What the F%#$ is with all the swearing???!


What the F%#$ is with all the swearing?


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I know I don’t look it – but I’m a bit old school. I grew up without siblings and as an immigrant child and therefore my upbringing was strongly shaped by adults.


And probably because many of those adults were also immigrants from a European background, they didn’t pick up on the cursing words and slang that quickly as they would have had they grown up in this country.


So I grew up quickly – learning to hold my own as a 6 year old calmly chatting with a 30 year old about the ways of the world.


I was curious, quick and wildly interested in human interaction.



So as part of my formation into an adult – I developed habits that meant I refused to swear like a trooper (unless I’ve had a few….haha) and there are certain words that my closest friends even know not to say when I’m around. Not because I’ll look down on them, but because it makes me uncomfortable and most good friends respect you enough that they want you to be comfortable 🙂


So here’s my issue – what the F%#$ is with all the swearing?



It seems like every other personal development, life coach, here-to-kick-your-arse and motivate you entrepreneur these days is REVELLING in their ability to swear.


Post after post and email after email proclaiming that they are who they are, and this is who they are, and if you don’t like it, well that’s ok, but life is about being you and not censoring yourself.


And I TOTALLY agree.



So in that spirit – here is my confession.


I don’t swear like a trooper. I WILL pause and find a rarer and more descriptive word for a scenario. I DO think before I speak – not because I have to censor it, but because I choose to – choose my words carefully, I mean what I say and say what I mean.


Those that feel their best work comes with swearing?

More power to them. If that is you and the way you get your point across best than damn well keep it up! The world needs your honesty and not you putting on a front.


So why do I ask what the F%#@ is with all the swearing?


Well because I highly doubt that every one claiming their right to swear and how it empowers them is truly doing it because it is right for them – and more likely because it seems to be the band wagon to jump on at the moment.


There is something bold, brave and daring about being so loose with your language.


It suggests you are completely transparent, no holds barred, get shit done and take control kinda chick.


So I totally get why so many women are drawn to it – it’s part of that persona we want to be seen as – strong, bold and unapologetically authentic.


Which is why it works – for some. If it truly is you, down to the core, then it works. But if it is really just a front, a way of making yourself look braver and more out there than you really are – well then it isn’t doing anyone any favours.


Because no one needs someone who acts like what they THINK they SHOULD. It doesn’t last, eventually the mask falls away, and you look incongruent and basically – a liar.


Don’t get me wrong – there is something to be said for faking it till you make it, acting AS IF you have already succeeded before you actually have so that the universe gets into top speed to make it happen for you.


But this faking it should NEVER be about who you are and what you stand for.



And if like me, foul language is NOT an empowering tool but rather a belittling one, then it’s time to grow a pair and stand up for yourself!


Cause guess what?


I’ve never been called a pushover, never been called weak or lacking strength and guts just because I choose not to use cursing words.


Boldness and strength of character come in many varieties – and it isn’t just the potty mouth arse-kicking people in the world who have it in spades.


Some of the most powerful and action taking women I have ever personally known and known of have been the gentlest, most eloquent and elegant women you could imagine – and NOTHING ever stood in their way.



So be you – whether it’s dropping the f bomb or not –be you to the core.



If swearing is how you communicate and argue your case then be brave and don’t excuse it away – you are meant to live your life on your terms – and you sure have plenty of company joining you!


But if it isn’t you, if your vision of your personality and impact on the world does not include it, then don’t for a second fall into the trap of jumping on the current trend.



Because just like all trends this will pass- and the only ones left standing will be those who meant it from the beginning, not those who just came along for the ride.


Be you – unapologetically and unquestionably – and you will NEVER be out of style!







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