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Intro to Fasting – 7 Day Bootcamp!




You have probably heard about Fasting recently, and even wondered how the hell this works or if its even any different from just starving yourself?


You see some incredible looking people touting how awesome it is, but when you try to figure it out it just sounds too hard! And is it even healthy?


Coming from a Binge Eating disorder background, I can personally tell you 110% that fasting IS NOT the same as starving yourself, and that HELL FUCK YES it is healthy, in fact those that have tried it and stuck with it are some of the healthiest individuals I know!


So where do you get started? How the hell do you figure out how to do this, if you are doing it right, and if it is working?


You start right here – at the Intro to Fasting 7 Day Bootcamp!



Here is how it all goes down:


  • For 7 Days, you will receive DAILY Video’s covering EVERYTHING you need to know about Fasting (check out the break down below!) The first week of trying fasting is the TOUGHEST which is why you will have daily Video’s with not only vital info but also the support to encourage to KEEP GOING!

  • Each day the Video starts with info about really common issues and questions that you may have around fasting and that come up as you go along

  • We will be covering WHAT exactly it means to fast, HOW OFTEN / WHEN you need to be fasting, EXPECTATIONS about how you will feel, as well as the many BENEFITS involved.

  • We will ALSO cover what the hell to say to your family and friends when they voice their opinions!

  • OH —- AND you will have a shit load of fun along the way so that you can truly see why this lifestyle is so amazing! + A PDF Download of Extra Info!


  •  —>>>    Here is the 7 Day Topic BreakDown –     <<<—


  • Day 1 – HOW to Fast

    Day 2 – WHY to Fast

    Day 3 – Exercise and Fasting

    Day 4 – Different Styles of Intermittent Fasting

    Day 5 – The Lifestyle of Intermittent Fasting

    Day 6 – Macronutrients/Staying Full/Getting Lean

    Day 7 – Wrapping Up


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