Why I Love The Freedom Era

Why I Love The Freedom Era

When I was first looking to get started online – I WISH that something like this had existed! #ilovethefreedomera

Coming from years in the Corporate Space, I longed for the #laptoplifestyle that I saw others living and just KNEW that if I had the right mentorship, strategy and support, that there is no reason they could do it and I couldn’t.

The problem was that this help was confusing, expensive, and really really hard to find… maybe I found one coach who could help with getting me started but had no idea what my real vision was. Or someone could really help me with my mindset and the limiting beliefs I needed to shift but it was all so fluffy that in the end I was no closer to leaving my job.

I wished – that there was something that would combine what I now know is the crucial mix to successfully launch an online biz AND actually get lift of.


I know that strategy without a focused and strong mindset – means you end up doing a whole lot of work and NOTHING working. And a powerful focus and mindset but no strategy? Just means you’re really passionate about… going nowhere.

And what the little entrepreneur within me didn’t know then – that making this happen can be a lonely road. Some friends fall away. Your drive and focus and determination can alienate people who are intimidated by success. And that can be a very isolating experience early on.

Which is exactly why I wish something like The Freedom Era had been around years ago…

Because it seamlessly combines an absolute abundance of strategy, training and implementation, with powerful inner work on mindset, beliefs and energetic alignment, AND puts you in close proximity with those who have succeeded on this path already for you to learn from PLUS connecting you with a community of new friends that become like family because they GET YOU, and your drive for more in your life!

The Freedom Era has shifted the trajectory of my life, and I am so excited every time I get to introduce a new soul friend to this platform because I know their life is about to be changed forever 🙂

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