You’re not doing enough – and why you need to hear it!

You’re not doing enough – and why you need to hear it!





Big girl pants on baby – there’s something you need to hear.

It’s just not good enough gorgeous – what you’re doing now.


Yep. Sorry. Tough love time.


All the hours you put in, the well-intentioned plans you make, that to-do list that you write and re-write 10 times a day – its just not good enough.

Those goals you write, do dreamboards for, and work towards everyday.

The way you push and push and PUSH until exhaustion and only sometimes give yourself a break.

The way you demand more from yourself in one week than most do in a year.

The times you give up the social events so you can stay on track with your food, the times you go home early so you can get up earlier than everyone else in the morning to make shit happen.


Well – it’s not enough.

It’s not even close to enough.



Because you are MEANT for more than the “others”. Your idea of success is so far beyond the limits most people have for themselves that to even begin to compare would be a joke.


Settling for the typical cookie-cutter marriage with your 2.3 kids and just being happy that you don’t hate the person you’re with?


Settling for a “well-paying” job with some room for growth and stability while you secretly count down the days to the weekend every week – because you ONLY enjoy 2 days out of 7 EVERY WEEK????


This isn’t you babe. You wouldn’t be here if it was. You and I would NEVER have crossed paths or you would have run away a long time ago.

Because we don’t dream small.


We dream huge, impossible, uncontrollable and scary dreams.


Dreams that keep you up at night, wake you in the morning and stay with you all day.


WE are the ones who dream while we’re awake, whilst others only dream while they’re asleep.


So you know what? This is not even close to good enough for you.

You were not born to settle in, settled down and settle. You push and push and push some more because it is your nature, your right, your passion.

I get it – oh boy do I get it.


The allure of the mediocre sometimes. Like you haven’t sometimes looked around at the majority and wondered – how do they do it?

How do they feign enthusiasm for their life-sucking jobs because they can go on maybe one holiday a year?

How do they rationalise their crappy relationship even though all they ever do is whinge about the other person?


Most importantly – how do they not want more?

Expect more?

DEMAND more?


How do they seem so satisfied with things as they are? As they always will be?

I get it. I feel that way sometimes too – usually when I’m swamped with tasks, trying to juggle it all and for just a second I wonder – how come I can’t be like that?

To just not care. To just go with the flow. Call things in my life “luck” and just wait for the world to do what it will.




But I can’t.

And neither can you.

Because even when we push harder than ever before- it just shows us how much more we have left.

And THAT’S why it isn’t good enough.




Your limits are unlimited.

Your dreams boundless.

Your opportunity unparalleled.


You have within you all the drive and passion that you could ever need to succeed, but you have to be prepared to go further.

Yes you can rest when you’re exhausted – or you can press on, discover for yourself just how limitless you are.

You can “take a break” – or you can take a deep breath and dive straight back in.


So don’t for a second give in to the small minded talk – the voice that says “you’ve been doing so well, working so hard, you deserve a break”. Maybe you don’t need to push so hard. Maybe you can just go chill out for a bit…..

Or maybe – don’t. When the going gets tough – work harder.


Be the person who doesn’t have excuses, because you don’t need them.

Because you are that prepared to stand up for your dreams and never back down.


Be YOUR version of good enough, your standards, even if they are a mile higher than anyone else.


All that means – is you need to surround yourself with some new people! Other people who dream bigger than anyone else. And let them keep you up and forward, don’t let the majority bring you down.

You will be doing a disservice to yourself and to all the lives that you can impact by living your potential if you don’t keep pushing – until.




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