I will bend, but I will not break





I may look tattered, may look worn, may look like all my threads are coming undone –


but you will not break me!


You see I – and YOU – we aren’t made like the others.


We aren’t made to fall apart, to take a step back, to run away in the face of adversity.


We are a whole different breed. Born of years of learning to be TOUGH, to be INDEPENDENT, to DO THE MOTHER FUCKING WORK!



Which is not to say that we don’t also take the time to RECEIVE, to surrender and to allow everything we desire to just TURN up for us.



But when all you are coming against are walls, blocks, little and BIG obstacles that are just SO DAMN SET on pushing you off path and into oblivion, into the mass’s, into *SHOCK HORROR* the LEMMINGS!

You rebel. You scream NO – in both your words and your actions.


You can’t ask me to stop, to wallow, to give up.


Any more than you could ask me to stop breathing and yet continue living. It is IDIOTIC, totally MORONIC and just NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.


No matter how desparate, how down, how beaten and down trodden you are – giving up is never an option.


Because you may bend, but you will not break.


With your vision, your purpose, your FUTURE set firmly in your sights, giving up on this and moving away because ALL THE SHIT HIT THE FAN is just NOT going to happen.


You are tough, not just mentally, but spiritually.


Because you understand that what sets you apart isn’t your strength of WILL, of RESOLVE, of GRIT and DETERMINATION.


I mean SURE – that stuff is cool right?


It’s the kind of thing you bragged about in school and everyone doted on you and the teachers loved your WORK ETHIC and just generally you were fucking AWESOME.


Ok. COOL. Great.



I mean really – AND???? What the fuck did that stuff even matter when the thing that was really deep down could be broken???


And that thing? That INCREDIBLY thing that kept you going through it all when even the TOUGHEST, most mentally prepared, GIFTED students crumpled???

Well – it wasn’t your mind, it wasn’t your mental ability –


No – it was your SPIRIT baby.


Your very soul and purpose from which ALL your drive originates.




It could never be broken. And so the rest didn’t matter. You were tough. You were strong. Resilient. You bounced back. NOTHING COULD TOUCH YOU.


Not despite having a weak soul purpose – but BECAUSE of it.


You see any BANDAID mental tricks can be TORN DOWN.


I’ve seen it, I’ve done it, I’ve ORCHESTRATED it.


If you think that all it takes to succeed on a massive scale, to keep pushing yourself, to challenge and pick yourself up over and over and be the WINNER and LEADER that you KNOW you are born for –


If you think that all it takes is the mindset, the mental work – then you are going to be broken.


It may not happen quickly, but it will happen.


Because the only thing impervious to EVERYTHING in this human experience, is your SPIRITUAL BEING.


So you can try to break me, and I may bend, I may shift, I may adjust – BUT –


I will never break. Because at the core of it all is not anything MENTAL, anything WORDS CAN DEFINE (and you know how much I love words!) – it is spirit.


It is soul. It is purpose. It is that thing that resides so deep and completely as a part of me that I am never without it – no matter what happens. Take away all my support, all my physical and mental attributes –


I will walk by faith – and not by sight.

As it always has been – and always will be.







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