You can take your judgement and SHOVE IT





One of the benefits of working in the fitness industry for so long is that there is never a shortage of reminder that we all start somewhere. No matter what genetic or otherwise advantages you may have – we all go through a learning curve that cannot be skipped, although there certainly are some shortcuts.


In my years I have seen the following scenario THOUSANDS of times –


-Girl joins gym because she wants to lose weight.


-Girl proceeds to spend hours on the cardio equipment working herself into a messy ball of sweat. Does some classes too.


-Girl does this for months – sometimes years.


-Girl eventually notices some of the slim and attractive girls over in the weights area – and she is also deathly bored of cardio, so decides to venture over.


-Girl proceeds to use some machine based and a few free weights at a very easy weight, going for 15 or more repetitions and never reaching anywhere near failure – because you know – scared to “bulk”


-Girl does this for a few more months. Maybe years.


-Again – realises she is not getting anywhere.


-Finally – spends a few hours googling about weight training and decided to start lifting heavier in which case often some sort of injury/postural issue starts coming up because there are problems with technique that aren’t being fixed.


-Girl stops. Takes time to recover from injury/issue.


-Comes back and starts back at point 1.


Now this can go round and round for years – I’ve seen it myself.


Decades even. And yes I’ve used the scenario of a girl – but really it works for both genders. Though males tend to get to the second half of the problem a lot faster as they realise they can’t grow muscle doing cardio – but then without guidance end up doing way too complicated stuff in a short space of time and injuring themselves.


Now this is the story that I would venture about 98% of the female “fat loss” wanting new members at a gym fall into. Does that seem high to you? It shouldn’t. Not when you hear the rest of the story.


You see up until now this may sound a little judgemental, but I beg to differ. See the judgement that I say needs to take a long walk off a short plank is the self righteous “why can’t you just do this faster” judgement that I see and hear around the place from those who have well and truly gotten too big for their boots.


They forget what it means NOT to know what they know now. They forget what it was like to not have ANY true information about fat loss except what the media tells you on TV and be frightened of dumb stuff like “bulking” in females.


They forget – basically, that everyone starts somewhere. Including the greatest physiques of our time – at some stage also had absolutely no idea what they were doing.


They did strange versions of what to “us” seem like basic exercises, they “wasted” months and years doing classes and cardio trying to lose weight rather than getting straight into the weights…


And they forget – that this learning curve is something we all go through.


Now I was “lucky” in a sense. When I ventured into a gym I did the above scenario – but because I was battling binge eating disorder coupled with exercise anorexia and after I had done daily cardio for HOURS and my brain could not fathom ANY MORE – I dared to think maybe there was something more interesting in this hell hole!


And so for weeks I watched from the comfort of the treadmill – and watched what the big guys in the weights area were doing. There were no females there at the time.


And then I got the courage to ask one of the trainers to write me a weights program. I took to it diligently, and soon wanted more. So on my own accord I started venturing more into the weights and with the support of the “big scary no brain muscle guys” (aka some of the kindest people you will ever meet!) I began my learning curve.


Mine was a little faster yes – but that comes down to my personality. I have always been curious and wanting to do what others aren’t – so being the only female daring to enter the “big boy” area was like a glowing neon sign for me.


Looking back – I wish I had gotten a trainer earlier, I would have saved myself some frustrating postural issues had I had someone looking over and keeping me informed on why some things are done the way they are. But hey, my learning curve, I’ll take it.


The point is no one, not me or otherwise, has a perfect linear line from the first time they join a gym to their dream body. There are detours. Time lapses. And total failures. But that IS the journey.


And while 98% go this route – it is truly when I come across someone from the 2% these days that the uselessness of judgement REALLY proves its point.


I’ve had a new client start with me recently, that for all purposes is DEFINITELY the 2%.


She had never joined a gym before. Her physique and experience come from her own aerobics done at home. She is genetically blessed with an amazing physique to work with, and one that she has obviously taken good care of.


She is DEFINITELY predispositioned to weight training – you can just SEE that her body willingly and easily takes to growing muscle.


Even so – she has a learning curve.


This predisposition is ONLY an ADVANTAGE BECAUSE:

She has me! HA!


Truly though. Without an experienced trainer, she would very likely have gone the traditional route and possibly done lots of metabolic and physique damage for a few years before she ventured away.

But she was lucky enough to come across me right at the beginning, get her the info that she needed straight away – and BAM – she is taking to weight training like a fat kid on cake.


Even so – she isn’t immune to silly newbie mistakes. She still forgets some techniques and does the kind of strange movements that some will snark across the gym at. She is still learning.


Very quickly mind you – but still learning.


Not only is her mind having to learn all these new techniques and strengths – but her body is physically and neurologically setting up new pathways to handle this workload.

Will she get faster results than others because of her genetics? YES.


Sorry. Deal with it.


Will they be SO much better that someone with less spectacular genetics who also committed, got proper support and skipped the usual yo-yo start would just not even be able to compete?


Well actually, no.


Cause you know what? Regardless where you start – what your genetics are, and what your therefore POTENTIAL is: is kind of bullshit anyway.


Had she been anyone else with her amazing genetics and NOT followed the path she has – she could have easily fallen into step with every other long winded and frustrating journey.


Her genetics wouldn’t have saved her from that.


And just cause you haven’t looked after your body until now does NOT mean that you are doomed. Your choices starting NOW is what determines your future.


Your past is done. Let it go. Make the choice MOVING FORWARD.


And so you over there with your smug look and your condescending head shake wondering “how can people be so dumb?”


I get it – I really do.

In my less than angelic (HA!) moments I have the same thoughts cross my mind, more from frustration at how HARD they are making it for themselves then anything else really – but truly –


I get it. Because I remember. That we all start somewhere.


And years and thousands of people later I KNOW without a shred of a doubt that the sooner someone can come into your life and create that shift in your mindset to knock you out of that yo-yo cardio cycle the sooner it all starts to change –


You can’t force anyone. Some are naturally more stubborn then others.


I’ve always been curious so when someone told me that cardio wasn’t doing me any favours for getting the body I want I immediately wanted to know more.


But others are stubborn. You can tell them, but they won’t be receptive. They aren’t ready to hear it.


And that’s ok. Yes it’s annoying as hell knowing what you know and seeing it come true month after month and year after year –


But you know what?


You can take that judgement and shove it. Be grateful that you got there, and have the ability to enlighten others now. They may not always follow all that you say, but I promise you they remember.


And when they are truly ready – they really WILL remember.






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