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Winning Mindset Smackdown

“The Winning Mindset Smackdown ” is HERE –

Quit the Sabotage


Start Smashing Goals like the Goddess you ARE!

It is finally here and I am so frickin excited to share with you the MOST transformative and downright BADASS workshop EVER!

Pick your poison gorgeous – what ever your sabotage (food, sleep, shopping, binge watching tv…)

We are going to dig deep in a kick arse Live online workshop where with my knowledge you will uncover what is causing you to keep sabotaging even when you want something SO badly –

Deal with it once and for all, reveal what your TRUE goals are that you are so aligned and excited for that sabotage cannot get in the way –

And then?

14 days of follow up LOVING arse kicking and accountability via email to keep you focused and in control of the changes you are implementing!

The energy is SO high – and I am SO excited to share this with you!

The training is going to have YOU digging deep into your true causes of sabotage – as well as looking at it in a way I don’t think you ever had before –

Because it is my somewhat SPECIALITY that I developed and that has helped SO many clients before you to get such CLARITY about why they have been sabotaging in a way they had NEVER realised!

It’s a fucking GAME CHANGER gorgeous!

Once you have stripped bare and know EXACTLY what is going on inside I am going to take you into setting new and TOTALLY HONEST, EXCITING AND POWERFUL goals that you CAN’T WAIT to dig into –

I will be giving you tools and techniques to break free of sabotage for GOOD –

And FOLLOWING THE TRAINING you will be receiving 14 days of FOLLOW UP EMAILS to keep you supported, accountable and FOCUSED on your new goals.

Just think…

In 2 weeks you will see things COMPLETELY differently and finally understand how HARD you were making it for yourself, and be LOVING how easy, effortless and ENJOYABLE smashing your goals CAN be!

Here is what’s going down –

A FULL workshop where you will dig deep about uncovering your reasons for sabotage, WHY you choose to particular form you do, and DUH how to put a stop to it once and for all.

We are going to talk about putting yourself first, why you always follow through on commitments to other people but keep flaking out on YOURSELF – and how to STOP that RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

I will NOT be leaving you on your own after this – 14 days of follow up support via emails and constant LOVING arse kicking to make sure you stay in your aligned truth and accountable to YOURSELF.

And the investment?

Given the amount of personal help from me and the difficulty with putting a value on FINALLY hitting your goals SABOTAGE FREE – I had to just go with my gut rather than what my LOGICAL BRAIN said the price should be.

And so it’s just $149!

So what are you waiting for?

I am so excited for this goddess – if there is one thing that I know BACKWARDS and IN MY CELLS it is sabotage, and I can’t wait to help you break through it and feel totally in control and powerful to achieve anything you CHOOSE!

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