Why are you here?


I’m going to take a guess that you aren’t satisfied. With your current body, your current lifestyle, that you just aren’t fucking FEELING it right?

You know that you are meant for more, a destiny of success, money, a killer hot body and friends and relationships to match, but right now? Well it’s just NOT happening.

Let’s get one thing straight – your destiny is NOT just going to happen because it’s meant to. Many a leader and empire maker has tripped and fallen on this delusion to never be heard of again. No babe – if you want your destiny, you’re gonna have to step the fuck up and take it! 





So what now?


We talk. The best coaching happens when there is alignment between coach and client. So through a free discovery call we get to know each other – you get to know my personality (more on that below incase you are new to me!) and I get to know your driving forces, goals and wether I am the right coach for you.


Yup – I am not meant to work with everyone, and if I cannot help you I will definitely guide you in the right direction to someone who can. I know very strongly how I am able to make a huge impact on someone’s life and how this works – so if I feel I cannot give that to you I will not take your money or your time. Fair exchange for value is crucial. 


What is the difference between a success coach and a psychologist/counselor?


Basically it is a difference in focus. Having completed my Psychology degree I moved away from further study due to the deep focus on the problem, dwelling on it and essentially making each session ABOUT the problem – not the solution. And that was the main difference.


The other obvious difference is that a psychologist tends to deal with specific mental disorders and thus can diagnose though not medically treat such disorders. A coach, and especially my personal style of coaching does NOT focus on the problem but rather the process for how to overcome it. This may mean there is sometimes some work to be done on clearing and letting go of particular blocks – but the end goal is always to move past it. One more difference is in the state an individual is in.


Therapy is designed for individuals in pain and in a generally negative state that needs special attention to dealing with this negative situation. Coaching on the other hand is designed for people who are generally in a good state if not for some blocks and issues, but that are generally focused on how to improve the quality of their lives even further.





How is the coaching delivered?


My coaching is conducted by FB Messenger and Skype for all clients. You can be anywhere (in whatever comfy clothes you like!).


I’m interested in working with you 1 on 1, how does coaching actually work?


We begin with a free Breakthrough Power Session. This is an approximately 30minute phone call where I ask you a number of questions to clarify where you are at, what you are hoping to achieve from coaching, and to work out if I am the right coach for you. This is also your chance to ask any questions that you may need to get a feel for my personality and how we will work together (the “What to expect from me” section below is also worth a read). To apply for this session please fill out the form here –









I am a crazy mix of academic meets adrenaline junkie. If you are new to me here is what you need to know – I will NOT hold back on telling you like it is, as I have found through years of experience that subscribing to others beliefs of what you SHOULD or SHOULD NOT do/feel/say/act like/be is a super effective recipe for the life from hell.


This is important to know when working with me as I do not subscribe to limiting beliefs and will  challenge you. EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME. Remember this now – every belief you have can be changed, and if it does not serve you? I will sure as hell push you to break through your own barriers. There may be times you want to punch me – but I promise it will only be because I am saying things that are so true that they hit right where your comfort zone is.


Therefore – the intent of the discovery session is also to find out if you are the ideal client to work with me as this ensure that both you and I are not wasting our time. I do not coach anyone who is closed-minded, looking for a quick fix or has a strong aversion to taking responsibility for their own life.


In return for your trust I will give you unwavering support, energy and clarity. It is essential to a successful coaching relationship that you are open to new ideas and have the understanding that just because something isn’t “the way you do it” doesn’t mean it isn’t worth trying, as often those things that we are most adamant about avoiding are the things we need to try most.


You are always in control and must make your own choices, but an openness to new ideas is crucial in order to get the best results for yourself.


Ready? Fill out the form below and let’s do this!




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