You’ll SEE it when you BELIEVE it


You’ll SEE it when you BELIEVE it



Isn’t it meant to be the other way around?


Trying to convince someone of something and you have to just sigh and say you’ll believe me when you see it?


Yes, when dealing with limited people.


But for every situation that you have had to convince someone that they need to believe you about something, when that situation comes around and they can see it – the truth is that the situation only came to be because you FIRST believed it.


Phew! Are you dizzy from the circles yet? 🙂


It is all intertwined and interconnected, but nothing has ever existed before someone believed in it – even if they weren’t sure what “it” is yet.


This is where it gets so powerful for you gorgeous, your ability to create and build your life the way you want it, simply based on what you can imagine.


The concept of “ask believe receive” and the whole Secret philosophy is an interesting one to wrap your head around, but the concept of having to believe in something before you have proof of it is not new.


We’ve been doing it for centuries!


It is why people believe in religion, in God, in the higher power.


It’s not because we have all seen proof of it and then decided to jump on board, most of the time it is because we chose to BELIEVE first, and suddenly became receptive and open to all the proof.


So it’s kind of like a short cut to a better life isn’t it?


You can spend years and years searching for the proof to support whatever your theory is




You can choose to believe it first, and then speed up the timeline it takes to find all the supporting evidence because you’ve already aligned the universe with your cause, and therefore opened up all the channels available to you to discover what you need.


Short cuts are great


So that’s all well and good for religion, but how does it actually work for you? For your dream life and goals and to finally get to where you want to be?


Well it simply means that by working towards it all without the belief that it will all happen, you are constantly setting up obstacles for yourself.


Your thoughts will still be filled with “buts”.


Your mind will not be focused purely on success, but rather on analysis.


And wow does analysis waste a LOT of time.


You don’t need that.


You need results.




And that’s where belief comes in.


If you choose to believe in your goal, in achieving it, in finding a way to make it happen NO MATTER WHAT,


The belief speeds up that process ten-fold.


Suddenly problems are effortless to solve, hiccups along the way don’t even phase you, and things that used to make you doubt your ability to keep going are just fuel for the fire to keep going.


Because your belief that no matter what, you will get there, overpowers everything.


And it’s no longer just you carrying the goals through – the whole universe is supporting you, helping you, guiding you when you get a little lost.


You now have the infinite resources available at your disposal.


Any chance you might get to your goals faster and easier this way?


Any chance you might actually ENJOY the entire process, even the crappy bits, if it all felt natural and progressive?


Yeah, I thought so.


And here is the tough part.


But why should I Ana?


Why should I believe in this?


What proof do I have that this mumbo-jumbo of yours works?




And there you come to the crux of the problem, the forever constant loop between seeing and believing, believing and seeing…. it goes whichever way you choose.


If you choose that you must see first, then prepare yourself for the long and analytic journey to your goals – you might get there, it’s possible.


Or you can choose to jump in and believe first – give your dreams complete focus and unrelenting belief, and watch how fast the resources you need fly at you.


That’s the cost and pay off of going either way.


Your move.



Master your Mind – Transform your Life


Passion and Power – Ana


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