the following day ready to go in their containers. This makes my morning so effortless, and in the evening it takes me maybe 5min to get it all together. This would easily take me half an hour the following morning!


The point is work to your strengths. The truth is I’ve yet to meet a person who is faster and more efficient at getting their stuff organised first thing in the early morning then they are at doing the evening before, but if you’re the first please comment below! I personally would LOVE to know how it works for you 🙂



So there it is –a little cheat sheet into the things I love and the things that make my life so damn awesome.

Feel free to steal any that feel right to you, and I’d love to hear how you go with them, as well as any requests you have for future cheat sheet reveals I write? What about my lifestyle would you love to know more about?




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