Are you creating a Life or a Lie?


Are you creating a Life or a Lie?



I remember back when I was a wee teenager – somewhere around the final few years of high school, they sent you to a career counsellor.


Someone so clearly trained in the art of figuring out what you want to do that they figured out that what they want to do is help you figure out what you want to do.


Yeah.  I didn’t really buy it.


But they gave you some lame aptitude test, and another one about what type of job you are “suited to” (omg WTF???!!!) and then plugged out some ideas, like a smorgasboard of pre-prepared, over cooked and totally dry and bland “rest of your life” ideas.


And then I watched as sure enough – 99% of the sheep (myself included!) went and picked one of these well trodden paths and off they went.


And somewhere along the way it hit me –was I creating a Life? Or a Lie?


Was I actually doing anything that mattered? To me? To anyone?


Was I going to follow in the footsteps of all those before me and design this cookie cutter life?


I could see it was where most were still headed, largely blind to the possibility that they are actually getting further and further from their TRUTH.


I didn’t really get how it wasn’t obvious to them though?


I mean they whinged about their jobs mostly non-stop. Rarely got crazy excited about anything except maybe their next holiday that they saved up all year at the job they hate so they can go on it….


I felt like I was in the twilight zone – was I the only one seeing this?


In the midst of their claims that they are creating a Life – I could very clearly see all they had created was a Lie.


A facade of what LOOKS good to the masses – the going out, social events, nice cars, nice houses… but on the inside?


They were still as lost as the day that career counsellor had first nudged them in a particular direction.


And the further it got? The further the lie was hidden. Until some, well MOST – no longer realise there was ever anything more to it.


Their house is now SO nice, their car SO fancy and their paychecks SO handsome that they have started to believe that this IS what they wanted all along anyway.


Never mind the mind numbing dullness. The stagnation. The lack of any kind of spark or burning from within.


The problem with this lie is that it is such a good one.


It makes you feel secure. Comfortable. Confident.


So if ever the inner voice dares to rise and ask the dreaded questionHOLD ON – IS THIS ALL THERE IS???


Well – it gets jammed back down quicksmart.


Cause I’ve got the house, the car, the spouse and the 2.5 kids with netflix and takeaway 2 nights per week so FUCK YOU




How dare this voice try to pop up now? And whisper? So softly – WHAT IS THIS?


What is this LIE that you are masquerading as a LIFE?


What happened to me? To what you KNOW inside is true? To what you were going to do before the world told you it wasn’t real?


And then the choice comes – do you jam that whispered voice back down again? To maybe resurface again in a few years? Or to be stifled and resurface as illness, disease?


Or do you FINALLY, TRULY – let it out?


Let it be heard.


Let yourself be REAL


And change course – in the direction of your truth, not in the direction of the path set for you so many years ago.


How about you finally step back onto YOUR path?

The one no one has walked- because it is your own?


Because it was ALWAYS meant to be brought to life by YOU alone.



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