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Love your Body – Free your Mind



Work with me for 8 weeks and I’ll help you break free of the self sabotage, guilt, and fear – and release your strongest, slimmest and most confident you– for life!




  8 Weeks to feeling in control of your emotional eating and free of the inner guilt and turmoil!


• Tools     • Action Tasks    • Audio      •Support      •Motivation   • Accountability     • Experience      • Results!


Real, Honest and Proven Skills to Beating Over/Emotional Eating Forever


8 Weeks to truly stop thinking about food ALL the Time!


Tools, Audio’s, Action Tasks, Support, Motivation, Accountability, Experience, Results!


Hey there beautiful,


Let’s talk really honestly for a moment…


You have been battling your own mind for as long as you can remember. All you want is to STOP the binges and the self sabotage, stop hiding your secret stash from everyone, and stop feeling like you are fighting YOURSELF each and every single day.


You know there must be a way, you know there are others who don’t live like this.

But you’re exhausted. Helpless. Tired and alone. And sick to death of the cycle of being “good” for a short while only to be pulled back in by the need to binge and ruin it all again.


You can’t help but curl yourself into a ball while you sob and think:

Maybe I’m just not meant to be happy.


Maybe I’m not strong enough to beat this anyway.


Maybe I should just accept this is the way I am.



Cause it’s never out of your mind is it?


Constantly, day in, day out – it is running through your head.

When was my last binge, maybe if I just don’t eat until dinner, today will be different, I’m so hungry, I need to be “good”, hmm no one will know if I use cash to get that box of doughnuts….I can eat it in the car on the way home…..No one will be home for 2 hours….I can have a full binge and hide the evidence easy….


It feels like there is no way out – like you are constantly at the mercy of this force that is so much more powerful than you, and try as you might to be strong, it somehow always wins. Always keeping you from truly achieving all that you want – keeping you from feeling normal and worthy.

For well over a decade – I was just like that. Proudly putting forward my perfect Personal Trainer persona and helping hundreds of women achieve the body and health they wanted and deserved. But somehow I never felt I deserved it – so I would eat. I would workout, sometimes hours a day, and then I would binge. And for years this was the cycle – and I didn’t see any way out of it.


If only I had known then what I know now – well that torture and heartache I put myself through for years could have all been averted.

It took me a decade to figure out what was REALLY going on and to finally discover the real way out of this mess – and it was so much simpler than I could have imagined to take myself to a place where now I AM one of those people who just cannot over eat again.






And the truth is you don’t have to.


When you join “Love your Body – Free your Mind” you receive FULL ACCESS to ALL the exact tools, skills and techniques I used to finally STOP the binges and emotional eating for good – and uncovered who I truly am in the process!


This is an 8 week program – and so much more, because it really is the 8 weeks that will truly jump start the rest of your life.


A life where your mind is NOT thinking about food 24/7. Where you feel confident and worthy of all your success and achievement, and where you can easily say NO to anything in life that you truly don’t want or need (including that cheesecake!).


“Love your Body – Free your Mind” is an online program that includes 8 weeks worth of step-by-step guidance to help you to break the pattern and stop the binges – once and for all:

♥  You will tackle the cravings from the inside out – by learning the techniques designed to balance your body nutritionally so you can STOP relying on will-power!


♥  Dig deep with the true reasons for this cycle of self-sabotage – and how to move past it once and for all.


♥  Let go of the secrets – I will guide you through how to bring this pain out of the shadows and how to actually improve all your relationships by doing this.


♥  Come to terms with your true power and regain your confidence when it comes to handling emotions WITHOUT turning to food.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women over the years and it was ALWAYS the relationship with food that was proving the hardest transition for them when it came to becoming healthy and sculpting their ideal body. Every session would be a push of the body – and at least equal amount a push of the mind!


This is such a personal issue for me having gone through it all myself – but I don’t want you to just take my word for it.


Here are some of my client’s experiences with working with me:

Having being diagnosed at a young age(17) with a chronic muscle pain condition, otherwise known as Fibromyalgia, I found myself struggling through VCE (2007) and everyday life. For 2 years I got treated for a back and neck injury, but when I felt my legs and arms, or somebody gave me a tight hug, it hurt. I felt bruised all over. It was then that I knew that this was more serious than I thought.

In 2011 I battled through an eating disorder. I lost 25kg in 8 months simply by not eating. I knew and felt I looked unwell. I had to help myself, but I didn’t think I could do it on my own.

My specialist became my Personal Trainer Ana at Fitness First in Nunawading. Ana has been the best thing to ever happen to me mentally, physically and emotionally! Ana helped me regain all the muscle tissue back that I had lost through not eating, she showed me how to build up my core strength, correct my posture and I am now comfortable lifting heavy weights with no pain! Ana made me feel completely comfortable from the first training session I had with her. Not only did she help me with the physical side of things but she helped me on a very emotional level. I felt like I could tell Ana anything.  When I was training with her, I completely let my guard down.

Ana made working out in the gym so much fun! She mixed everything up so I never got use to doing the same thing. She challenged me. Everytime I met a new challenge, I wanted to push myself harder! After each training session, I felt amazing. I felt like I was really on the mend to a healthier me! I noticed that my mental state of mind was improving and all the negative thoughts I once had slowly seemed to disappear. I actually for the first time in a long time, felt alive.

Since training with Ana on a weekly basis, 2-3 times a week, for the past 8 months I have gained several kg’s of muscle and are currently sitting on a healthy weight! The nutritional advice Ana has given me has helped me to eat healthy while still maintaining a body that I am happy with and simply wouldn’t change the world for! I went from being skin and bone to a more attractive athletic build! It felt great to have friends and family tell me how great I looked!

It has been two years and i’m still training in the same gym! Training simply has become part of my everyday life! I am extremely comfortable with my body and to think of where I am now and how far I’ve come, I really am proud of myself.

Ana has inspired me to stay positive and motivated both at home and in the gym! The way in which Ana works as a Personal Trainer shows that she has such a caring nature and is commited to helping each and every client achieve their goals! After building such a great relationship with Ana through an extremely difficult time in my life, I truly cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me!

Sheridan Elizabeth 🙂

Ana’s empathy coupled with immense experience ensured I achieved the results I had always wanted, but was unable to previously. It is not easy to find someone of Ana’s calibre in terms of skill and experience. She combines passion with a thorough study of psychology, physiology and nutrition. She harmoniously combines these three specialities to ensure a holistic and satisfying result. Within a very short time frame I not only acheived my fitness goals, but became stronger physically and mentally

Nina Willow



All these women – before working with me, were wary of getting this kind of support, for many different reasons.


Some were concerned that I wouldn’t really understand their situation (probably because they didn’t realise what I was secretly battling myself), some were concerned about the cost being worthwhile (usually the same clients who ended up working with me 2-3 sessions per week!). Some worried they were too busy to really make a change, and some just truly wanted someone to wave a magic wand and fix it there and then.


Everyone with every excuse bar the final one ended up working with me – and getting the results they were after. They quickly discovered just how much I did understand, the value always outweighed the cost, and those who were too busy suddenly found their priorities shifting away from making time for people and activities that were actually hurting them, and making more time for the kind of lifestyle they truly wanted.







One of the things you will need to know as soon as you sign up for this program is that you will be getting a LOT of information and support.

Here is a break-down of everything that you will receive (and I’ll try to keep it brief!)

The program is split to work in 4 Modules, each designed to take you two weeks. Because this is a take-home course it is designed specifically so that you work at your own pace. If you wish to stay on a particular module for longer than 2 weeks please do so, but two weeks each is the minimum.

For each Module you will be sent worksheets, audio’s, a question booklet, action tasks and nutrition focus. The program is designed to not only focus on the mental battle but also to prepare your body physically for the changes ahead.



At the beginning of each fortnightly module you will get your Module Focus which will outline and take you through the 2 weeks ahead.

Each one will include:

• An overview of the module tasks and skills to learn

• Your module nutrition focus

• What to expect for the rest of the module

• Your Action Task to teach you a crucial technique relevant to the module lessons.

• Your Question Booklet

This is definitely a step-by-step guide that breaks it down to what really needs to happen and be done to break through the emotional eating cycle – but it is not fluff – there will be plenty for you to sink your teeth into since you won’t be craving all that food!



These are designed to give you a break from the reading and writing and keep you on track.

You will get:

• Your Fortnightly Audio where I will talk you through some of the more personal and in depth lessons for the module

• More guidance on the Question Booklet

• Provide you with an “on-tap” resource to refer back to when needed



These emails are the mid-module check in – but definitely not where you switch off. I will take you through the lessons we covered in week 1 of the module, and explain how that will lead into the following week.

Each Email will include:

• A summary of the week that was and the lessons that were covered

• Your end of week reminder to continue with the Action Tasks



The Work Book is your bible for the program – it includes the most important questions and focus points that you will be concentrating on over the entire course.

They are designed to be thought-provoking and intense – you will need PLENTY of room in your journal to work your way through them!

“Nobody likes working out…………but when you see the results you get with Ana’s persistent encouragement, you can’t help but be motivated! Working out with Ana is the very first time that I actually WANTED to work out. She is a wealth of knowledge about healthy matters – the mark of a woman who loves her work and studies her craft. She is the perfect combination of tough (pushing me) and warm, encouragement. She works with the whole person – mentally, emotionally and physically. She is a truly excellent trainer. Because of her efforts I am stronger and more flexible, I have better balance and most importantly, working out has become fun – I think that is priceless” – Natalie Swann


I met Ana at my local gym and signed up to do some personal training with her, I initially thought I’d do a few sessions and that would be that.. Not so much! I found myself build a relationship with Ana as her client and friend. I looked forward to sessions with her and some days when I wasn’t feeling my happiest, she would pick up on it. She cared for more than my workout! I was new to town and as time went on, I started gaining more confidence and ownership of my beliefs and values as a person. The sessions spent with Ana were ever valuable to my personal growth and I am lucky to have met her. She has a way of connecting with her clients and building a rapport where trust and respect were paramount” – Renee Rosenlund




“Love your Body – Free your Mind” is a complete system designed to take you through step-by-step and give you the guidance to finally be free of the strangle hold food has on you – and start living life with the freedom you truly want!

The Program is laid out for you in 4 Modules – each designed to build on the next. Each Module has a different focus including Deciphering the Binge, Triggers, Forgiveness and even life beyond the program!

Through-out you are guided with Action Tasks, Nutritional Guidance, WorkBook Questions and Audio’s to truly ensure you get a complete and comprehensive program so that nothing is left forgotten.

I KNOW what it’s like to feel like you take one step forward and two steps back – so I have specifically COVERED how to recover from those two steps back so that they become your LEAP FORWARD!

I’ve developed this program with the passion, knowledge and experience of over 10 years in the Health and Fitness Industry – as well as the very painful personal experience of battling Binge Eating Disorder myself for even longer than that.

I can honestly say you will be hard-pressed to find a program of this calibre, content and understanding anywhere else.

If you’re ready to truly banish emotional eating and find out what life without this torture is really like – then sign up today.







. . . . . a life where food is not controlling your every waking thought and moment

. . . . . not having to rely on “distractions” and “will-power” to try to stop the next binge

. . . . . the feeling of worthiness and confidence that you truly CAN achieve everything you dream of

. . . . . the unlimited freedom of finally taking the reigns of your life and not being a slave to food

. . . . . to finally feel NORMAL – and better than that – like your TRUE SELF


You’ve reached your limit – and you need this cycle to stop YESTERDAY

♥ You’re ready to let go of what you think you know – even if you have tried a HUNDRED ways of battling this before!

You are determined to deal with this once and for all and REFUSE to put your life on hold a moment longer

♥ You don’t have any time or emotion left to waste on handling this – and need to tackle it head on

You truly feel you have tried all you know of to get through this and still feel like you’re at square one

♥ You are sick of the loneliness and lack of understanding and value the support of someone who has been EXACTLY where you are

♥ You know deep down that you are meant for so much more – if only you could get a grip on your emotional eating.

I met Ana in 2012 through my first experience with personal training.

I’d just joined my gym after a long time away from any form of exercise and I didn’t really know what to expect.

From our introduction session, to showing me the ins and out of the gym and equipment to our first session, I knew Ana was the right person to get me back on track.

It didn’t take long before she’d honed in on both my strengths and weaknesses, which included taking up boxing and discovering I had an alright hook on me!

Before long I was doing things that only a few weeks before I didn’t think were possible. For me, personal training became more than just a way to lose weight and get fit, it became something I looked forward to every week as a means of doing something good for myself and achieving new things.

Without the connection and bond I formed with Ana I don’t think I would have been able to develop the same attitude I had towards my training

I felt inspired to keep going and work towards my goals but I also wasn’t afraid to try new things to get there.

Beyond the boxing gloves and weights, Ana also provided some great nutrition advice and was able to share some self-defence exercises thanks to her martial arts background.

Without Ana’s openness and willingness to adapt to what worked best for me, I don’t think I could have ever found the same level of motivation to return to and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


–       Kayla Maskell




How do I know? How in the world could I understand? Because I have lived through it – day in day out for years.


I was the spoilt and pushed only child growing up – where nothing but A+’s would be good enough, and my time was expected to be spent honing my multiple extra-curricular activities – not having fun. So I pushed and pushed, and with so much loaded on my small shoulders I learned to never stop, that finishing one task only meant that now you can go throw another one into the mix. There was no pause, no acknowledgement of the success – only a need for more. I was always academic and from a young age got on better with adults than other kids. I wanted to solve problems, I didn’t understand why adults made their lives so complex, why they were friends with people they didn’t like, stayed in jobs that drained them and lived a lifestyle that gave them no energy. I didn’t understand WHY people just wouldn’t CHANGE it.


And so my passion for psychology and the human mind developed. I read book after book studying everything from common psychology and reading about studies done long ago, to teaching myself NLP and mind-programming techniques. I launched myself into the study and application of body language and was amazed at the results and transformations – I still couldn’t understand why EVERYBODY didn’t want to know about this.


But I thought I was weird. Nobody else wanted anything better. They were all happy to choose a degree, choose a job, choose a hubby and tick all the boxes. Why was I the only one that couldn’t see how this could possibly make me happy? I wanted a life free of limitations, of expectations, and a life where I got to choose exactly who and what I wanted to spend my time on.


But over-achieving isn’t a habit you kick over night. Straight from high school I jumped into a 4 year double degree whilst attaining my Black Belt in Taekwondo and travelling across Australia to compete in sparring. I had to achieve more, do more, be more.


Over the next few years I did some of my greatest growth. I discovered weight training and my body transformed, I fell in love a couple of times and learnt huge lessons from them both, I started yet another degree this time in my field of Sport Science, ran my own PT business from QLD and then from Melbourne, travelled alone through Europe for 5 months, and uprooted my life and moved halfway across the country.


I grew, I learned, and I tried so desperately to keep being this perfectionist, always strong – always independent, nothing could touch me.


Until one day when it all became too much. You see this entire time in my “perfect” life I was secretly battling Binge Eating Disorder. For 10 years, it didn’t matter what I was doing or who I was with – I was so focused on success and strength and being this perfect PT persona that I had created that I just couldn’t do it anymore. Food was always there for me, my release, my break from this existence I had created.


That day when it all became too much was the start of the rest of my life. What I had tried to hide from and push down with more and more food came streaming out – and in the space of a couple of months I ended a long term relationship, moved states again (back home), finally got honest with myself and within a month of being back home I manifested the love of my life – my fiance Matt.


Now it wasn’t easy. There was so much doubt, so much hurt, and so much anger mixed into the time leading up to those few months. But I finally knew what I was here to do, and I sure as hell knew that I had all the tools and knowledge to do this – that last thing I was missing had been that final straw – and I now know EXACTLY what that was and how I got there.


So my story? Is about a girl – who went from declaring a complete disregard of marriage and children for the first 25 years of her life and who now has the greatest love imaginable with a man who could only have been brought to her as fate, whom she can’t wait to call her husband and father to their future children.


A girl who tried SO hard all her life to be perfect and to live up to the expectations she had set on herself that she developed an eating disorder– to finally exceeding every single expectation anyone could have had about how she would turn out.


A story about a girl just like you – who thought her whole life that she was different, weird and uncool because she wanted to learn when others wanted to get drunk and party.


Who wondered for years if there was anyone else out there who knew what she felt – the fear that her whole life could pass by and she wouldn’t ever truly feel like she had found her place.


Because you could never fit in. Blend with the rest of the herd. You stand out even when you don’t mean to. You can see it in your eyes.


So this is me – just a girl – telling you – that I get it. And something I wish someone had told me years ago instead of cutting me down for having to be “better than everyone else”.


You are enough. And you are exactly perfect just the way you are.


And for christs sake babe – you are NOT alone.


It is ok to want more. To want better and bigger things for yourself than what others settle for.


It is ok to want money, love, friendship and a Prada purse – everything!


It is ok to want to live your life with passion.


It is ok to be the REAL YOU – and you are NOT alone.



The shame of carrying around this secret urge, and wishing more than anything for it to go away.

To be able to eat just like everyone else – enjoy yummy food without having to consume it all.

Going out for dinner with friends and eating a perfectly acceptable and sometimes even incredibly controlled meal – only to go drive through on the way home to satisfy that calling within.

Hiding in my room to consume as much crap as I could before anyone got home.

And everyday waking up with the intent that this day I will be good – this day will be different, only to have it spiral out of control “just one more time”.

The only problem is that this denial went on for more than “just one more day” – it went on for a decade.

So I get what you’re going through beautiful, I get the guilt and the frustration and sometimes simply the hate.

Want to know the good news?

I DID overcome this. I do eat NORMALLY now, love my body and life, am able to concentrate on all my goals and dreams effortlessly because the urge to binge is gone, and I know now that this freedom is even better than I ever imagined it would be.

You think you know how much money, time and energy you give to this disorder – but it is only looking back that I can truly see how badly I wish someone had come along earlier to save me all that torture, and this is why I am here for you now. Because wether you have been battling this for longer than I did or not – I know that even one day is too long to put yourself through this. You DESERVE better.



Ok – time for a deep breath!

I know I have given you a lot of information, so let’s do a quick recap of what this program involves!


♥ 4 x Module Focus WorkSheets including ALL the content for the Module

♥ Module nutrition focus designed to get your body working WITH you – not against you

♥ Module Question WorkBook to cover all the important lessons and work for the week

♥ Module Action Task involving a unique strategy for overcoming a specific issue

♥ Fortnightly audio for further inspiration and guidance that you can refer to as needed!

Everything either delivered to your inbox or available for you to download for reference for life!

All this content including the extensive Emails, Questionnaire Booklet, Audio’s, Action Tasks and Nutrition Support – is easily worth well over $1,250!

And to be frank – I could truly charge that for such a premium and in-depth program as this that I know first-hand is very difficult to find – purely because it has taken that much effort and experience to create!

The thing is though – it’s hard to even say that it isn’t worth more than that considering all the time, money and energy you will save when you aren’t living life on the whim of a binge and can finally put all that effort into something worthwhile that pays off because you won’t sabotage it! It’s hard to put a price on having your life back, but I had to come up with a figure.


And the price isn’t even half what it is worth.

Not even $500.

The truth is that charging that price doesn’t feel RIGHT to me – even though I know it is worth so much more. I am pretty certain that the price of this program will increase in the future as I continue to add more and more content to it every few months!

So it is unbelievable value and content for the level of expertise and support you will be getting from me.

The program is just $397 – absolute PHENOMENAL value!





This is it beautiful – this is where you get to say “I deserve to be free of emotional eating and free to pursue all my dreams without secrets, guilt or sabotage!”



Ana sign off

P.S. Still umming about wether this program is truly for you?  If it can really work?

Sometimes you can be given all the prodding, information and support you can imagine – but in the end it always comes down to YOU gorgeous, and your ability to claim what you KNOW you deserve.

A life free of limitations, or guilt and sabotage. A life without secrets and shame – where you are proud of your actions every day and the example you are setting to others.

Where you live how you truly KNOW you DESERVE.

You’ve waited long enough beautiful – no more waiting.

I can’t wait to take this journey with you!