It’s NEVER going to be the “right” time

It’s NEVER going to be the right time



Excuses and reasons can be so easily confused, and I’m going to say something that may annoy some.


They are the same thing – in terms of the result they yield anyway.


And explanations and differences are all well and good but not when you work in the business of delivering RESULTS as I do.


That’s where excuses and reasons start to merge into one and you begin to see the consistent pattern of certain people that are chained to their self-developed life script.


And it doesn’t get them anywhere, but it placates the feeling of helplessness that they would have to face if they just accepted the truth.


So an excuse is given instead, and the monster subsides another day. Or minute. Whatever.


The most common excuse when it comes to falling short of your goals?


Of not pushing through and following the path you truly crave?


“It isn’t the right time”


This one is great – because it covers so many bases! Haha


You could say that things in your life are just soooo busy now, or you arn’t as financially ready as you would like to be, or you have a future event planned that would mean it’s a waste of time to focus on this goal now.


So many options, so many ways to delay your dreams.


I’ve been this blunt with clients before, and some were not so grateful to hear this.


I get that. I’ve had some pretty blunt individuals tell me some of the most blatant and stinging truths I could imagine, but sometimes the only way to get your shit together is to have someone tell you like it is.


At the end of the day, the only way to move forward is to face your past and present, not find loopholes to help you stay put.


You know what? It will NEVER be the right time.


Once those excuses become a part of your belief system, it doesn’t matter how much your circumstances change, you will always find more excuses.


This is why people can stay in a relationship for years after the value of the relationship has ended, because it is incredibly hard to find the RIGHT time to end it (HINT: there really is no right time to break up with someone, seriously, you just need to do it)


This is why people put off working for their dream body and health, because it just always seems like it will be easier to start next week, or next month, or next year, or my favourite “I’ll go on a health kick on Monday and eat crap until then” reasoning.


And the reason this excuse works so well is that like I said – the right time will never come!


You have just created a way to subdue your dreams for as long as you want – probably forever.


This isn’t even the bit that stings – so prepare yourself.


The things you keep finding excuses for, reasons for putting off, whatever it is – the ONLY real reason you arn’t doing it now and keep putting it off is





Yup. That simple.


Because we are creatures of pain and pleasure, we seek pleasure and do all we can to avoid pain.


You may think you really want the best body of your life, but the truth is you actually perceive a lot more pain for the exercise and lack of junk food involved than you do for the pleasure of achieving this goal.


It doesn’t mean you don’t want it at all – just not as much as you want the other option.


But guess what? Each goal, no matter whether it is for your body, your relationship, your career, your personal development – you will ALWAYS find a way and TIME to make it happen if it’s what you truly want.


Do you think if you someone was holding your head under water and drowning you that there would be anything stopping you from thinking that NOW is the right time to fight like hell to breathe again?


Are you likely to find yourself thinking “oh geez, I would, but I’ve got this massive wedgie, and I really should get that fixed before I start trying to live….”


Yeah I didn’t think so.


And that statement is exactly as deep as it was meant to be.


When will it be the right time for you to finally live?


The way you want? With the lifestyle you want? When?


The only answer is NOW.


If it matters to you, make it the right time now.


Even if it’s hard, even if you don’t know where to start, even if it means sleeping an hour less.


Even though you have used the excuse in the past – today is a new day, and there has NEVER been a better day to do what you’ve always wanted to do.



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