Why are you taking such small bites?



Let’s just make sure we ARE in fact on the same page here ok?


Let’s just make sure you DO in fact know that you are born for an incredible life, one that is completely by your design, fuck the rules and society’s norms – let’s just be really clear that you ARE in fact committed to living your life on purpose and to your full potential?




Glad we got that sorted.


Cause if not? Then I can’t help you anyway. If limits, and constraints, and what you CAN’T do is your default choice for life, then I have absolutely NOTHING for you.


You don’t need to have achieved everything you have ever wanted yet. You don’t even need to know how it could be possible to achieve everything that your incredible soul KNOWS is meant for you.


All that matters is that you know – that you KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are NOT limited by anything but yourself, and that you just cannot, not even for a moment, buy into this idea that what everyone else has is what you should want.


That that is ALL you can have.


So if we are on the same page? And you are the alpha fucking superstar who can and will and simply MUST live life on purpose and create a lifestyle by design and NOT by default then let’s get into this –


Why oh why are you taking such small bites?


Why – when given the option of seeing all your dreams realised, and this big juicy shiny apple presents itself and you just KNOW that this is YOUR apple – why do you THEN take a step back and rethink how to approach this?


Carefully analyse, take some small bites, check over them before going back for more, and gradually attack this big juicy apple so fucking slowly that by the time you start really getting into it?


It’s rotten.


Your dreams, your big shiny goals, have literally rotted in front of your eyes.


Because really – if you ARE in fact the badass crazy have it all and only in total alignment superstar that we just determined you are –

Then why the fuck are you not biting off way more than you can chew?


I mean COME ON – when in your life has taking the slow and steady, controlled and careful approach ever resulted in you unleashing the real you?


When has that approach ever made you feel on fire, like your soul is breathing, like you are truly LIVING?


You are built a certain way – a way that desperately NEEDS you to surrender to what you KNOW is right. Not what others say is right – but YOUR right.

And when you think back to your greatest moments? Achievements? Elation and joy and just total fucking IMMERSION into the depths of your soul –


When you think back on all of that – was any of that because you took some small bites? Analysed and then  went back for a little more?

Slow and steady and not “overdoing” it? Being sure not to “burn out” and to aim for “balance” and whatever other buzz words those that are NOT born for it use?


No, of course not.


The times that you felt most alive, most vibrant, most successful and most completely 100% undeniably YOU –


Was when you jumped in head first. Took a huge bite. Didn’t even think, just FELT and TRUSTED and kept on fucking chewing and then WENT BACK FOR MORE.


It was when you allowed yourself to be swept up in the moment, in the alignment, in the faith that THIS is exactly where you are meant to be.

It was when you were taking on WAY more than is “reasonable” and yet when no one who truly knew you could have said for a moment that you were burning out.


Because really?


You were on fire. You were relentless in your pursuit. Unlimited in your achievements.


You were driven. Scattered sure. Leaving things undone all over the place.


A total mess on the outside perhaps – but holy SHIT was stuff happening.


The amount of stuff you got happening in that time was more than others have done their whole lives.


The mess? It’s just part of the process. The design. The creativity. It is just part of YOU – unleashed,




Unobstructed by limits and warnings and everyone else’s stress.

It is you – on fire and completely on purpose.

In those times – did you ever consider taking a smaller bite? I mean really?

Did it not feel like you were invincible when you were flying so fast your feet couldn’t touch the ground and you KNEW in the deepest part of your soul that you are living exactly as you always dreamed?

Of course!


And you knew – YOU KNEW

That taking a step back, a smaller bite, analysing –

That wouldn’t help.


That would ruin everything. It would ruin your flow. Your passion.




So stop it gorgeous – stop letting THEM into your head.


Take the biggest bite you can and then chew like crazy – and then go back for more!

Cause you?

You are BORN for this!




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