Where are you going?


It’s not where you are – it’s where you are GOING!





In this moment.



At this precise second.






Doesn’t really matter


It’s done and every RIGHT NOW becomes your PAST almost as soon as you think of it.



So it’s not who you were yesterday, last month, last year.


Not even what you were doing or why.


Just like a moment can change EVERYTHING, a year can most certainly change your life.


And you can never say you have been in the same place – because you were always headed a different way.


It doesn’t matter if you aren’t where you wanted to be right now.



If you always told yourself that “by this age” you would have done all these things, met all these people, feel more “mature”


It makes no difference if things didn’t turn out the way you thought.


If you thought you would have found your perfect relationship by now.


Or that you would have been at a particular stage in your career/finances.


Or that you would have had kids, pets, bought your first home.


What matters right now, is where you are headed to from here.



From the exact position you are right now – where do you want to go?


What do you need to bring into your life to make you happiest?


Where you are right now, doesn’t matter. It can’t be undone.


Right now is already the past – because it was the choices and steps that you set in motion months, even maybe years prior to today that have brought about todays end result.


So your current situation is already done, and with every passing moment you are capable of influencing where it goes from here.


Changing nothing makes your future very certain – linear as you might call it.



You can easily predict the life of anyone if you can pinpoint their choices and habits. It takes less than a half hour to efficiently give them a thorough rundown of their future.



Unless you change it RIGHT NOW


The only thing this can’t take into account is the changes you make.


If you decide that just stepping along with the crowd to fit in and live the life society has planned for you is NOT ENOUGH, and that you must make your own way.


THEN – your whole future changes. Suddenly – it is very difficult to predict, because there is no saying where you could end up when you open up all of your options!


When you choose to move in a new direction, make changes and head for your real dreams rather than the conveniently pre-packaged dreams that society tries to make you buy – well then you REALLY start living a life with some meaning.


You think it’s not for you? That you aren’t anyone special? That you won’t really make a difference?



Well do you think if you wanted to form the backbone of the status quo then you would be here, reading this, always searching for more?


I can promise you that you are special hun, this really is for you and that you WILL make a difference – if you choose to.


Because you are already miles ahead of those who don’t even bother looking for more, who are satisfied and placated by the rules and limitations given to them, and they don’t even question it.


You are here, with me, questioning EVERYTHING you have ever been told HAS TO be a certain way.


So if you already have the head start, use it! Don’t back track to find the usual beaten path and trot into line.


Keep looking towards your goals, how you can achieve them.


Everything you have done up until now has meant something – so why not make some conscious choices about where you are going to go from here?


It doesn’t matter everything that you have done up until this moment, the fact is you are NOW here expanding yourself, searching for more, so choose your NEW path and jump on it!


Ana sign off

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