I was updating a new offer tonight and in the midst of setting up the emails that go out when someone subscribes to one of my email lists, I paused and took a moment to look at some numbers.

I am definitely not one to care greatly about numbers – the things that so many online entrepreneurs seem to obsess over – click through rates, open rates, percentages, split testing… etc etc
Yes I know what it is.
And there was a time a while ago where I thought it mattered. But the truth is that when you are doing what you are CALLED to do and what you KNOW your audience needs – it’s not really an issue of how many people are opening your stuff, but HOW MUCH the people that are are valuing the content.
So with a focus on helping those I am meant to help and NOT worrying about pleasing everyone – I don’t pay great attention to the numbers.
But as I updated a multiple email short course tonight, I glanced at the open rates.
The first email was sitting at 60%. Which means that from the time that someone signed up for the program to the time it got sent to their email they did not end up deciding to open it. A high percentage quiet likely because it went to spam/junk and they never checked it, and then probably others who just decided later on it wasn’t for them. Fine.

But then here is where it got interesting – out of the 60% who stuck around to read the first email, only 35% read the second, and then it very gradually dropped to 25% by the time Day 7 of the course was emailed out.

Now this tells me possibly two things – one that some people did not resonate/enjoy/really want to commit to the course in the first place and so kind of just had a skim of the first email for a moment and then didn’t actually follow through.
And 2 – which brings me to my main point – that they got themselves all excited, all motivated, got through Day 1 and then the motivation died and so did their effort.
And honestly – without sounding conceited I KNOW that given what the course is for, if that person truly wanted that results, then the course IS 100% WHAT THEY WANT AND NEED, and a LOT of effort was put into ti (I see a LOT of really crappy FREE content out there and it really just makes me mad)
And here is what I realised – that 25% that see it through to the end?
That’s actually probably ABOVE the average rate of people who commit to a goal and SEE IT THROUGH. 
I am going to once again, slightly confidently guess, that that is because the content I offer is from the get-go VERY targeted and the wrong people don’t really tend to end up in this email list (or at least not for long)
But whatever the reason, from experience, 25% is actually much higher than what I would hazard a guess is at how many people actually commit and follow through.

Probably closer to 10%.

or 5%. 

And what has this taught me about “most” people?
Well that they just won’t do what is required, They will quit when it gets tough. They will make excuses when they don’t FEEL like it anymore.

Their obstacles are seen as REASONS to QUIT – instead of OPPORTUNITIES to RISE UP.

It takes someone special to stick it out. To understand that success in ANY form is not linear. It is not always on the up. And quiet often there are MASSIVE AMOUNTS of downwards time.
But they push through ANYWAY – because their commitment is to their goal, not their excuses.
Yep – they choose results over excuses.
But “most” people? Will choose excuses every time.
Maybe a good time to ask which you are – and if you find you are choosing excuses, then it starts with making a CHOICE to no longer allow this standard for yourself.
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