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Your 1 on 1 Full Day Immersion into Fat Loss, Fitness and Feeling Sexy AF!





There comes a time I think – where enough really truly is ENOUGH.


You are EXHAUSTED from all the TRYING.


Trying to what? Well just make sense of it basically!


Everywhere you look there is a different diet, a different opinion, just as soon as you think you are starting to get a handle on it then someone comes out and tells you the exact opposite!


You have to eat low fat –

No, it’s sugar that’s the real enemy – 

Forget that, if you eat gluten free that doesn’t matter –

Nah gluten isn’t the issue, it’s dairy, you know we don’t process that correctly right? –

Yeah AND meat – you should try vegan, it’s SO easy to lose weight! –

Yeah but you will lose all your strength and tone…just do a detox! ETC!!!


And you know what? It wouldn’t even be so bad if the stuff you DID work out WAS WORKING.


You know – in the long run.


But over and over you find yourself feeling…well…wrong.


Like yeah you GET how this “plan” could work… and it seems to look really good on paper… but after a few days, weeks, months if you’re lucky.. it just feels fucking ANNOYING!


It just doesn’t feel right FOR YOU and despite all the trying and the failing and yo-yo-ing around you still somehow can’t shake the feeling that this?


THIS SHOULDN’T BE THIS HARD. That you SHOULD be able to eat in a way that YOU enjoy naturally and still have the body of your dreams.


Same goes for your workouts right? Either you are just entirely too intimidated to venture to a gym or commit yourself to any type of exercise really, or you have been going for years but just feel like you aren’t getting any further.


Your body looks the same. It isn’t changing shape the way you hoped. Your booty is still flat and your stomach still sticks out and you just KNOW there is a way to make this work and get excited for your workouts again.


How am I going so far???




You see gorgeous, I’ve been there. For a stupidly long decade I battled binge and emotional eating which I cleverly (note the SARCASM!) coupled with exercise anorexia.


You see I was a Personal Trainer – the epitome of health and fitness right? (awkward cough)


But instead of practising the clean eating and regular balanced exercise I was preaching – I was binging on thousands of calories daily and “balancing” that with 4-5 hours of exercise.


I wasn’t fat, but I certainly wasn’t in great shape – my body was a mess from the inside out.



Fast forward to now, it’s been years since my last binge, and I NEVER use exercise as a punishment for over eating.


I don’t eat just clean, but I also know in a way that I was never aware of before just what works for MY body and how to give it what it wants most so that I can maintain the dream body I wanted for SO long!


And the BIGGEST thing I learned over all those years about what I and millions of women in a similar situation were doing wrong?


Was simply this – NOBODY is the same. EVERY BODY is different.


We may have a lot of similar HUMAN genetics – but the differences are SO MUCH greater that ignoring them is the reason that millions of women find themselves in this endless loop of destruction when it comes to their dream bodies and fitness!



For starters – though our bodies may process things similarly – they also have personal preferences for what works best. Which means no one food plan is going to be perfect for everyone. And even if your FRIEND swears that Paleo changed her life and you can see that YES she looks amazing and loves it – DOES NOT mean that it will do the same for you.




It’s not just our physiology that comes into it – one of the most important and overlooked factors is PSYCHOLOGY.


We all LIKE different food, you may have a sweet tooth, or more a cheese lover, or just want some soft drinks and potato chips…





Putting you on a Paleo diet when you love cheese is just stupid because unless you decide to completely change your mind that you in fact HATE cheese (which yes is possible, but entirely pointless and time and energy consuming) – then eventually?


You will just cave and eat it. And then more. And then probably have a binge. At which point you will probably give this diet up as another failure.




So after over a decade in this industry here is what my clients have come to expect from me –


Personalised advice and support that is grounded in who YOU are and what YOU enjoy – not a cookie cutter plan that you can just print off a quick google search for every Tom, Dick and Harry!


And more importantly I believe in TOTAL immersion!


My superpower lies in allowing my clients to quickly and easily open up and get to the root of their TRUE goals, and then together with my experience and support, creating a personalised lifestyle (mindset, eating and workouts combined) plan!


So if this is resonating with you, and you are nodding your head whilst your soul is screaming




Then read on and prepare to blown away by:




Your 1 on 1 Full Day Immersion into Fat Loss, Fitness and Feeling Sexy AF!





Are you ready for a total transformation? A VIP experience day that will change EVERYTHING and after which you will NEVER be the same again?


The VIP Dream Body Overhaul is my absolute premium 1 on 1 offer for those who KNOW they are born for more and are ready to step into the Next Level 2.0 version of themselves YESTERDAY!


I am talking about a day of total overhaul – your mindset, your eating AND your workouts!


Completely and deeply personalised to YOU – this is no place for the cookie cutters.


The VIP Days are currently run in Melbourne, Australia, however there is a definite possibility of limited availability in other states/countries in the future (just fill out the contact form below to express interest). There is no plans for this as yet so booking in for a day in Melbourne is your best bet as any other options may not be available for a while.  



Here is the Full Day Plan




(5 hours – 10.00am – 3.00pm – can be adjusted by agreement)


Your VIP Day starts with a comfy sit down in a cafe as I take you through a discovery and commitment of your true goals and your big WHY.


We will talk all things mindset, consistency, limiting beliefs and SO much more – again this is always personalised to what I feel YOU need from me. Copious amounts of delicious Melbourne coffee/tea/green juice will fuel this deep dive coaching session.


From there it is off the a nearby gymhere is where you will SWEAT!


I will do a thorough check of any injuries/posture issues and advise as needed, before writing you out a personalised workout program. This can be a program for the gym or at home – depending on what your intentions are following the morning coaching session. 


Once the program is done, it is time for a coffee refill and then we will take your photos/weight/measurements etc


I will advise you on the basics of your eating plan and help you set up the easy Free App that you will use to make tracking your food easy as well as having me program it for you personally.


The final part of your VIP Day leads us back to the original cafe for a delicious lunch whilst we chat all things nutrition and eating


This is your chance to ask me any questions you have, or even about how I eat.


I will also take you through in more detail how your food tracking will work, explain macro nutrients to you and why they matter, and then based on our discussions we will  come up with a basic food plan for you to start with (remember – I do NOT tell you what to eat, I teach you how to know this for YOURSELF!).


After lunch it is time for a quick stroll through the local supermarket


Where I can show you some of the food/products we may have discussed and to teach you how to easily and quickly read food labels to know what you are getting.


You are of course welcome to pick up some items for yourself on the day if you wish! (and this is the only thing you will need to bring extra money for on the day, as all your drinks, lunch, gym entry etc are included in the price of the package)



PHEW! Your head will be spinning with information, and you will no doubt feel an equal mix of exhilarated and excited and also a little overwhelmed and nervous!


All of this is normal and totally fine – and exactly why your VIP Day does not end there!


Following the day, you will ALSO have 1 month unlimited email and FB Messenger access to me for any questions you have, as well as One Hour of 1 on 1 phone/skype coaching calls with me to use within that month (calls must be booked to be at least 20 minutes each at a time).


AND that’s not all – you will ALSO get access to TWO of my amazing programs!


The If It Fits your Macros Workshop valued at $99 (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO) which will give you even more in depth knowledge about the macro nutrients and food tracking that we talk about, and you have access to this workshop for reference for life!


AND the Intro to Fasting 7 Day Bootcamp valued at $59 (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO) which will give you ALL the information you need to implement and try Intermittent Fasting for yourself in the future to see if it works for you!


So let’s do this thing… the investment!


Now when I first started planning this, I had a very vague idea of how this offer would work – and I picked the price that first came to me from my gut.


Having now gone through all the details, and seen how much incredible value and transformation is going to come from this, I KNOW the price I chose is WAY too low. This transformation is kind of PRICELESS…


BUT – I ALWAYS promise to go with my gut and my intuition said $1,497!


And then? I can sure as hell promise it is going up because I already know that THAT price no longer feels right!


So now? Would be the HELL YES NO BRAINER time to jump on this offer and book in!


Are you ready to stop trudging up the escalator going the wrong way and just get on the damn ELEVATOR to the top?


Just click the link below and fill out the contact form with your name,email and VIP Day mentioned and I will be in touch with some questions for you to answer and then we can chat further about any questions you may have!


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