Why are you STILL saying you have a food problem?

Why are you still saying you have a food problem?





When the calling comes, when you can feel the tension building, the overwhelm growing and your resistance and self-discipline slipping into the realm of the binge – what do you really eat?


I mean it’s not the pizza, not the baked goods, not the cookies or chocolate or any of the food that flies into your mouth at such immense speeds it may as well have been catapulted there!


No, it isn’t the food you’re eating. Sure – you’re consuming it. Inhaling it. Devouring it.


But you could never say you are actually eating it could you?


Not when eating would mean tasting it, savouring it, feeling the texture and variation of subtle differences.

No – what you are eating is definitely not the food.


What you are tasting, feeling, and savouring in that moment is the release.


The escape from that tension in your body that drove you to this point.


It’s your ability for numbness, freedom from the uncomfortable impending feeling that something is NOT RIGHT.


And not just not right, but wrong on an epic scale. That knowledge that something is so deeply wrong that you cannot possibly face up to it.


It’s too big, too scary and too damn impossible to define.

No, it’s much easier to bury that fear in food.

After all, it’s predictable, it will always be there, it can’t let you down.

And so it becomes clear, you are not eating the food.

But it’s such an easy scapegoat – I mean it’s the most obvious cause for your problems isn’t it?


If only you could finally stop the self-sabotage you could have that perfect body that you dream of, you could be as confident as you can only imagine, you could love going clothes shopping because everything would fit – you could basically have the life you have always wanted.


But that damn food – it is stopping you.

But if you know during those binges, if you can FEEL that you are not really even tasting the food, not enjoying it – that what you are really focusing on is that intensity subsiding and the calmness returning – then how can you truly believe that food is the problem?


When it isn’t even the focus while you’re eating it?



The truth is it really isn’t the food, its your mind beautiful.

And what you’re eating is your insecurities and fears.

That feeling of panic and impending doom has nothing to do with the food, and everything to do with YOURSELF.


The way you see yourself, the way you think others see you, and the lack of control you feel like you have when it comes to any of it.

Think about this – if you were truly fulfilled and completely at ease with who you are and what you stand for then would the thought of bingeing on food even cross your mind?

Or would you be too busy, too excited and too happy to want to sit in numbness for a half hour or more and make yourself feel sick?


Of course you wouldn’t.


So why in the world are you STILL saying you have a food problem???


Why are you still searching and forking out money on a new and exciting eating and training plan that will “finally fix your food problems” when you KNOW food isn’t the problem anyway!

It’s the way you see it and the way your mind has orchestrated your life around it that is the problem – nothing to do with food itself.


Otherwise the last time you went on any decent eating and training plan that actually had you eating enough and the right kind of food to support you nutritionally – that would have been it right?


If it was a food problem – then being on a simple, sustainable and healthy program would have fixed it right?

But it didn’t. The binges returned. And you found yourself back on google looking up yet another amazing plan to throw your money at, still wondering why this problem won’t go away no matter WHAT YOU TRY.

So I think you get it now gorgeous – this is NOT a food problem. It’s a headshit problem – and until you take the focus AWAY from the food and back into yourself, you will ALWAYS continue back down this road.

You will spend hundreds more dollars on binges, making yourself feel better, and the endless purchase of magical supplements and eating plans – only to end up back at square one, feeling just that little bit more sure that you really are a failure each time.


It comes down to YOU and YOU only beautiful. What is going on in that head of yours and your own self worth.


Food is just the symptom – it is NOT the cause.


Don’t you think it’s time to stop with the bandaid approach to the symptom and actually deal with the cause so that it doesn’t keep recurring?

What are you really eating? Such a simple question, but we rarely stop to ask ourselves.

WHAT are you really eating?


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