Your wildest most daring fantasy



Your wildest most daring fantasy






You think it’s a secret don’t you?

That no one knows about it.

But I do. You can’t hide it from me.


But how could I possibly know? Your partner doesn’t. Neither does your best friend. You haven’t even admitted it to yourself!


But I know. Because I get it.


That overwhelming feeling that something more is out there. That you have not yet achieved all that you are capable of. That what you are doing right now, who you have in your life, how you LIVE your life isn’t really what it’s all about for you.


And your wildest most daring fantasy that you can’t even say aloud to yourself?


It’s to just do it. Just stop holding back, biding time, making excuses, and to just go ahead and start making shit happen. Get out of your dead end job and truly follow your passion. Get out of your long dead romantic relationship and find your true soul mate that you deserve. The body you deserve. The lifestyle you deserve.

But it just seems like too much doesn’t it? And the confines of your current situation are kinda comfy. You can relax, have some time to watch a DVD, get your hair done, it’s really not so bad.


And the ultimate self-depreciating reminder line: “There are others who have it so much worse than this, I should be grateful”.


Damn right you should be. You should be incredibly grateful for all the amazing things you have in your life – your family, friends and possessions. A lot of people DO have a lot less.


But that’s not really the point. You having more is not the REASON another has less. In fact you having more would be a really good reason why another could also have more – because then you would be in a better position to give wouldn’t you?


And your wildest most daring fantasy that you can’t ignore anymore?


It’s to have it all. The dream guy (or girl!), the dream house, the dream job and the dream body. Why does everyone else seem to think that is so unrealistic? So you keep your fantasy to yourself, cause if you said it out loud you know how it would sound.











And that’s not what life is about right? You gotta be smart, follow the path, fall in line and plod along the well-treaded trail.

So why won’t this fantasy leave you? Why do you stay awake at night imagining how different it could all be, and how unsatisfied you are with how things are?


The reason is because you are wired differently gorgeous. We all grow up in a shockingly similar society- the same expectations and parameters are thrown at all of us.


Do well at school. Go spend some more years accumulating a HECS debt. Find a job that will slowly let you pay off said HECS debt. Find a partner. Get married. Have 2.4 kids. Retire. Die


Everywhere we look we see people following this set up out path, never even looking around to see if there is anything else out there.


And that’s where you were different. Because SOMEWHERE in your life something happened – something distracted you from this path, even if just for a moment, and suddenly the world looked so different. It could have been something small and shiny that took your gaze off the working class prize for just a moment, but long enough to shake you, to intrigue you.


Or it could have been a lot more obvious – one specific person you met who changed your view forever because they WEREN’T like the rest. And it broke your pattern, your limited view was suddenly widened, and without even realising it you began to change.


You began to question EVERYTHING, annoy your friends, alienate others, but something had definitely changed.


You could no longer continue as before. Every time you would think about a new plan you found yourself second guessing it, asking “silly” questions like “But will this really make me happy?” and “Sure this will give me one of my goals but take me further from another – do I REALLY have to sacrifice all the time?”

And before you knew it it had settled, like a sweet little virus inside your mind. It had snuck in, taken seed and started sprouting.


And now? Well it’s flourishing. You can’t stop it, even if you wanted to try. But suddenly you seem to be attracting people all around you who are living your wildest most daring fantasy!

Just shoving it in your face, teasing you with it. And the more you try to go back to the same old the more it creeps back.

Until you just can’t ignore it anymore. You can’t understand how others can’t tell considering that it is almost being screamed from your head! But still, you keep your wildest most daring fantasy a secret.


Well the secret is out babe.

I know it.

You know it.

And it’s time to make shit happen!


Screw the rules, the “way things need to be done”, and every other self imposed constraint you have put on yourself.

It’s time for a reality check – this fantasy of yours of how amazing your life really could be isn’t going anywhere. You don’t need to feel guilty for wanting more. Wanting more is the first step to getting more – and once you have more you can give more. So tell those self righteous “You’re being selfish” dweebs where to go.

More in your relationships. More in your career. More in your health and body. More in your lifestyle.




You will not take from anyone, you will create MORE for others.

Just like that person, or that situation that changed your view has given you MORE to live for than the standard equation.

So quit hiding gorgeous. Take a deep breath and let it out – get honest and get accountable.

Claim your dreams, and claim your right to go after them and to hell with those who want to hold you back, I guarantee you they will NEVER stand by you through anything that matters.


Your wildest most daring fantasy IS going to happen – when you decide for it to.

When you admit to it, let it out in the open and claim it.


The universe rewards bravery – so step out of the shadows and show what you are truly made of.


Chase your dreams with unrelenting vigour, and demand no less than your absolute wildest most daring fantasy!


I’d love to hear about what deep dark secret fantasy you are going to unleash – post below!




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