Step up or Move Along






What makes you different?

What burns within you that separates you from the other 99%?

It’s something you’ve always known, always felt, even before you knew what it was, how to think it, how to say it, how to express it –

Even before ALL OF THAT


You FELT it


You KNOW. Deeper and surer of this than anything you have ever been sure of.

That you are here to GO BIG. Make an impact – on hundreds, thousands, millions.

To make your difference. Leave your mark. Leave a legacy that stretches further than your family, your friends, your wealth.


No, you seek and DEMAND a legacy that is unlike any other.


So when it feels impossible, when you feel lost, like you are alone, still fighting this fight.

Night after night, morning after morning, day after day, you grind, you push, you sit on the edge of falling at any moment.

A moment away from falling, always fighting tooth and nail to get through.


As everyone around you “grows up”, “settles down” and “gets responsible” you worry about being left behind.

And yet – you can’t worry that much.

Because you know the path of the 99% – it is all around you.


And you know that is NOT your path. Not your destiny. NOT how your story ends.


You can’t tune into the reality TV, can’t make yourself care about who married who in the latest show, can’t even make yourself turn on the TV because you know the shit you will see.

Whilst they laugh at you, pity you, always pushing, always demanding more, and ask why you can’t relax. Why you can’t stop. Why you can’t just settle the fuck down and be a real grown up.


And do what you think?


Come home and turn on the brainless box? Get some takeaway? Sit and give your brain and your life power and your creativity over to a hunk of technology designed to STOP you creating?

Stop you expanding. Stop you helping. Stop you from your destiny.

They won’t get it. They can’t.

Just like you can’t get them, every fibre of your being fights it, refuses it,


And even in the worst.

In the lowest.

In the moments you catch yourself thinking IS THIS ALL WORTH IT the little voice in your head can’t be ignored:



Because the alternative? May as well be death for you.


May as well be a swift death rather than the dragged out slow death of the 99%, watching days, weeks, months and years go by like they mean nothing….

The most confusing thing you have ever come across – an entire GENERATION of people that are HAPPY when a day flyes by so fast that you don’t realise it – NOT because they were passionate and living their dream, but because its ONE LESS DAY before the weekend!

It astounds you that someone could be happy their life is passing them by?

EXCITED for only 2 days out of 7?????!!!!!


The numbing of the senses through technology, and the slow death of your life purpose diminishing.

So it’s come to this.




For how long? How low can you go? How much can you handle?

Well that is the true question of the 1%.

99% can’t go for long without running back to Plan B.

That’s why there is 99% of them.


You KNOW you are made for this. Going to succeed – on a HUGE scale that you can’t even fathom yet from your broke bank account and second hand furniture.

But you know it’s there. You just haven’t got it yet.

So keep going.


There is no other way for you anyway is there?



Ana sign off

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