The “good” vs “bad” you


The “good” you vs the “bad” you



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This could really apply to anything – your relationships, career, goals…but for the sake of focus let’s talk about your goal of finally getting your hottest body ever.


Let me introduce you to uh… you – Part A.


She is focused. Determined. Getting shit done. Planning her meals, doing her shopping, cooking, portioning for the week ahead. She’s downing her proteins, supplements, veggies – and drinking her litres of water and lemon water like clockwork. She’s on a roll – and nothing is going to stand in her way.


Eh-hmm… Except maybe for you – Part B.


She’s a little different. She isn’t always around, in fact she kinda just shows up whenever she feels like it – but she SURE makes her presence known when she does! She’s very spontaneous. One minute you were fine, finished another killer workout and downing your protein drink when BAM – there she is. Suddenly all the focus drains out of you, all you can think about is that brownie downstairs, and you can feel her getting ravenous – the tension building and building.


She wants what she wants -and she wants it now. To hell with your goals, with your best laid plans, with your perfectly portioned meal ready at home for you – she wants a burrito, then some chocolate, and then an ice cream sundae to wash it down with.

Oh – and she wants it NOW. Good vs bad you.


Part B is kind of a bitch. But most of the time – she gets what she wants.

So this Part A and Part B of you – they co-exist at the same time. Like I said this could be about anything – you could want in or out of your relationship like a yo-yo. You could be fighting for which career you really feel passionate about. Anything.

The thing is – these parts of you were ALWAYS meant to co-exist. They BOTH serve a purpose. Your motivated, achieving and DOING Part A is great – but she can’t be ON all the freakin time.

Part B is there to shake things up, give you a nudge, remind you of something.


What is that something? Could be many things – but I’m willing to bet it’s something along the lines of “you’re NOT listening to me!”

When things are smooth, flowing, you’re pushing and succeeding – it’s easy to think this is how it’s always meant to be. That you just keep going.

But it isn’t. Life is up and down. It’s meeting the challenges to overcome and become EVER GREATER.

With no challenge – how will you ever improve?


Part B may seem like a bitch – but it’s only because we’ve been taught that she is.


The demanding, selfish, I WANT WHAT  I WANT part of us has been drilled into us since birth that it is BAD, you should feel GUILTY.


It’s just crap. Feeling guilty about wanting what you want is possibly the stupidest trait we have forced into this generation.

So you want that brownie? How much less would you want it if you actually acknowledged it and said “hey, that brownie does look delicious, it will probably be so delicious and decadent though that it will make me feel a bit sluggish before my workout tonight – how about I come back here with my friend this weekend AFTER our workout and share one?”.


Or just hell – that brownie looks delicious! Am I hungry? Yum.

People laugh when I say this – like “if I just let myself have all the yummy food whenever I want it – well I’d be the size of a house!”

And they believe it – because they’ve never tried it.


Do you know there have actually been numerous studies done and replicated on children who are either given free access to an array of lollies and healthier options and told they can eat whatever they like versus kids who are told they can only have some sweets if they eat the healthier stuff first?

And do you know what? Overall – the kids chose the healthy stuff. Sure they had a few lollies at the start, and had a few a bit later, but overall – they chose what was nourishing them.


We arn’t BORN without willpower and with all these ideas of “good” and “bad”. The good vs bad.


That sadly gets programmed into us over time. Food in itself isn’t good or bad, sure it is metabolised and used by the body differently – but just because my body won’t be able to feel as great and get as lean from eating that brownie doesn’t make it “bad”.


It just means I can choose to eat it when I want – being aware that it might make me feel  a bit blah so maybe just eat half, and not at a time of day that I need to be feeling my best.

You know what? I didn’t use to think this way. In fact if you’ve read my past blogs or checked out my signature program The Binge Eating Break-Through, you will know that my disordered thinking and actions around food broke me down for the better part of a decade with my binge and over eating.


So I’m not here gloating and stating the obvious as someone who doesn’t know what it’s like.

Gorgeous- I know what it’s ALL like.


To go out with your friend for dinner and eat your healthy meat and vegetables only to drive home through the drive-thru and stuff your face as soon as you’re alone.

I know what it’s like to be at the running oval at 11pm on a Tuesday night doing laps for an hour so that you can burn off the calories from what you binged on that day (believe me I was well aware how much of a bad idea that was!)

I know what it’s like to drive home from work and stop over at the supermarket to get dinner food and also get yourself a whole packet of cookies that you devour on the drive home before your loved ones see you.


Yeah, I know it all.

So what can you do?


For starters – BELIEVE that this is not a part of who you are -you can CHOOSE to believe that food is not good or bad – no matter how long you have seen it that way.

And learn to appreciate Part B – she isn’t trying to sabotage you, she’s trying to remind you to get real. To be HONEST with yourself. What are you really trying to get here?

And WHY?


It’s not about the hot body -it’s about what it means to you.

When you discover that -you will get your real why – and then Part B won’t need to crop up so much to remind you!



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