Cut the crap – and other lessons from 2013


Cut the Crap – and other lessons from 2013


Another year has drawn to a close, and as 2013 moves into the past and the bright dawn of the blank slate that is 2014 comes into view – some of the most powerful goals for 2014 can be made from the lessons of 2013.

2013 for many people, myself included, was a year of changes, new paths and the realisation that NOW is the time to start choosing to live life on YOUR terms. Here are my greatest lessons learned from 2013:


1. It IS ok to let go of people


This is SUCH a biggie gorgeous. Everyone comes into your life for a reason, but that reason doesn’t have to be that they stay in it forever! Our lives are long, and yet so short, and in your time here you certainly don’t want to waste time on those who drain you, bore you or don’t bring you some kind of love, joy or peace.


Just because someone has been in your life for so long DOES NOT mean you need to keep them in it purely out of loyalty – that is neither fair nor kind to either of you. It takes a lot of love and courage to be able to let someone go, and to make that room available in YOUR life for someone better suited to you, and to be kind enough to make that room available in their life for them to find someone who truly wants to be in their life too.


Fill your life BY CHOICE with those you love most and want to spend the most time with – not those you “should”.



 2. NEVER lower yourself to others standards just to “show them what it’s like”



Another big one – when someone treats you in a way that is crappy, do not take it as permission to treat them the same way. They are on their own karmic journey, and the actions they are putting out into the world is creating their whole reality and existence – which is likely to be one big shit-spiral of they treat people like shit and they get treated like shit in return (otherwise why would any happy, fulfilled person want to make others feel like crap?).


So don’t get sucked into the “they deserved it” mentality, because – and really hear me when I say this – YOU are NOT KARMA! You do not get to decide who deserves what, the universe is amazingly efficient at sorting that out for itself, and as soon as you take it upon yourself to give someone their “just deserves”, all you really do is screw up your own karma and energy, thus bringing more of that same shit back to you. And for what? For that loser who pushed in front of you at the checkout?



3. Appreciate your loved ones EVERYDAY.



That which you appreciate you get more of. That which you are not thankful for gets taken from you, it is that simple. Why would the universe want to give you something that you are not appreciating? It assumes that if you want something then you are going to act accordingly – not ignore it, take it for granted, or forget about it.


So your loved ones? Those that you see everyday and are almost like the furniture? The truth is they are the backbone of your entire life, and they are the ones that need your love most. It doesn’t take much – just some of your words, some of your time and your love.



4. Stop assuming you know everything.



You don’t. Neither do I. No one does. And that IS OK! Knowing everything and having it all figured out has never been a prerequisite to success – in fact most successful people have had to figure it all out as they went along. So it is time to stop stressing about it.


It is ok to ask for help, lots of it. It is ok to not know what you are doing, and just go ahead and do it anyway.


It is ok to stumble, and *gasp* to FAIL! Skyscrapers do NOT get built in a day – and success stories do not begin with “one day I just became a success”.


Everyone has a back story, a struggle, a climb and a journey. Just because you don’t know what it is doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. So stop trying to pretend you know it all. You don’t, and you never will, and that will NEVER stop you from achieving everything you want!



 5. Happiness is not a destination – it IS the journey.



Want a guarantee? If you are not happy right now, as you are, with what you have and who you’ve got – you will never be happy no matter who you are, with what you have and who you’ve got.


Happiness is not a destination – it isn’t what you will be “when XYZ is done, I’m making BNM, and looking XYZ”. It is a CHOICE, one that you make everyday.


And it is not dependent on anything other than how you see things. Not how much money you have, the rank you hold or the body you flaunt. If you cannot find happiness within yourself NOW, then it will continue to elude you even once you have the money, rank and body of your dreams. Make a conscious choice EACH DAY to find 5 things you are grateful for, and to strive to feel the joy that comes from making peace with yourself – faults and all.



 6. Finally – NO ONE knows what is best for you better than you.



Truly – no one. You may think someone is the expert, they have more knowledge or skill or experience than you and therefore they KNOW BETTER. They do not gorgeous.


They only know THEIR experience and therefore their journey. This journey will be so enormously different to yours, that to say they are the best judge on what choices will be best for you is completely biased and pointless. Your intuition is more powerful than you think – it isn’t some random voodoo experience – it is an exact process whereby you are more in tune with the energy of the universe than ever, thus putting you in a marvellously opportunistic position to make the best choices – because it is almost like you can see the future already.


This isn’t a skill to be scoffed at –this is the skill people envy without really knowing what it is. When you call someone lucky, fortunate, that everything just seems effortless and fluid for them. It’s not because of anything other than that they are better at tuning into this intuition better than most and using more of the universe’s limitless energy to their benefit.


You DO know best – you just have to be willing to bet on yourself. (for more about how to make your best decision every time, see my blog HOW TO MAKE YOUR BEST DECISION).



So as you can see I learned a LOT of very deep and incredibly valuable lessons in 2013. Please share your own lessons below or on my facebook page( ). And while you’re here be sure to get your FREE gift for signing up to my VIP newsletter – the incredible 7 Day Game Changer E-Course is all yours, just pop your email in the top right hand corner and I’ll send it straight to you!


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