Step in to the Matrix – what it’s like to go down the rabbit hole






Have you ever felt like you were under water? Like you were watching the world go about it’s stuff and you are basically looking at it from above and thinking WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK???!!!


Ever felt like you identified with Neo in the Matrix? Spending your whole life, looking for something, you don’t really know WHAT, you can’t explain it, but this FEELING, this search that you can’t stop, for something…. More.


Something beyond the horizon. Beyond the steady job, superannuation, mortgage and 2.5kids… something…. MORE.


It’s like your whole life it was brewing, somewhere under the surface, you stared blankly at your career counsellor, and when they wondered why you couldn’t figure out what you wanted to do from their shiny brochure, you couldn’t figure out how they could expect you to select their cookie-cutter career???


It’s not that you didn’t do well at school. You’re smart. Quick. Sharp. You got it all – and more. You studied hard, you did what was required – but why did that not matter? Why did it all feel like such a waste?


Why did it feel like there was a whole other world being hidden from you?


Well only probably because it was!


It was almost cruel – the way they teased it to you. You got glimpses of celebrities, billionaires – all on TV, in the newspapers – always out of reach. Always untangible.


But what about others? Weren’t there others who loved their lives? Who changed others lives with their passion? Who stayed up late and got up early with PURPOSE, with PASSION, and who couldn’t care less about toeing the line and falling into place?


Who had wealth in all areas – financial, spiritual, psychological, love, friends, lifestyle, health… WHY was this not taught in school? Why were your only choices in a glossy Uni catalogue?


And WHY for fucks sake – WHY – was this the holy grail? What about this well trodden path was so amazing?


I fell for it – maybe you too. I trotted right off to Uni, surrounded by slightly superior lemmings. Bound by rules, laws, regulations – how to write, how to structure, how to BE.


It’s almost funny that leaving high school is meant to be the beginning of FREEDOM, of you becoming the kind of adult you always dreamt of. Too bad that Uni just churns you into a lemming even more than high school. At least at school you had a chance of a teacher caring and taking an interest in you – in Uni you are no special fucking snowflake – just a face in the mist, just another cog in the ever turning wheel.




So it is time – to step off. To take the pill. And fall down the  rabbit hole.


You gorgeous – you have spent long enough in this world. Long enough holding yourself back. Long enough falling into line and being scared to shake things up – you know – actually LIVE.


You have spent long enough in the Matrix.


It is time for you to step off the ledge – once and for all.


No looking back, no wondering where your safety net is (there isn’t one!) – and no second guessing.


You already know what’s behind you – and I daresay you can lay out your life step by step from where you are now.


Every day, week, month and year – until the end. Most people can do that. It’s simple – look at your last year and repeat.


But you want off this ride?


Do you want to step into the REAL world – where limits are boundless, as limitless as YOUR SOUL and you are bound by nothing and no one, here to create a life on your terms, live it on purpose, and create a lifestyle BY DESIGN and NOT BY DEFAULT.


Then welcome to the other side babe – this is where the light has been hiding. This is where all the elusive stuff is at – the crazy energy levels, where you barely need to sleep, where you look and feel as hot as you could ever imagine, where you get to show up every day and live the life you have always KNOWN is yours, but could never grasp in the Matrix.




I have something INCREDIBLE coming for you – consider it YOUR Morpheus wake  up moment – I am going to offer you the pill (metaphorically of course!) to dive in and see the world – YOUR WORLD – in a whole new way.


Like opening your eyes for the first time, and seeing your TRUE capability (endless!) for the first time. And knowing that things will never be the same again. YOU will never be same again.


THIS is YOUR re-birth – no religion needed – just YOU and your Life Purpose!



Want to know how you can get involved? Comment “I am ready” and I will send you details as soon as THEY are ready!




  1. FYI — Just opted in (leadpages?) and then it sent me to a parked domain (
    You’re obviously still creating content, as this post is 2017 (and I opted in on a post on Dec 2016).

    Couldn’t see your first Aweber email (until I checked the spam folder — and YES — there it was).
    Ironically my latest email in my inbox was from another AR about how to avoid the spam folder.

    I took a few screenshots of all the above.

    Perhaps your latest life test is right here?
    I pointed out some issues — not as a criticism, but to help.
    How you respond is up to you, of course …

    NOTE: This is NOT a sales pitch, however I *could* help you fix those — or help you setup a better system … I’ve been a freelance web designer and marketer for several years — but I am CERTAIN that is NOT my ideal path going forward through life … So Yes, I could help you with this stuff. Maybe we could help each other?

    Moving forward, I certainly don’t want to be helping clients on a 1-to-1 basis … 1-to-many is more the plan.

    I can identify with a lot of the internal angst, struggle and yearning of which you write (at least recently).

    Look — I don’t know if you can help me with my mission — but I can offer you a hand up with your stuff.
    You should email me (address included with this comment) and/or find me on FB (URL in website field).

    Where we go from there, I don’t know … but heck, it’s a good place to start!


    • Hi Dave! Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate them and always love to hear when someone is resonating with my message.

      Regarding your certainty that web designing and marketing is definitely not where you see your future my advice is this: get the hell off the wrong path and get on the right one asap. How long it takes, how slowly you do it… it’s all your call, but every step off the wrong path and along the right one is one step closer than if you keep going down the path you deep down already know isn’t your true calling.

      And on that note – thanks for your offer of help but I’m all set for the time being and have a fantastic website developer for when I wish to expand further. Also as a side note – don’t tell someone that what you do isn’t your ideal path going forward and then offer them that service… I only work with those who are as passionate about what they do as I am about what I do.

      All the best,

  2. João Paulo Ferreira Claro says:

    I am ready

    • Hi Joao,

      Thanks for commenting! I apologise for the delay in response as most of my content is now on social media I do not actively check my website comments. If you are still looking for help and would like to discuss options of how to get coached by me either as a 1on1 client or my group programs, please feel free to email me at and I will be able to let you know what could be the best fit for you 🙂

      With gratitude,
      Ana T Brooks

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