Warning – I’m going fully naked





I was doing some mother fucking DEEP journalling just now. I mean like whole new levels of uncovering who I really am that I hadn’t even tapped into yet.


And HOLY SHIT – this is either going to set you on fire or make your run for the hills and hit unsubscribe – and the truth is? Whichever you choose I am totally fine with, because I am DONE holding back.


Wait what?!

You’ve been holding back Ana? This was you tame?

Well uh… yeah

And now I’m done.


I am taking it all off. Going fully naked. And you can hang around and watch if you want, but if this makes you uncomfortable then I’m going to straight up tell you to get out now, because I am just warming up.


That thing that I was covering up? Keeping the layers on? Not fully baring all?


Is that I am just sick of it. Sick of probably at least 75% of you (and you will very soon if not already know if that counts as you)


And I am bored to death of walking on eggshells trying to cover my tracks when quiet frankly, if this offends you, you really shouldn’t be here.


And this is probably the nicest way I will say this ever so if you are already getting turned off by me now then it really IS best we part. Because basically – if I am NOT inspiring you, motivating you, pushing you, triggering you and FUCKING getting in your face the way you like it?

Then we are done.


Don’t think I don’t see it – see you. Hiding out clicking delete without opening any of my emails. Or never liking or commenting on my FB or Insta posts.


Just cruising through.


Cause I see it, and you can bet your arse I am about to start just deleting people left right and centre but in case you just want to do me the favour and leave ahead of time then go for it.


Cause really? If you AREN’T about the FIRST CLASS life and ALL that involves – the pushing, the crazy, the shit hot body, the mentally stimulating conversations, the passion, the purpose and the mother fucking ACTION TAKING – then you just aren’t one of us, and what I say is just not for you, never has been, and definitely now never will be.


There are no lemmings here – you want to work with me? Grind? Step up? And dare to go as naked as I am?


Then you need to leave your clothes at the door.


The First Class life does not have excuses. And quite frankly I have MAXED out my lifetime supply of giving a fuck about anyone else’s.


You have valid reasons? Your situation is so different? You have it SO much tougher than anyone else?


Cool. Good luck with that belief system. You are not one of us.


BUT if you are – if this is not pissing you off and having you scrolling to the bottom to unsubscribe – then welcome baby…


Welcome to Ana 2.0 – the unfiltered version.


Totally naked.


We are here to change the world. To live life on mother fucking PURPOSE!


To create a lifestyle that most only dream of (because they actually sleep enough to dream lots instead of waking up and CREATING THEIR DREAMS!)


YOU are a First Class Alpha fucking Superstar!


And it is time you owned it. It is time you stepped up in ALL AREAS.


You are not just about the hot body, or the rocking career/business, or the soul mate love of your life partner, or the money to support your First Class life –


You Are ALL OF THAT and more!


Things have changed around here, and if you are by any chance already on the fence about whether this is for you, not to worry beautiful, you will know without a doubt very shortly as this Ana 2.0?


She is going to be in your face. Like CONSTANTLY.


I will be throwing more content at your then you will possibly know what to do with. Triggering you. Pushing you.


Always – ALWAYS – from a place of love. And from BELIEVING in you SO deeply that I am not scared to push you to where you need to go.


So if you have read this far then you have a CALL TO ACTION to make now – it is time to choose your side.


Click unsubscribe, or click unlike, and I wish you the best.


OR – if you are in, 100%, ready to STEP UP into the life YOU KNOW you were born for, and create the YOU 2.0 – then it’s time to put your words where your mouth is!


Reply or Comment HELL YES – there is no more hiding behind the layers babe, we are going FULLY NAKED TOGETHER!





  1. I just came across you today — my first time (via google).
    Your rant does NOT turn me off — I am on a mission.

    A mission to get back on track!
    (was I ever really on track?)
    No matter –> me 2.0

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