Is your Life on Track or on a Detour?

Is your Life on Track or on a Detour?





There was a long time in my life, actually probably a couple of decades or so, that I believed that I was born for big things. I don’t know how, I just knew. In what way? Well that changed often, different ideas about career paths, but somehow always in the way that I saw myself speaking in front of thousands, inspiring, helping people to live life on purpose and stop their excuses and STEP THE FUCK UP.


The problem was it just never quiet seemed to happen you know?


I would move from one job to another, trying new things, and somehow I just KNEW I was meant for more so it would happen.


It wasn’t until very recently, this year in fact, that it really hit me that this destiny was NOT guaranteed. I was not ENTITLED to it. It was not a given because it was “meant to be”.


I looked at the path of those that had gone before me, and it finally hit me clear as day – I wasn’t that special.


I wasn’t that special that success was going to happen to me just cause I wanted it to!


I guess it took me a while to understand because so many things had come easily to me in my life. At school I picked things up quickly, when I took up TaeKwonDo I was technically perfect, I had natural abilities that I easily coupled with HARD WORK and shock horror – I excelled.


So I guess over time I started to take it for granted that the HARD WORK was a part of it, not just my natural ability.


And so as the years passed by, and I kind of moved from idea to idea, always taking to it quickly and easily but then getting bored just as quickly and therefore getting LAZY – I realised I was quickly getting nowhere.


Have you ever done that?


Just kind of kept looking for the something shinier rather than repolishing the thing you already have?


I did that until I took a huge detour into several different industries, and yet somehow always found myself veering back in the same direction.


My destiny.


Which had not eventuated.


Crazy right? It didn’t just happen without me realising?


And then it kind of hit me.


This is UP TO ME.


No one is walking around with my destiny just trying to find me so they can give it to me. And you know what? Neither is yours.


You can be as naturally talented as you want, as skilled and as beyond amazing and are just clearly BORN FOR IT, but if YOU don’t do the work and STEP THE FUCK UP then it’s as good as gone. You may as well have never had the talent in the first place.


And this is where I see people die daily. Give their lives away – miles and years away from a place where they KNEW what they were meant to do.


And so you kind of dragged off in different directions, as life tends to do when you aren’t focused on what is ahead, and suddenly you look back on yourself and you can barely recognise yourself.

You aren’t sure where it went, how it all changed, and how you ended up here.


Cause somewhere deep down you always knew you were meant for something more, but you just didn’t well… get there.


How did that happen? Or more to the point how didn’t it happen?


It was in the moments you walked away. You tossed your hands up. You “took a break”. And before you know it your break was a decade ago and you can barely remember what it was you were taking a break from.


Your destiny won’t change. Your purpose, your calling, that THING that you are here on this earth to do and to make a difference and the DREAM of how you are meant to live, it doesn’t have an expiry – and every day that you continue to ignore it is another day wasted.


Destiny always wins out – in the end.


On their death beds, it seems crystal clear to people what they missed in their life, what they SHOULD have done, how they SHOULD have stepped up, what risks they should have taken and what they most regret NOT having done.


It’s never what you have done – it’s always what you HAVEN’T.


It’s the way that you kept letting life situations dictate your life – rather than choosing your life.


The way you let things happen TO YOU rather than making things happen.


The way that now that it’s all over it seems SO OBVIOUS how easy it would have been for you to just stop the excuses and be BRAVE and do the work.


But in the moment- you are tired. You are bored. You are unmotivated. And you are uncertain.


So in that moment of weakness, of emotional state, you walk away. And then the next day.


And then before you know it you have kept walking so far that it’s the end of your life and you can’t even be sure where you ended up.


Your destiny will not just happen to you, it won’t come up to you at just the right time to say “ok well now you are here”.


FUCK that beautiful.

It is you all the way. Each and every day. You want it?


Then just show up and TAKE IT.


Each and every day. Over and over. Until. And if it doesn’t work?


What – straight away?


Well then you keep showing up. This is your destiny babe, not a detour.


Get the FUCK OFF the detour, and onto your real path.


And then just don’t get off. It really is as simple as that. You get on it and you stay on it.


And then when you are sitting there at the end of your life and looking back you will have no regrets, nothing you gave up on, nothing you held back.



Ana sign off




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