The newest miracle weight loss pill – and why I’m promoting this one!


The newest miracle weight loss pill – and why I’m promoting this one!


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I know there’s been a lot of controversy lately. Companies and individuals having to eat their words after putting their names and support to a bunch of interesting new products and claiming them to be true miracle cures when there was no solid research to back this up.

Sadly as someone in the health and fitness industry, this came as no surprise to me. Right from the first time I hear of these “miracles” I can smell the product endorsement grants from a mile away. Yes, it irritated me that these “health professionals” are on TV where millions of gullible people are eating up every word that comes out of their mouth if it says anything along the lines of “continue to be lazy as fuck and still get skinny”, but it was a case of – their choice, their problem.


If you pay attention there is practically a new miracle coming out each week. Magic shakes, magic pills, cram yourself for 5 days then starve for 2 days (I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw an article labelling this as “intermittent fasting”). Yeah, it’s all works (kind of). And yeah, it’s all absolute crap. Please bring me the majority of people who will be able to live on these magic pills, shakes and crazy restrictive eating plans for their whole lives and I will eat my words.


But the reality is that 99% of people who try any “lose weight fast” scheme may or may not lose the weight, but they almost ALWAYS put it back on and then some.


Because they stop it don’t they? This plan that looks so exciting when you read about how someone dropped 5kg in the first week just by drinking only juice. You get inspired, excited, but somewhere….deep down, you know its only temporary.


You know that in a week, two, max three, you will have lost heaps of weight, will look how you want to look, and you will be back to what you do now, and put it all back on.

Yeah, you know it isn’t permanent.


Why the hell would you drink only juice for the rest of your life????


It’s crazy. But somewhere our logical mind has been overridden with all the advertising that we actually believe now that doing these drastic and mostly expensive programs through out our entire lives is the best way to go.


I guess I have a pretty heavy opinion when it comes to miracle cures – so what is it that I could possibly be promoting?

Deep breath gorgeous – here it is.


The one secret miracle cure that will get you your dream body and KEEP IT FOREVER is this – believing you are a slim person.




“But I’m not slim – I’m fat!” *grabs chunk of stomach for emphasis*


Yeah, I here ya.

And THERE is your problem.


For as long as you can remember, you’ve seen yourself as fat. Yeah there has been more and less –but you are ALWAYS looking to be slimmer, to find the perfect diet, perfect training – perfect you.

You can’t even remember when it all started sometimes, but you just know that you have to be slimmer, because well… you’re fat.

And you may be slimmer now, some would even call you healthy and totally normal, but in your mind – you are still fat.




I get it, it’s a cycle. You feel like you can’t see yourself any differently.


So let me see if I can get this AHA moment happening for you – WHY would you stick with anything FOREVER, why would you search for a long term way of life that gives you the slim vibrant body you want if you would STILL believe you are fat????


It makes sense to look for the miracle, for the quick fix. Because that way you can get slim or close to just long enough to enjoy it, but then go back to your previous lifestyle and put it back on just in time to make sure your mind doesn’t feel uncomfortable that maybe you aren’t fat anymore.


I mean, its all that your mind understands – how could it process I am slim now? It has no experience in that state, of the emotions, of the actions and demands on it.

So it will continue to seek out plans that will take it straight back to fat as quick as possible to ensure that belief is not shattered.


And THIS is the miracle weight loss pill that no on tells you about – how when you FINALLY get your mind to catch up with your goals, then it will actually start working!

When you get yourself out of your “forever fat” mindset and start believing there is more for yourself than just the next popular craze – that you are worth more, and that you respect yourself more – THEN and ONLY then will you succeed.


Then you will be drawn to a lifestyle that makes it simple and effective to lose the excess fat and keep it off.

Because you will FINALLY understand that you ARE NOT a fat person, you are in fact a SLIM PERSON with EXCESS FAT!


And when you believe that you are actually that slim person, you will finally do all that you can to make it happen. You will stick to your eating, your exercise, everything – because you will believe and therefore KNOW that NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO – you will always end up slim anyway.


Tell me that wouldn’t be cool? To be so sure of your success, to know that everything will work out exactly as you had planned.

Pretty cool.


But first – you need to start with that one magic tool that can make it all happen, and will cost you nothing.

Get inside your mind, and start the process. Begin to imagine, visualise yourself slim. Repeat to yourself daily affirmations like “I am slim and it is effortless for me to maintain”. Don’t put them in future tense – it NEEDS to be present tense.

Because it is so easy to get in the habit of seeing your dream body in the future, some distant “one day”. But that one day never gets any closer- you need to bring it up to right NOW!

Because when you can believe that this is truly happening for you right now – you will commit and do everything in your power to make it happen.

So what’s the miracle?


The miracle is if you actually follow through with it or not – or if you just go back to the same old merry-go-round.


The miracle? Is something you have the power to create for yourself.

Your move.



Ana sign off

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