There’s this thing we do, kind of like a game we play.


Where we tell ourselves that we can’t do something, not yet, not in that way, not UNTIL the other ducks are all in a row.


It’s sort of like a procrastination hack – a way of tricking our minds into not going all in, to not committing and following through because –


Well because we are scared.


Scared that we might fail. Scared that we don’t know enough – or that we ARE NOT ENOUGH.


Scared that it may all come to nothing. Scared of what others will think. Scared of our own ability to follow through.


So we bide our time. We say things need to be JUST SO. That right now it’s just too busy, too much going on, and besides where would you ever start?


You don’t know this path, you need to take some time to work on it first, figure out where to go and the STEPS to get there.


OH GOD you NEED to have all the STEPS! (insert copious amounts of sarcasm!)


Because it would be stupid, irresponsible to just DO IT.


To just lock in your direction and take some action, ANY action towards it.


No, the steps need to be worked out. The path needs to be cleared. Supplies must be packed and preparations made.


You can’t just GO!


Well except that… you can.


In fact you have. Hundreds if not thousands of times in your life.


When you decided to roll over as a baby, you didn’t have any idea what the steps are. You didn’t understand what the adults were saying when they tried to teach you.


You just… well… rolled.


You didn’t know how to walk. I mean you saw the adults doing it, but again it didn’t make much sense what they were saying, so you just decided to walk.


And you stumbled. And you fell. And you grasped onto anything you could find to support you.


Your path wasn’t clear – you just knew that from where you are on the ground you wanted to get upright. You didn’t have the steps perfectly laid out so that everything was ready for your first spectacularly perfect steps.


They were crappy steps. You looked like an idiot.


But you did it ANYWAY!


And then again. And you looked less stupid. Until eventually you looked just like the adults. And not having known how, or knowing the steps or anything else, you DID THE THING!


You’ve done this over and over in your life. Largely before you reached adulthood and suddenly the best and most effective way of doing ANYTHING was pushed away as stupid, and unworthy and not good enough.


Nobody CARED about your big dream if you didn’t have the dots all perfectly joined.

And so you changed. You forgot how to just DECIDE and DO – and you started preparing.


Stalling really. Fucking yourself up repeatedly REALLY.


Drumming it into your brain that you ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH to do anything like that yet. You haven’t done it for long enough, worked all the steps out enough, your plan is NOT YET perfect.


So you didn’t dare move. Didn’t dare to rock the boat. Didn’t dare to JUST BELIEVE


What would happen if you just believed?


What would happen if you forgot how to adult and stepped back into that powerful childhood mentality and just DECIDED that it is DONE?


That that thing you want, that thing that keeps creeping through your mind and calling you, that thing that you keep pushing down and trying to make it feel less intense –


What if you just ALLOWED it to HAPPEN?


If you stopped questioning yourself, your worth, your ability, your EVERYTHING.


And instead just BELIEVED, that this is DONE


The plan is you.


That you already have ALL the tools you need to get it. That in fact really, you already have it, because time is relative and everything you want is already yours.


Except for the fact that you don’t BELIEVE it.


No amount of doing, of preparing, of waiting for the magical worthiness god to come down and appoint you READY – is going to make it happen.


Only you, only your belief, will make it real.


Will bring it into your reality,


What would happen if you just believed?


If you just decided RIGHT NOW that this game is done, and that you are ENOUGH to just make the move?


There is nothing left to plan. No steps left to figure out. No approval to seek.


Give yourself approval. The plan is YOU. The steps?


Are what you figure out along the way.


Lock it in baby – Live Life on Purpose!




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