Diets start on a Monday


Diets start on a Monday –

but your life starts NOW.






Recently (well, during the last 8 weeks or so) I’ve lost a significant amount of weight. This was not because I was unhealthy or even over weight as I had happily been a normal weight for a number of years following my recovery from binge eating – indeed this was purely, honestly and with no shame – about me wanting to now be two sizes smaller and have a truly killer body for my wedding, Melbourne summer, my honeymoon and beyond.


Full disclosure – it IS all about the aesthetics for me right now. Having spent the greater part of a decade trying desperately to overcome binge eating so that I could have a healthy relationship with food and not use exercise as a punishment and risk losing the love I have for training – my focus was always my health and fitness.


Which was all well and good – I was always fit and healthy. Sure I had a little extra pudge here and there but I was a walking talking shining example of the healthy life.


But again – recently – I got real honest. For the longest time I would look in the mirror and see my curves, my glowing face, my energy that just jumped off the glass – and I was disappointed. I couldn’t put my finger on it – I was incredibly fit, and my health was impeccable.


So why the feeling of gloom? There was no pride, no achievement, no sense of accomplishment.


And then a little voice spoke up, so quietly because it knew I didn’t really want to hear it, I’d told it to shut up so many times before.


It said ” I just want to look shit hot” Like stupidly, unneccasarily, unashamedly smokin.


And for the first time I listened – I  didn’t tell her to shut up, that that is so shallow, that it should just be about your health.

I actually let myself hear it aloud and felt the overwhelming sense pull of a goal that I truly desired, one that would really make me excited, fulfilled and driven.


And do you know what? For the first time ever, having started and stopped a “diet” maybe 100’s of times before, I made a decision to start that day.





I know, crazy right? Everyone knows diets start on a Monday. You need the weekend to clean out (aka eat) all the junk in the house, plan your weekly meals and workouts, start “fresh”.


EVERYONE knows that.



Except that it rarely works. You finish the junk food and battle the worst cravings of your life for the first 3 days of the new diet. You feel so proud of how you didn’t cave that by the first weekend you decide you deserve a treat. Which sets of a craving, and as you’ve already used all your willpower you cave, throw away the rest of the weekend as write off and get ready to start again – ON MONDAY.


Cause that’ll work yeah?


How many times have you done this? I ‘ve done it more than I would ever want to count. The more I did it the more convinced I became that the next Monday would work.

Even if it wasn’t just a week apart, maybe you lasted two or three weeks, but inevitably the Monday curse struck again.

I get it – I’ve been there. Over and over, round and round on this merry-go-round, for years.


And whilst I’ve maintained and happily gone about my life for the past couple of years, with that honest realisation of what I truly wanted, and (shock horror) IT WASN’T just health and fitness – well a whole new chapter started.


One entitled – the real me – unapologetically honest, clear and demanding.



No – I DON’T need to lose two sizes. But I want to.


No – I DON’T care if you disagree with this goal – it’s mine not yours.


No – I AM NOT judging you because you choose to remain overweight or healthy or fit whilst I strive for something different – it is MY GOAL, not yours!


And NO – I do not care if it makes you uncomfortable that I am openly admitting these things – that my dear – is YOUR problem, not mine.



I know everyone loves a progress report – so in 8 weeks I’ve lost just about 6kg, and am hard at work for another 5 or so in the next 6 weeks.

Yes it’s hard sometimes, yes it means some sacrifice and yes it is absolutely worth it.


In fact – I would go so far as to say this so far has been more satisfying than any health/fitness goal I’ve ever had.


Why? Because it’s mine. Completely honest and real about what I most want, and not what I “should” want because it is what society accepts as a “good” goal.


And it started on a Wednesday – not on a Monday.


Because as soon as I decided it, I couldn’t not start it, I couldn’t not do it, because this wasn’t about what I SHOULD do, it was about what I must, what my mind simply wanted so badly I couldn’t put it off any longer.


And that’s what diets starting on a Monday is all about isn’t it?


It’s putting off that pain, that torture, the thing you are dreading – for just a few more days. It’s not something you look forward to, it’s something you desperately try to avoid. And the you wonder why this newest Monday starting diet falls flat?


Cause Diets start on a Monday –

but your life starts NOW.


This moment. And every other day you put it off before Monday is a gift you are wasting, giving up.


It is your life that you are wasting.


If your goal is not like mine, great. And if it is, great. It really doesn’t matter, what matters is that it is YOURS and it feels powerful, aligned and light to you. That it feels like where you want to be heading – not where you want to be running from.


I can’t speak for all goals – but if you’re wondering if my goal is worth it, if you have similar thoughts but are scared to admit them, scared that you might get there and it won’t be worth it – well, it is.




So it’s time to cut the crap, Monday never comes, and when it does it brings with it baggage, guilt and dread.

If you truly want something, you need to go after it RIGHT NOW, in this moment, and every moment thereafter.

Because diets start on a Monday, but your life starts NOW.


Don’t waste it – think where you would be NOW if you had started your REAL goal 6 months ago?

Well RIGHT NOW you have the chance to be six months from now where you REALLY WANT to be.


Your move baby.




Ana sign off


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