The one and only reason your diet isn’t working

The one and only reason your diet isn’t working




Wanna know what grinds my goat? Like really REALLY drives me insane on a daily basis because it seems so glaringly obvious that it totally baffles me why this isn’t common knowledge?


It’s the hundreds, no THOUSANDS of people putting in their two-bob about everyone else’s eating plans with either real science or bro science (it really doesn’t matter which, more on that later) and why they shouldn’t be eating that, but should be eating this, and how, and when, and where and after which lunar cycle….. ok maybe a bit tongue in cheek at the end there!


But seriously – how often have you heard any of the following?


“Clean eating is the only way to lose weight in a lasting way, no matter what if you put processed junk into your body it just won’t work”


“Grains don’t digest correctly in your body, that’s why you will always be bloated and can’t get that slim stomach you want”


“We aren’t DESIGNED to eat dead animal flesh, you are not just eating the macronutrients but also the physiology of the food – how good of a state do you think this flesh is in when it knows it’s about to be slaughtered?”


“Cutting carbs is the only way to lose weight for good”


“IIFYM – it doesn’t matter if it’s junk or clean food, our body doesn’t know the difference, as long as you are eating your correct macros in the end you are fine”


……and so it goes.


The amazing thing that I have no shame in admitting that I have believed and at times supported most of those claims – some when I was less educated many years ago, and some once I had been educated not only from “theory” but also practise.


So at the end of it, after wading through the mountains of theories, ideas, “scientifically backed” research, all of it, we are just trying to figure out that one holy grail that works for us aren’t we?


And THERE is the root of it.


There is the EXACT REASON why there are so many theories, ideas and eating plans.


Because usually (and I have definitely been guilty of this myself in the past) those who find success in a particular eating methodology come to believe that they HAVE found the holy grail, and then a few of their clients succeed with it and they get more support, and before you know it they are fighting tooth and nail that THIS IS the one and only way to lose weight and keep it off.


And you can’t deny them that it works. It works for them. And it works for many of their clients. But unfortunately YOU are not the general population – you actually ARE unique.


Let me put it another way –


Have you ever met or heard from a reasonably trustworthy source that lost weight and kept it off and is looking and feeling great from clean eating?


What about a vegan?


What about someone who eats Paleo?


What about someone who cuts out all dairy?




Have you ever met a bunch of different people who eat a bunch of different ways and they are all happy and feeling good?


Yeah I  thought so 🙂


So if that person who loves IIFYM was to suddenly try Paleo do you think it would work? Would they maybe gain some weight back? Would they maybe have a binge because they feel restricted compared to what they used to do?


Would that then mean that Paleo doesn’t work????!!!


Nope. That would mean that Paleo doesn’t work FOR THEM.


And you know why don’t you?


Not because it can’t. Not because others haven’t done it. Not because it won’t work.


But because this person DOESN’T WANT IT TO WORK.


No scrap that – it’s not that they don’t even WANT IT to work – it’s that IT DOESN’T WORK FOR THEM.


It doesn’t make them FEEL GOOD, they can’t see themselves continuing this long term, they don’t enjoy it and it feels like PUNISHMENT.


And this is such a big thing – so often when we try to lose weight we set out with a punishment mindset – like “you useless piece of crap, why did you let yourself get so ft, I’m gonna put you on a diet until you are a worthwhile human being again


Sound familiar?


So of course, with that in mind, you pick an eating plan that FEELS like punishment to you.


If you love carbs – you will go on a low carb diet. GENIUS


If you have a sweet tooth you will write off dessert for the month. EVER BETTER


And the whole time you will tell yourself that this is what you deserve for being such an undisciplined and weak person.


Wow. How could you ever fail with a mindset like that? (yes – sarcarm again)


Since everyone else has had their two-bob here’s mine – if a trainer/coach tells you that THIS is the only way you can lose weight by following their plan, RUN don’t walk in the opposite direction.


EVEN IF they have a 6-pack.


EVEN IF they are glowing and happy.


EVEN IF they are genuinly trying to help you.


Because if their eating plan doesn’t make you feel excited, energetic and like you are about to be REWARDED rather than PUNISHED, then this straight up isn’t going to work for you.

Or it will work much like it has before – fantastic for as long as your willpower lasts to keep it up and then crash bam when you can’t take anymore and revert back to status quo.


I’ve had clients who eat grains, and clients who don’t. Clients who eat clean and clients who prefer an IIFYM approach. Clients who cut out dairy and clients who eat dairy three times a day.



ALL get results. ALL lose weight. Because it’s about what works for THEM – in their body and also much more importantly IN THEIR MIND.


The perfect diet plan for them was never about what “scientifically” works best – it’s ALWAYS about what they can commit to and feel excited and rewarded by. It’s what feels like the confident and fit person they want to be feels like – and that person doesn’t feel miserable and deprived.


That doesn’t mean it’s forever. I mean let’s get real, there actually IS NO UNIVERSAL RULE that if you don’t find the one perfect eating plan for you for life then you can’t live a healthy, sexy and confident life is there?


It’s just a theory we push onto ourselves. But why? Why be limited?


Sometimes I eat a particular way, and 12 months later I might feel like a change for a few months. It’s not painful for me, it’s fun, I enjoy it, and either revert to familiar ways soon enough or change it up. Yes there tends to be a couple of over riding habits that I will stick to over and over because I love them and they make me feel great, but everything else is fair game.


This is YOUR life – why live it restricted?


So the one and only reason your diet isn’t working?


It’s not that you are eating carbs, or not eating carbs, or eating dairy or eating grains or any other thing.


The one and ONLY reason your diet isn’t working is that’s it’s not right for you!


Not right for your body AND mind.


Cause your mind will over power EVERYTHING. It carries your motivation, your strength, your energy and your knowledge. You really think that all of that can be over ridden by eating Paleo just cause the fit healthy PT told you it works?





If you want it to. So what do you want?


What feels like reward not punishment?


What feels like success not deprivation?


If you want some help with this please shoot me an email to , I’d love to hear your thoughts and see if I could help you.


anapicAna sign off





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