I don’t wanna brag but…


I don’t wanna brag but…


I’ve already put my underwear AND leggings on backwards  today – and it’s only 8am!


I know, I know…

I really shouldn’t be so hoity toity and bragging about it – but I mean come on –

I’ve basically just won at life so surely it deserves a moment of bragging?


🙂 🙂 🙂

Seriously though – want to know what the best part of this achievement was?


I didn’t even let it phase me. I laughed. I sighed. I laughed again and moved on with my life.


And as stupid and miniscule as it seems – something really hit me at that moment –


There was a time in my life where I would let stuff get to me.

Things people said. Silly little inconveniences, that kind of stuff mostly.

And it kept happening – the more I got upset by a hater online or in real life – the more haters came out of the wood work!


And the more I let little things like the wrong coffee order, inside out undies, or rude service people get to me – the more it just kept happening!


And so whilst I sighed and giggled at myself about my backward situation I stopped and thought – and I mean I REALLY HAD TO THINK HARD –


When was the last time I got a hater comment? A rude service person? A horrible service experience at ANY store?


Um…. off the top of my head? I was blank.


When I dug a little deeper, I managed to remember the annoying car park situation in the city where technology did not work as needed and we ended up having to over pay for parking due to their stupid systems. I remembered that it had really annoyed me – for like 15 seconds! Then I paid it, and moved on with my life.


I had to really STRUGGLE to remember that too! Regardless of the fact that at the time, for those few seconds, I was seriously pissed!


But I have become so good at brushing those things off and totally out of my mind, that it took a real concentrated effort to remember something that happened only a few days ago and that had really annoyed me!


I am just THAT good at choosing to let it go and not let it continue to fester.


And then just for fun? I asked myself – when was the last time I had someone say something good about me? Or service be great somewhere?


Without a moments hesitation a flood of memories came to me – at least 4 or 5 instances of clients openly expressing how much of a difference my training/coaching has meant for their lives, every single purchase experience being an amazingly kind one, and feeling so much appreciation for all those whom I had come into contact with.


It was EASY


And the trick? Is so simple! You get MORE of what you FOCUS on.


When something happens that elicits NEGATIVE emotions in you – you need to feel it and LET IT GO asap! The longer you dwell on it, the longer you allow those negative vibrations to take hold in your body and therefore what you attract.


And? When something good happens?


FEEL IT and STOP IN THE MOMENT and enjoy it! Acknowledge it. Let that warm happy feeling seep through you. Take it within you and hold it.



It is a practise like ANY other – what you repeatedly DO AND FEEL – you BECOME!




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